Why are Girls Going Commando? 15 Reasons to Ditch Your Panties

More and more girls are joining the commando at the end of the year. But why is this? These are all reasons why ladies and you should throw away your undies.

girl going commando

Go commando is nothing new. People have been doing it for longer than we think. In fact, humans don’t wear underwear much longer than we do. Not long ago in history girls who went to the commando were seen as something strange.

But it’s become the norm late in the year, and for good reason. There are many benefits to not wearing a bra. and women are beginning to realize that

Why do people start wearing underwear in the first place?

Man was made naked when we develop We are not made to wear clothes all the time. That’s why we have body hair protection. Clothing is essential to keep us warm and fit.

After the research is complete Many people started wearing underwear for health reasons. It seems cleaner. However, that’s not always true. But health concerns were one reason underwear was invented in the first place. And why do we have so many types of underwear now? [Read: The weird facts about selling used panties you’re dying to know]

Why are girls playing commando the new norm?

In fact, every woman should go to the commando. except for special periods of the month There are many reasons to do so. and we will present all to you here.

1. cheaper

Did you know that underwear is expensive? If you really want the type that is comfortable to wear, you’re looking to pay for every pair. That means you can easily have hundreds of dollars worth of panties in no time. Who wants to spend that money?

On the other hand, girls who ditch their underwear and can spend money on more important things like donuts or sexy outfits. [Read: The lazy way to save money as a twentysomething]

2. more comfortable

No matter what kind of underwear you’re wearing, it’s more uncomfortable than having no panties. Even if you have the softest panties in the world But still can run up from time to time

When the girls go commando, they are at ease. Nothing rides up their butts and annoys them all day long.

3. cool up

This is not an attitude But it’s thermoregulation. There’s actually a lot of heat that is released through your penis. If women tend to wear tight panties, they are very warm. And that’s really annoying.

4. Easy access

Let’s talk about sex. It’s much more convenient to not wear panties. Not only does it take less time to get into important details. But it also makes sex a lot better. Since you don’t have anything to protect your downstairs all day. In fact, you will be more exposed to everything that satisfies you. [Read: 10 ways to make your married sex feel like a one night stand]

5. Really better health

Because the girls who went to the commando didn’t confine the heat there. They make it harder for bacteria to grow. This is because bacteria thrive in humid and warm places. Leaving the underwear makes it more difficult to get infected by “spreading” it.

6. No underwear lines!

We all hate panties. Can we agree? They don’t look good and they can ruin a good outfit perfectly. for that reason More and more women decide not to go. It took me too long to try on different panties. A pair to see if there are no panties or not. Now I just don’t wear underwear and save a lot of time.

7. Less washing

I know the underwear is not very big. I know they don’t wash your clothes that much. but from people who hate washing This is a huge plus. You don’t have to worry about washing if you don’t wear them! [Read: How to get your boyfriend to stop being so lazy]

8. Pack a lighter

I can’t tell you how many times I have to make space for my underwear. You might lose that amazing outfit because you have to fit. 7 Underwear in your bag for the holidays. It’s okay, thank you. I should go without

9. Release more pheromones

That’s right, lady. want a lot of men Stop wearing panties! The area is filled with pheromones that other men can actually pick up if you stop covering yourself with a tight cloth. [Read: How do pheromones really work?]

10. You’ll spend less time matching your bra to your bra.

Because you don’t have to wear underwear! That means you can wear whatever bra you want. And it will look perfect when worn over your bare feet.

11. Makes You Feel Free

The bra is just shrunken and downright annoying. If you really want to know how freedom is to do what the girls Everyone did it and left their underwear for good. Nobody wants anything that limits their lives.

12. Add sexiness to you.

Knowing that you’re not wearing panties will make you feel sexy. You feel like a secret when you walk around all day. And guess what? It feels great!

You gain a huge boost in confidence when you walk around barefoot. Sure, it might feel a little weird at first, but after a while, you’ll be more confident. You’ll start to feel incredibly sexy and like you can pick any guy you want. [Read: How to feel sexy and desirable all the time]

13. It’s a fun way to encourage foreplay.

Indeed, every girl must say “I don’t wear underwear,” and their partner was above them. And if you’re wearing a dress without your underwear It will make it even better.

The point is, it’s a fun way to start something sexy with your partner. You could go on a date or go somewhere in public and whisper in their ear. Just let them speed up the day they can go home. [Read: How to foreplay your way to the best sex life]

14. You will smell fresher.

Because it’s cooler and less humid when you’re not wearing panties. You’ll smell better. Bacteria are a common cause of bad breath for women. And leaving your underwear on will prevent bacteria from growing.

15. You will feel a little rebellious.

Until the girls go commando is normal in society. You’ll always feel like a little rebel if you don’t wear underwear. I don’t know about the rest of you guys. But that stubborn attitude made me feel unstoppable in everything I did in my life. If you want that extra advantage to learn a lesson from the girls everyone who plays commando

[Read: 14 sexy benefits of sleeping naked you have no idea about]

It is not uncommon to find that girls Play commando all the time, however, with more benefits. More and more of us are choosing to ditch panties.

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