Ghosting A Friend: The Only Reasons When It’s Okay to Ghost Them

Friendship has its ups and downs. But is haunting friends the right way to end friendships? Face the problem and talk about it instead.

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Friendships can be as complex as with relationship have a controversy misunderstanding and occasional upset. However, friendship is valuable and it is important to maintain a good friendship. If you want to end the friendship for any reason There is a good excuse To haunt a friend and walk away without saying a word?

Although it is commonly used in dating. But haunting someone doesn’t mean breaking up and just disappearing into a sexual relationship.

Haunting your friends means that you break up with them in the most violent way. It’s not the word you use when you stop talking to common acquaintances.

Haunting a friend means that you go from full zero to the people who matter most in your life. [Read: Bad friend – 25 types of friends you must unfriend from your life]

Wait, haunting a friend sounds cruel, doesn’t it?

Yes, because it’s ghosting, it involves cutting all ties with someone without any warning, explanation, or word of mouth. It means quitting communication with one of your best friends entirely.

There are many reasons why you fool your friends. It has to be a pretty serious thing to make you consider it. and even then Wouldn’t it be better to sit down and work something out? Even if you decide to part ways and end the friendship At least do it with maturity and dignity.

Ghosting is devastating for the person receiving it. when you are near someone Your absence can cause misery in their lives. Especially if you disappear without any explanation.

So before you decide what to do with your loved ones. Think long and hard first. no turning back [Read: What is Ghosting and how does it really affect you?]

The only reason to fool friends might be guaranteed.

We exaggerate the word ‘may’ there because there are few reasons why haunting friends is appropriate or fair.

Again, harming someone’s mind is very painful. Just make sure you do it for a good reason. If you have a choice It’s always better to talk to them or let them know you need to walk away.

Don’t haunt someone just because you’re too shy or cowardly to let them know you’re hurting for one reason. Grow up and speak up, or slowly wean yourself from the friendship if it hurts you.

Ghosting is optional but should not be used as an excuse to avoid discussion.

Know that once you’re done, there’s no turning back or fixing the relationship. [Read: Got ghosted by someone? 10 clear signs and ways to deal with it]

Let’s take a look at a few reasons why it’s a good idea to play the “friendly” ghost Casper with a friend.

1. They cheat on your partner.

no brainer If someone cheats on your significant other had no choice but to haunt them. It doesn’t matter why they do it. Or are they just “soulmates” and can’t help themselves? It’s not just your guy/boyfriend’s fault that they got together. They were both to blame.

Your friends break the rules and have relationships with your loved ones. knowing how destructive it will be

Instead of giving them a chance to apologize or explain. Make it clear that there is no forgiveness or explanation. Your friendship no longer exists. [Read: 10 questions to ask before dumping a cheating partner]

2. They tell you your biggest secret.

The one secret they can tell is that it causes ghosts is not that you eat ice cream on a Friday when no one is watching. The type of secret worth haunting is if they tell people the secret they promised to bring to the grave.

Relationships often have room for forgiveness in the relationship if someone apologizes. But not if they tell you something about you that will change the way you and others see you forever. If they betray you It’s time for ghosts [Read: Keeping secrets in a relationship – The must-know rules and exceptions]

3. You beat thee to someone else.

People are pretty predictable creatures. we all talk If we want to be honest with ourselves There is no one alive who doesn’t say nasty things about good friends during the heat of the day or when arguing with them with another person.

But what if you find them constantly talking negatively about you and have nothing to say? Whether jealousy is a factor or not It’s time to let them go altogether. Make them ghosts from your past. [Read: One-sided friendship – 15 clear signs it’s time to cut them loose]

4. They have a toxic relationship with your partner.

When you are good friends with someone That doesn’t allow them to associate with your lover. Of course we can all be friends. But if you notice something more evolving or even flirting happens by any means. It might be time to cut ties and break up.

The old saying that friends are tighter than sex is wrong. If they don’t respect your relationship with your loved ones and keep boundaries. and begin to affect your romantic relationship. cut off from them

Of course, perhaps talk to them first because they may not know what they are doing. But if that doesn’t change anything It’s time to bring Ghostbusters to them.

5. Their friendship is toxic to you.

Sometimes we get close to people who are really bad for us. Some relationships become highly dependent or insulting. If you are friends with a narcissist who is constantly self-centered. Ruin plans when something better comes along. or make you lose your self-esteem It’s time to say goodbye [Read: How to tell if a friend is toxic & brings unhappiness to your life]

A narcissist doesn’t understand no matter how many times you explain it to them. Some friends hurt you and continue to hurt you no matter what you say. That’s when it’s time to ditch the toxic relationship by cutting off the cold.

You can’t get close to a narcissistic personality and you can’t find a happy medium. In the end, if you let them back in. they will take advantage scramble your heart and leave you empty and low [Read: Toxic people – 25 early warning signs to watch out for]

6Every time you let them in, it hurts you.

Let’s say you’re a person who likes people. Let’s say your friends make mistakes again and again. in that situation You might find it hard to break up with them. But it may be time to cut off contact. Some of us are stronger than others. Some people never give up on their friends no matter how much they kick him.

But the only way to save yourself is to constantly cut off those who hurt you from your life.

Sometimes even seeing their contact number pop up sends anxiety. it’s not worth it

You have other friends, and if not, you can do something. If what they do is hurt It’s time to haunt them. [Read: How to recognize a fake best friend before you get betrayed or hurt]

7. They steal valuables from you.

When a good friend steals something from you It’s time to haunt them. Valuables don’t always come in real form. in general If they steal something from you that you can’t get back, like your trust, your love. or something of a financial meaning It was the reason for the ghosts to deceive.

Holding on to a bad friend won’t bring back what you lost. It will always be a reminder of what’s gone. Let them go and let yourself heal.

8. Unreliable

Whether it’s talking behind your back, flirting with your girlfriend, or saying they’ll meet you at a bar and not show up. If you can’t trust a trusted friend It’s time to haunt them.

Trust is the cornerstone of any relationship. romantic or something else Don’t be friends with people you won’t turn your back on. It’s not worth your time, energy, or anxiety. It’s time to cut it off and cut the cord. [Read: Be careful who you trust – 15 ways to recognize the backstabbers]

9. Their dependence puts you in trouble.

There are times when best friends are too needy. If their tenacity or ownership is causing problems in your life. Show that you haunt them

One of the hardest things to do is hurt the people you’re close to. But if they cling so tightly that they lose themselves and take you with them. It’s time to move forward together for the sake of both of you.

You can sink them all together or cut them off and revive your life. It’s really that simple. [Read: 8 detailed ways to calmly deal with a jealous friend]

10. You can’t forgive them.

If they’ve done something so serious that you know in your heart you can’t forgive them. Holding on to a friendship won’t help either of you.

It doesn’t just make you feel uncomfortable being around each other. But you may feel very anxious about it. If you can’t forgive someone for what they did. It’s time to haunt them and move forward. [Read: What is a true friend? The 12 key characteristics of real friends]

Don’t tell anyone that you forgive them and leave them nearby to punish them. The best thing to do is to let the friendship go and not make them moan to call you back. Cut it all out for both of you

Understanding the consequences of fooling friends

Of course, there are situations where fooling friends is the only thing that opens. But you have to be 100% sure if you fool someone and regret it later. Most likely, you can’t change anything. Few are willing to forgive and forget about ghosts.

Perhaps a better option is to sit down with this person and explain your problem to them. You don’t have to change your mind to end a friendship, but at least you know you’re on the right track. Then they can’t point the finger at you for nothing. [Read: How to break up with a friend – 5 respectful steps you must follow]

friendship is precious But sometimes the so-called friends become enemies. It might be the case that you think everyone in the comparison boat is rowing in the same direction. But if you look around You’ll see someone drilling a hole in the bottom without your knowledge.

Basically, not everyone is trustworthy. Just do it in a way that means you can look up later.

[Read: Like ghosting? Prepare yourself for these 10 consequences]

Think through haunting your friends before you put your plan into action. when finished The effects may be more severe than what you see. And you don’t want to end up regretting it or regretting it.

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