Getting to Know Someone — How Long Does It Take?

What does it take to really get to know someone? Is it time or a shared experience? In fact, it’s a mix of both.

How long does it take to get to know someone?

Consider your loved ones and consider how well you really know them at the end of this article. You probably know you can’t! Or maybe you’re lucky and realize that you are. in any case This is something everyone has to struggle with. both with friends and partners So don’t worry too much. The best thing to do is to just put in some time, be there and wait for it to happen.

the truth is Getting to know someone is different based on two factors: that person and you. Yes, you. Everyone opens up at their own pace. Some people take months. Some people take a year The longer we know each other, the better. But that doesn’t matter. Because you won’t see who they are. unless you stop being blind

When meeting someone for the first time You will develop an idea of ​​who the person is and how they work. In other words, expectation. It may be true. It may be distant. But you already have your thoughts. Until you stop blind and open You really don’t know the person in front of you!

How do you know if you finally know someone?

have 8 A simple question that you can use to double-check if you really know a friend, partner, or hot guy you’re seriously considering dating. Here are those questions.

#1 Have you ever had an argument? This may sound counterproductive. But an argument or two is needed to really get to know someone. People who never quarreled don’t care enough about each other. Or they just suppress their bitter feelings because they don’t want to be direct. when you know someone You know their ugly side too. [Read: 23 dos and don’ts of relationship arguments]

#2 Has this person ever let you down? Again, it sounds weird. But this is superfluous. When someone, someone else disappoints you. That’s because they didn’t expect it from them. If you can’t see your feelings or expectations of who they are. important moments Those will disappoint you.

Most people blame people for letting them down. but in reality They should point a finger at themselves. instead of being upset Take this time to pull off the blindfold and see who he really is.

#3 Did you have a real moment where you felt like they were strangers? This is a bad time. Especially when strangers are your partner. After the blindfold is closed, there is an adjustment period in which the person becomes a complete stranger.

Things may or may not be awkward. Your memory will be a bit of a waste. But this is the best. This is a transitional period and a one-way ticket to agree on who the real person is.

#4 At least you know this person. 3 Year? Yes, it seems a long time, but this is an unspoken rule. 3 both in friendship and in relationships. In the third year, you go through various experiences. many together both good and bad

In the third year, friends disappear or become closer together. couple arguing get to know each other in all aspects and often the breakup For couples who are lucky or insist on getting things done, the third year can be a test that will make their relationship stronger. Sounds worse than it is But this is the moment when you know who is here and who is not destined to be permanent in your life. [Read: How to know if it’s time to end a friendship]

#5 The two of you talk about different things. Before the two of you really got to know each other? This is giving at some point. Your friend or partner will talk about how shy, innocent, blind, or young you were both in the past. You will talk about controversy in the past. or even each other’s past opinions. And some, at this point, it’s safe to say that you know they’re sincere. And you are no longer blinded by infatuation or naive optimism. [Read: 60 get to know you questions for a new romance]

#6 Have you ever spent time apart? Remember that spending time apart will help you reflect. This is something most people forget. But when you spend time with someone all the time You will develop tunnel vision. what you see is that person And all interactions revolve around that person. What you think, feel, and analyze about that person when you’re alone can actually help you understand things. [Read: Does absence make the heart grow fonder or wander?]

#7 Have you ever encountered serious obstacles together? One thing is to meet someone on a good day. Everything else when you see that person responds to a problem. A person may seem simple and carefree, but they can actually be very volatile when faced with stressful situations.

As mentioned earlier Getting to know someone involves knowing both their good and bad sides. when going through difficult obstacles together You’ll see how they react. And you can see if the way they act during this time will deceive the way you deal with the obstacles. [Read: 10 ways to get through a rough patch in a relationship]

#8 Have you ever traveled together? Going on adventures together in unknown places will open a whole new dimension to your personality. Bringing out the familiar atmosphere Shows that you are seeing someone exploring a new land.

Are they willing to explore? Do they just want to stick with familiar things? How do they deal with the new situation? These are the questions you will inevitably have to answer when you go to an unfamiliar place. [Read: Is it too soon to start travelling with your partner?]

Getting to know someone doesn’t happen overnight. Every situation requires as much time as both parties want. So it could be months or years. but in the end 8 Questions can help determine your location on the timeline. If you don’t know each other fully, don’t be sad. It will happen for better or for worse. And you’ll know if they have a place in your life or should walk away.

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