Girly Stuff Stereotypes: 15 Typical Things Not All Girls Like

Don’t get me wrong that all women like the same things women have. This is a classic girly thing that every girl ignores.

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No woman is the same I’m sure you discovered it yourself. But there are still general conclusions about the type of things that every woman likes. People labeled things, shows, activities and even food as women. But a lot of women don’t care about these things.

As the world pays more attention to the issue of gender equality in life. It is therefore not surprising that this topic has been controversial lately. We all know how much women dislike being generalized. Now it’s much worse.

Why do women hate to be generalized?

I’m pretty sure women hate broad speaking. At least 50 times more than men. Why? because girls want to feel unique We want to feel that there is no one like us.

While this may seem obvious because no two people are alike – even identical twins – this is still something we strive for. So just when you think we like something because it’s feminine clothing. You’re putting us in one category. And we feel like we’re being grouped with people we don’t like.

Cool items that every girl doesn’t like.

There is a list of girls That is very long, which is not that the girls. Everyone will like any shape or form. Damn. There are women out there who like “man’s” more than they do what is branded as a woman.

Although this list could go on for several days. But I’m going to focus on the very striking things that the average woman doesn’t care about. This is something you shouldn’t assume every woman likes. [Read: 22 unintentional girly things you do that guys love]

#1 put on makeup. I’ll let you in on a little secret that most people don’t know. and if they knew they just ignore Not every woman likes to wear makeup. Some of us even hate it. I wear makeup only for the most special occasions. and still It’s a bit of mascara and eyeshadow.

And let me tell you that I am happy when I wear it. It made my face feel like it was suffocating. And I really like the look of the skin. It’s not a liquid-coated finish that won’t match its color. I know many women like me.

#2 Dress. Some women prefer to chew their arms over a dress just about anywhere. but for some reason So people call this a feminine thing and think every woman will wear them to fancy parties. It’s infuriating to know that some people expect women to like dresses.

#3 flower. Some women love flowers. Notice that I use the word “thin” because there are women who also consider themselves ridiculous. Although flowers are a common thing for women. But there are also many girls who do not want to see these colorful plants die in a vase. It’s sad for them. [Read: 23 things girls wish guys knew about a girl’s mind]

#4 of pink. This is probably the greatest thing people see as a woman, and it’s color. How can a color be assigned to a gender? for whatever reason And there are a lot of women who hate it.

I personally don’t like pink. I’ve never been the only one who took advantage of pink stuff, and I actually liked the blue stuff that would normally be considered “boyish.” I’m sure a lot of girls feel the same way.

#5 glitter. *vomits* It’s real, glitter shouldn’t be called girls’ things. Of course, its luster might make people think women are involved. But I think women hate this more than men. It’s everywhere, and girls don’t like glitter. So don’t assume that just because it has glitter that girls will like.

#6 I have long hair. back in the old days Long hair is a sign of youth and fertility. So many women grow up to show potential partners that they can give birth to many children.

Nowadays, women keep their hair long because they want long hair. But I know there are girls Many people would rather have pixie hair than long hair again. Therefore, we cannot assume that all women like long hair. [Read: 12 Dating stereotypes of women in a man’s mind]

#7 butterfly. I’m not really sure when or how butterflies – insects – were ever assigned to a particular gender. Why are they what women are supposed to like? Has nothing to do with them.

Maybe because it’s colorful and pretty? That being said, not all women like butterflies. And I know people who are really afraid of them. This typical girly thing isn’t what every woman really likes.

#8 heart shape when the girl was young They often draw small hearts. Write them in their notebooks with the initials of the boys they like. Therefore, many people assume that all girls like heart-shaped things. Unless the pizza is shaped like a heart. I don’t like it… And many girls don’t like it either. [Read: Misconceptions of dating a feminist that all men must know]

#9 Nail polish. It is known that girls love being trimmed and cared for. That means nail polish is often involved. This makes people feel that every woman loves nail polish. but in fact Some women don’t even care about the color of their nails.

#10 Love movie. *Writing amazing rolling eyes* That’s always my reaction when people – mostly men – say they don’t like romantic movies because they’re “female” and for that matter. I said I think I know more men who love movies than women.

Of course, aspects of love and romance are often what women like more than men because we are more in touch with our emotional side. But there are more than a few women I know who would rather watch horror or action movies.

#11 Fruit cocktails. This is another thing that a lot of guys like girls instead of beer or spirits. They assume the girls like it. However, I will tell you from experience that men like those drinks more than women. [Read: Party hours – What your favorite drink says about you]

#12 Kittens. Okay, okay, I’ll give you this one. Girls are very open about their love for kittens and fluffy things. But some women really don’t like cats at all.

I also know a few guys who would rather curl up on the couch and hug a kitten than play video games or other “manly” stories.

#13 Bow. Why are bows labeled as girls’ bows when men tie bows? Not every woman likes to tie a hair bow and wear a dress. This is another thing most people think women like that a lot of women don’t even want to wear.

#14 High heels. When a girl becomes a woman Presumably, we’ll start wearing heels because it’s a girl’s outfit. However, more and more girls want to go with a pair of sneakers. which may be selected from the male section Rather than breaking an ankle by trying to step on a pair of heels. [Read: 25 things guys find sexy and attractive about a girl]

#15 Jewelry. with advertisements of men buying accessories for women It’s easy to think that every woman needs this as a gift and to wear every day.

I really have to communicate with my boyfriend. Then I don’t like jewelry. But some people still buy it for me because it’s for women. And they think I like it anyway. Let this lesson be a lesson for everyone. Not every woman likes jewelry.

[Read: The guys’ views on what’s sexy vs. what’s cute about a girl]

when society calls things that it was something of a woman for a long time It’s easy to forget that not all women really are. and like those things Please make sure you don’t put a girl in a group that she doesn’t want to be in.

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