How to Get Your Best Friend Back: 11 Calm Steps to Win Them Back

Your best friend is someone you talk to and don’t feel judged. Friendships Are Bitter Sometimes 11 Ways to Get Your Best Friend Back to Help Heal

How to get your best friend back

Do you have a big fight with your best friend? Or have they been hanging out with other people recently? These things happen, however, just because the two of you are down doesn’t mean the friendship is over. There are many ways to get your best friend back.

How To Get Your Best Friend Back – 11 Methods That Work

In fact, you can still maintain a relationship and get your best friend back. You just have to find a way, so don’t burn all your memories and photos in anger. Here are some helpful tips for getting your best friend back.

#1 assess what happened Did the two of you just faint or was it a fight that resulted in the two of you splitting up? This might sound like a breakup. And it really is. Your best friend is a pea in a pod. Obviously, this is frustrating. You have to assess what happened and find out where it went wrong.

if you are not sure You can always talk to someone you trust about the situation and see what they think. Sometimes it’s easier to get a third-party opinion on this to see if you’re doing something wrong. It also helps you know that your behavior is inappropriate. [Read: Are you losing a friend or are you both just drifting away?]

#2 give them space Sometimes they just need some time off. some areas where you don’t have to hunt them. I know you might think that talking right away is the best way to resolve the situation. But for some, not so, take some time off from them and wait and see if they message you first.

If not Instead, text them after a week of not speaking. If you tried to contact them before But they didn’t reply. give it more time They will reply when they are ready.

#3 Put yourself in your best friend’s shoes. Sometimes it’s hard to understand why your friends aren’t talking to you. But they are your best friends for a reason. you know them you know how they are All you have to do is put yourself in their shoes and see how they feel. Maybe you said something that was very painful.

take time to think about This trick works well with #2 because during that time You’ll also have time to think about how they feel. [Read: Good friends are like stars – 18 ways to build lasting friendships]

#3 recoup. Someone has to apologize whether you or them If you don’t think you’re doing it wrong Evaluate whether you need to apologize. Sometimes it’s better to say sorry and keep the friendship.

Even if you don’t think what you’re doing wrong. Someone has to be a bigger person and take that step to get through the situation. So if you want to be friends again. You’ll have to say you’re sorry. [Read: 16 things you need to give up to have a happier life]

#4 Don’t stand up. Listen, whatever the reason You may feel the need to defend. Maybe your friend is hanging out with a girl you don’t like, and of course you seem jealous because you are.

So before you start cursing and telling her that her new friend is a sham, to lower the level before This won’t get her back. In fact, your best friend may distance yourself from you, so take a deep breath whenever you feel like saying something you’re sorry.

#5 let them speak I know how it is when you are at an event and trying to make your point clear. In the end, you will swallow the conversation. So let them say, I know, I know, you have a lot to say. But this is your best friend.

just calm down and listen And when I listen carefully I didn’t mean to wait for your turn to say. live in the present If you let them speak Show that you care and want to correct the situation. [Read: How to fight fair with someone and grow closer]

#6 Talk about what you need to change. If your fight is because you drank too much You have to change something in your life. Or if you criticize your friends too much, back off. If you want to get your best friend back This is what you need to change. And you have to tell your friends that It shows how aware you are of your actions and how they affect your friends.

#7 Give your best. When you’re done talking about this situation and everything seems to be clear. make an effort in the relationship Call a close friend or send a message about your day. It doesn’t have to be an important message. And it could be just a few words, anything to help you move on with what you’ve earned. This also shows your interest in building new friendships. [Read: The 8 kinds of friends everyone needs in their life]

#8 go out. So that awkward part is over. Now you need to get your friendship back on track. Do all the usual things with your best friend.

Go for a walk, watch a movie, go to the mall, whatever. Just make plans and do something fun together. after the atonement It will put both of you in weird spots and leave you immersed in the past.

#9 sock. If your friend ignores you and won’t let you talk to them, insist, OK. That doesn’t mean they call them every hour and leave 30 voicemails on their phones. If you want them in real life You will never give up on friendship. I know the situation can be tough, but listen, that doesn’t mean you can’t fix the relationship. [Read: How to avoid the awkward tension after an argument]

#10 Remind them. Sometimes people become so obsessed with negative thoughts that they forget good memories. that they share with you Remind them why you are their best friend. Maybe you have a funny picture. or souvenirs to remind them of the good times. that they share with you You have to show them these things.

#11 Do something special for them. Perhaps their favorite dessert is red velvet cupcakes. Why don’t you bake some of them? Or their favorite band is coming to play in town. Go see it with your best friend. Who cares if they don’t like it? You are trying to save friendship!

Do something that shows them you care and want it to work out. [Read: 18 insightful reasons why you don’t have any friends]

#12 Be public too. Okay, you don’t need to make a label that says “We’re best friends again” and set it up in the town hall. But if you want to get your best friend back Have them post things on their Facebook page or like their status and photos.

This is a great way to say sorry. Don’t overdo it with likes and comments on anything. But even posting YouTube on her page is possible. Thank God for Facebook, right?

[Read: 14 signs your best friend isn’t your best friend anymore]

Close friends are not easy to find. And when you have someone who knows you like the palm of your hand. You don’t want to let him go, so follow these steps. And you’ll get your best friend back.

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