Hips Don’t Lie, Girl: 19 Real Secrets About Women with Wide Hips

In Shakira’s words, “Hips don’t lie!” If you are one of the many girls with wide hips. Just learn how to use the killer curves to your advantage.

wide hip woman

If you spend most of your life with a rounded figure and wide hips You’ll know how often they have a life of their own. Wide hips will add flair to your silhouette. They are also very flattering. Like anything else They can be annoying too, but girls with wide hips know how to make the most of their killer curves.

Curvature is in fashion. With celebrities and beauty bloggers supporting wider hips, the Kardashians are one example. But many argue that it has always been a desirable quality. If you look back at old paintings of goddesses and dynasties They tend to have a seductive body and broad hips. This is seen as a radiant symbol of fertility and pure attraction.

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There is no better type than the other. We are all beautiful in our own way. And we need to learn to embrace our natural bodies and love them for what they are powerful. Easier said than done sometimes. But when you’re physically confident It’s the most wonderful thing in the world.

What shape would you look like if you were a girl with wide hips?

If you are one of the girls Many people with broad hips and shoulders are the same width. Show that you have an hourglass figure. This is one of the most respectable figures!

You are born with killer curves that will turn heads for all the right reasons! Reminds me of Marilyn Monroe is a good example, however, just because the hourglass is so revered. It doesn’t mean it has to be better than the others. It’s just a common sign of sexiness for many. [Read: 18 physical turn ons for guys that arouse all men within seconds!]

If you have broad hips but narrower shoulders Show that you are shaped like an apple. You could argue that Kim Kardashian’s likes are more like an apple than an hourglass. That’s because her shoulders are not as wide as her hips. However, the apple shape is very common and allows you to show off your beautiful curves and behind the deliciousness!

Things to know if you have wide hips

Wide hips, though, are now the focus. But it’s a way of life and not a fashion trend. Sometimes, these things clearly affect your life. or in a way you never knew you could do [Read: 8 ways to love your body, no matter its size]

It’s not always easy But don’t be fooled into thinking that the grass is greener. Always try to accept and enjoy the way you create it. But having broad hips What does it mean for people with hips?

1. On average you have more sex partners

Statistically, women with rounded hips have more one-night stands. This may depend on a man who is subconsciously attracted to a woman with a full body. This is because arcs are often a sign of fertility. And men are not always interested in seeking that out. [Read: How to pull off that one-night stand like a pro]

2. You don’t have to worry about maintaining celebrity standards.

Whenever you hear people complaining about having wide hips or a big back like Kim Kardashian, you can’t help but smile. Did you know that genetics give you a better life?

3. High-waisted clothes look great on you.

High-waisted skirts, bikinis, shorts, and jeans will make you look unattractive. They really work to accentuate your figure. And you don’t have to be nervous about your curves. No wardrobe is complete without cute high-waisted pants. [Read: Well endowed women: The biggest ups and downs of jiggling jugs]

4. You have more reproductive genes.

#4 You have more reproductive genes. It turns out that the wider your hips, the greater your potential for having children. scientific research Point out that this depends on hormone levels and often sets the standard of what is considered more desirable in Western society.

5. Big hips means big thighs.

Anyone with big thighs knows what the number one problem is — sarcasm makes holes in your jeans. I can’t count how many jeans I had to throw away. Thanks to the clothes that were worn down from the walk. Big hips/thighs also mean squeezing your pants every morning! [Read: How to feel more confident in your body & fall in love with you]

6. The fight on the muffins is real.

Anyone with wide hips knows how difficult it is to move a few inches away from your midsection. That’s just to avoid the horrible muffin side effects when wearing sweatpants. Often when you take off your pants You have a little fat on top. Embrace it!

7. You get along very well with your partner’s parents.

Your significant other’s parents absolutely love you. Deep down, you know, in part because Your ‘baby hips’, whether or not you really want children is a different matter. when they look at you They couldn’t help but see the potential of their grandchildren. [Read: Fur baby: Why millennials are choosing puppies over babies]

8. Sometimes the chair is not your friend.

There are some chairs you can’t sit in because you know when you sit down. You won’t have to get up without sitting in a chair, for example, when you sit on a small plastic seat. You might get stuck or break down trying to get up again. It is annoying and a problem for girls. with wide hips everywhere

9. You have completely lost your consciousness in space.

You’ll often find yourself with bruises on your hip for unknown reasons. These mysterious marks are often caused by collisions with objects. After forgetting how much your hips are in the way You are walking to your desk. smash the door knob and accidentally bumped into something at hip level.

10. There are some things you don’t want to wear.

It’s often very difficult to find a belt that’s right for you. tight tank top and short skirt It can be a little annoying because it will slip or get up every time you walk. No matter what you do to get it in place

11. Your shadow is always in fashion.

From the Victorian era through the 1950s to the modern era, wider hips have always been a fashion and inspiration for many garments. You see this in tailoring a tight dress for the monarchs, a fashion dowop; and a 1930s pencil skirt.

A huge fashion icon like Marilyn. Monroe embraces their curves. and you too You will never go out of date. [Read: Why do guys love feeling boobs? The real science behind a man’s fascinations of breasts]

12. Finding the perfect fit is a mission.

When you find a shoe that fits your hips It doesn’t fit your leg. or if you find something that fits your legs It will not be enough for you to do the top button. It can be a nightmare to find the right partner. So leggings become your new best friend. [Read: Tips to flaunt your body confidence this summer]

13. They are Swiss army knives of body parts.

You find that your hips double as racks or tools. And you use it for more than it was designed for. You try to balance the bag. open the door with them and pushed others out as well They are really quite convenient!

14. Losing a few pounds is usually a little harder.

When you have wide hips and feel the need to drop a few pounds. You may find the transitions much slower or more difficult. The reason is that fat in this part of the body is more difficult to lose compared to others.

However, if you are determined Exercise and a healthy diet will help you. It is much better to accept your body for its beautiful wonders. [Read: Can’t shed pounds? here are 8 reasons why!]

15. You are often told that you have “Hip giving birth”

You may lose the number of times people tell you about However, don’t worry about it. Because women with wide hips can give birth a little easier. compared to women with a narrow pelvis.

16. People are jealous of you even if you don’t see it.

when we are enveloped by the consciousness of the body It can be difficult to spot a glance in your direction. It’s not just men who will definitely appreciate women with wide hips. But so are women.

You will have envy from other women who wish they had natural curves. Remember that some people will need surgery to get the curves you have! [Read: Thick women redefining beauty: Setting a new generation free!]

17. Your dance moves are exaggerated.

You’ll know what I mean here! when you shake your ass You will really shake your ass. And everyone is envious of how you can use your arc to move along to the music. It’s hard to live in the shadows.

18. A miniskirt or dress can be a nightmare.

Do you think the miniskirt or dress will be the same length all the way? The skirt should be like that. unless they are designed to be asymmetrical.

However, for girls with wide hips Miniskirts and dresses are usually much shorter. You may notice that the front is longer and the back is shorter. Who said fashion was easy?

19. Format is often a problem too.

This list might make you think wide hips and fashion are incompatible. But it really fits! Girls’ common shopping problems with wide hips is Another is the pattern on the bottom half. They lengthen or make your hips appear larger. I tend to stick with the color block at the bottom and look for the pattern at the top. [How: How to be a sex goddess who’s desired by all men]

How to make the most curvy

Fashion is made for everyone regardless of body type. However, some fashions should be kept to yourself when you have bigger hips. Of course, you can wear whatever you want and rock like a fashionista. But if you want to be comfortable You should learn how to dress as curvy as possible!

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High-waisted garments will show off a really nice small waist and hips, and you can add a crop top to add a cute touch – don’t worry about not getting cropped. but will sit on the edge of your waist!

Don’t hide your middle part just because your hips are wider. Think of that shape and you’ll gasp as you walk past for all the right reasons.

Bodycon dress is the idea that if it’s longer. But a short dress might be something you want to talk about. This is because the length can cause the dress to float up and you will have to pull it down forever. No fun! Go for a sexy midi or maxi length, and add a more fitted top if the skirt is flowing or if it’s more fitted.

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An old prom style dress will look amazing on you too! The Empire Line is great for wider hips. That’s because they show off your smaller waist and balance your shoulders and hips. Basically, you’re showing off an hourglass or building an hourglass.

at the end of the day You can wear whatever you feel comfortable with. But don’t be shy about showing off those beautiful curves.

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No matter how your body was made embrace it The curvature and wide hips can sometimes be a hindrance. But these are part of who you are.

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