Get a Guy to Stop Texting You: Perfect Excuses and Examples

Has there ever been a guy who never stopped texting? Are you reluctant to tell them because you feel rude? Here’s what you can do to get guys to stop texting you.

Get a guy to stop texting you.

We’ve all been messengers in need at some point—unless we’re Jennifer Lawrence, that is, so we understand why some people are too eager to text. Especially if it’s a guy who likes you. Unfortunately, most of us know how it feels when someone doesn’t want to text us or clearly doesn’t care to receive messages from us. That’s why it’s so hard to get guys to stop texting you.

You might have the courage to say, “Sorry, but I won’t reply to your messages again,” and you might even end up feeling guilty or feeling like a fool. I’ve been to And it sucks when you know you make people One feels consciously bad. Although the reason why you are more comfortable and comfortable with your phone.

What are the reasons men should stop texting?

When you want a guy to stop texting you. It’s more than just that you don’t like the guy who texts you. There are many reasons why women or men want to stop texting them. Other than obvious reasons such as harassment and verbal abuse It is highly expedient to block and report to the authorities. [Read: 10 types of creepy guys you need to avoid talking to]

Here are the most common cases of why men should stop texting those who don’t want them:

#1 They’re not riveting enough to chat with. what? It’s true! even in networking activities Only you can handle it when people start talking about the predictions, numbers and stress of their favorite coffee beans. Some conversations are uninteresting. [Read: 10 clever ways to get out of an annoying conversation]

#2 They make you feel uncomfortable. But not in the extreme. Some people make you uncomfortable by making inappropriate comments. Others make you feel uncomfortable with weird, illegible comments. is normal But some people may not like having to talk about what they don’t get.

#3 They have been rejected at least once. Most committed messengers tend to be the ones who text. When someone rejects the progress of the messenger The sender of the message should understand it as a complete and final rejection. unless otherwise stated This means that if the person does not voluntarily send you a message. You should refrain from trying harder. [Read: Ways to reject and what to expect afterwards]

#4 Their messages are annoying. Unfortunately, some people have specific settings for the type of messages they receive. L33+ [email protected]For example, text conversations might not be as fun. They speak for each person. But the recipient is the same. If someone doesn’t want to receive messages that bother them. He is entitled to receive that message.

#5 You just don’t like texting. I, for one, don’t like messaging. However, I’m part of Facebook messaging as the only app I check. That’s why I don’t like texting. And when men insist on texting me I felt compelled to tell them, “Hey, I might not answer because I don’t like texting,” but that’s just me. [Read: See a friendship not fireworks? How to friend zone a guy]

An excuse that doesn’t work

Now that you’ve figured out why you don’t want anyone to message you. What methods have you tried to control active messengers? Is it these things? If you want a guy to stop texting you. I can assure you that this method doesn’t work most of the time:

#1 no credit Doubt. Most mobile carriers offer cheap plans. And you look like you’re lying if you try to come up with that excuse.

#2 Battery runs out all the time But you always charge again, right?

#3 No signal. But do you have enough coverage to answer that you have no signal?

#4 this is her boyfriend That might start something you don’t even want to get into.

#5 forgot to answer You can only use that excuse before you look rude and insulting.

#6 I rarely send messages. But have you ever been so enthusiastic about texting!

#7 no reply Unfortunately, some people don’t see this as a clear sign. Sometimes it works like an aphrodisiac. Huh. Go figure. [Read: Turning him down politely: a guide for nice girls]

Know of another excuse that doesn’t work? Sometimes these excuses may work. But there is no guarantee that men will stop texting you. This is just a placeholder. Sooner or later they might try again.

How to get a guy to stop texting you

You are reading this feature. So you are looking for a simple solution. To find a guy, stop texting you. You don’t want awkward conversations or parts where you have to imagine a sad face. of them when they received the final rejection message. not only that You don’t want to deal with someone who is offended and insulted.
We list a short list of alternative ways to get that guy to stop texting you. ASAP!

delicate method

#1 post status on social media Privacy settings should be used with your best friend and the guy. It says that you will use the new number because your old number is blocked. you don’t know why Then block that guy’s number.

#2 Tell him you want to use Facebook more, and now you’re texting too much. Even if they’re still texting you on Facebook, at least you act as if you haven’t read their messages. If he gets caught because you’re still posting a status update. Tell him that you mute all your conversations. [Read: 12 surefire ways to get a creepy guy to leave you alone]

#3 Reply with just one word Even the most steadfast spouses are rejected. The silence made them panic. But the one-word response was too tragic.

slightly obvious method

#4 tell him you’re busy Time after time. Determined by the frequency of your busy work. The guy who texts you will probably get a hint sooner or later. Of course you hope sooner.

#5 Tell him that the guy you’re dating tells him not to text him. And you are just a satisfied woman or man who wants to give your man what he wants. Hopefully, he will be rejected by your decision, or at least respect your “male” boundaries. [Read: How to stop a guy from flirting and hitting on you]

The way in front of you greatly.

#6 Tell him you changed your number and accidentally forgot to give the new number. Even if he asked for it over and over again Let’s forget about it often as usual.

#7 Tell him you’ve stopped texting and texting. You are all about the ‘gram. If that doesn’t work…

#8 block him What else is there to do? We don’t recommend hallucinations—I strongly oppose it—but if the above doesn’t work, you’ll be fine. You don’t have to do anything else. [Read: What is Ghosting and how it could affect you] [Read: 14 no-fail ways to turn down any type of guy]

Do you think any of these methods will work to get that guy out of your back? Do you have any other suggestions? To get men to stop texting you or not?

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