Got Ghosted? 5 Clear Signs and 5 Ways to Deal With It

Are you a person who is prone to ghosts without even realizing it? Here’s how to know if it’s you and different ways to deal with it.

ghosted - signs and how to deal with it

Being ghosted is one of the most frustrating things in the world, but first of all, what are ghosts really? For those who are not familiar with this term In addition to being used during Halloween i will share with you

What is a ghost?

Ghosting is when you suddenly stop communicating with the person you’re dating but no longer want to date. This is done by people who don’t like confrontation and hope that the people they see will only “take a hint”?? and back out

Yes, I know. It’s intense. And it’s bad for people that happen for a variety of reasons. no reasoning no masking and make the victim feel confused and insecure But it happens quite often. And it’s always a relief to know that you’re really haunted by a ghost. or someone is busy

I personally have never been deceived by ghosts. Maybe because I’m just too annoying. And finally, the guy had to tell me what was going on so his phone would stop blowing up. I’m not really sure. However, many of my friends have And I’ve watched them sit through each of these signs. [Read: What really is Ghosting and how does it affect you?]

5 Clear signs that you have been deceived by ghosts.

It seems obvious that you are being ghosted. But there are very subtle ways of haunting someone. You won’t even know you’ve fallen into a trap. My friends have been through a lot of bad things, I know. 5 Another way you can tell if you’re being ghosted or not. 5 how to deal with it

#1 You get zero communication from their end. So you text them a few times and even call here and there and get silence. But they’re still on social media and you know they saw your message. Maybe they’re busy. But what if a few days have passed and you haven’t heard from them yet? Chances are, you’ve been possessed by a ghost. [Read: 20 sure reasons why a guy could be ignoring you]

#2 You have been removed from all social media. If you two meet Chances are you will be friends on social media. This is tricky because it may happen before or after the actual ghost show.

If by chance you find yourself missing their posts from Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and you decide to check it out and you are no longer their friend. You may find yourself out of their recent “date” contact list?? It’s most likely to officially disguise your ghost.

#3 They don’t show up according to your plans. If you’re planning everything with them and then find yourself sitting alone at the bar. miniature golf course or even at a good restaurant They don’t want to spend time and tell you that they can’t show up because they’ll have to make excuses and blah, blah, blah. They find ghosting easier. [Read: The easiest way to avoid getting stood up on a date… ever!]

#4 They always use the excuse of being “busy”?? This is a much more subtle sign that you are being ghosted, otherwise you will soon be ghosted. When your messages and calls are not answered Only they would reply with “Sorry, busy,”?? Then you will definitely be haunted by ghosts.

They have no real excuses as to why they didn’t receive your message. So it’s very likely that they aren’t busy and they want you to know a hint. Don’t be surprised if they are “busy”?? Messages turned out to be no response – a real sign of being ghosted. [Read: 11 realistic reasons why your date isn’t responding to your texts]

#5 They abruptly ended the conversation. Have you ever talked to the person you were dating in the middle? *Through texting or texting Which is normal* and they can’t seem to keep the conversation going? Do they just cut you off or respond with a vague agreement?

If so, most likely they are preparing to hit you with a ghost! This is a sure sign that you are being ghosted. And they are preparing to attack you with super ghost soon.

Well, if you are deceived by a ghost How do you deal with it?

If you are one of the unlucky people who have been deceived by ghosts and now have to deal with it. Show that you are not easy. It can be harder to accept the fact that someone would rather cut off all ties and not have contact with you than just having a conversation to end things.

5 How to cope with ghosts

We have gathered our heads and came up with 5 Ways to make dealing with this a lot easier.

#1 just accept it There’s no point trying to avoid it. There’s no reason to make excuses for this person. It happens. Just go ahead and accept the fact that they don’t want to continue their relationship in any way.

And it’s okay! Accepting this will make it a lot easier to get through. Just shrug. Don’t try to contact them. then you will be fine The first step in anything is acceptance, right? [Read: The right way to stop feeling ignored by someone you love]

#2 Realize that they are not worth it. and by “it” ?? I mean any negative emotions you might feel if this person was not fit to break up with you in person. He won’t be worth your time. Not to mention they can’t even break it on their phone either!

A ghost is someone who is not interested in dealing with other people’s problems or feelings. Those people won’t suit your life anyway. And they are not worth the wasted mascara. excessive consumption of ice cream or the anger that accompanies them. [Read: 10 signs you’re lovesick and 10 easy ways to get out if it quickly]

#3 positive view They do you a favor! Of course, if someone haunts you It shows that they have serious problems that they face with all kinds. This is good for you to realize as soon as you have!

What happens along the way if the two of you are in a relationship and then inevitably fight? Will they lock themselves in the bathroom or run to the bar and ignore you until they think the problem is solved? You shouldn’t be dating someone like that! So by haunting you They have assisted you in destroying it before you have to. [Read: 6 reasons why so many people have a fear of confrontation]

#4 Stop trying to get answers from them. Better yet, just delete their numbers altogether. And if they haven’t removed you from their social media. You can defeat them. to deal with being deceived by ghosts The best way is to cut yourself off. Don’t go texting and calling them all the time. Don’t call them out on social media either. Just let them be and go on!

#5 Find someone else. What better way to beat a rude person to just stop talking to you than find someone else to spend time with? Get out there and find someone better than anyone who will haunt you. There are many people who are much better than that person. And it’s time for you to realize that Pamper yourself with better people!

[Read: Why you should never make someone a priority when you’re only an option to them]

Ghosting can be difficult to see and harder to deal with. But if you use the advice above to identify yourself first. You’ll be able to cope with it and move on!

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