Greaser Girl: 16 Reasons Why Being Bad Can Feel So Darn Good

Is being a grease girl more fun? Don’t care what anyone thinks and fly into your pants? Sure, that sounds like hell!

Greaser Girl

back to that day outsider It is required to read in most public schools. Then came the hit movie of the ’80s, casting every heartthrob you could imagine, from Tom Cruise to Rob Lowe. If you don’t know who these people are, Google understands.

outsider It’s a movie about a mixed city with “good” and “bad” sides. west coast story. Those from the lower star side were called “greasers”, not the first time this name was used. The same theme has appeared in many cult films over the years, including: grease.

Why do they call them grease? because I always have gray hair Old millionaires cut their hair short and wear sweaters. while the grease man has a t-shirt which is generally dirty Long hair oiled back with engine oil. and cigarettes roll in their sleeves Then the fat girl came

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What is a fat girl?

The story continues It’s not just for men. But there were also clashes between girls and boys in the city. Although slightly different She wears a short skirt, a low neck blouse and tight pants. The fatter young woman exemplifies lust and gives her money to chicks in boring clubs.

There are many forms of grease girls who turn high society or high society into greasy. but when you think about it Grease girls are much better. [Read: Naughty girl guide – Let loose and be the bad girl your man wants]

When you’re fat, you:

1. beautiful to wear

2. Ignoring social norms or so-called rules

3. up to you

4. Dress the way you like Show off your gender just because you can. [Read: How to be more sexual and fall in love with the sexy side of you]

5. You don’t care what other people think – you please yourself.

6. No time for drama or negativity.

7. You refuse to take shit from anyone!

Can you see why grease girls are always popular? Of course, she might not be as famous as the homecoming queen. but under all that Everyone hopes they can be like her!

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16 reasons why fat girls are more fun!

If you’re wondering whether you should walk the cultural path or the dark side of the slums. These are all reasons to be a fat girl.

1. The hotter the clothes

Let’s face it – wearing more fat girl clothes is more fun. From leather jackets to trousers and stiletto heels. Having sex is the essence of being a grease woman.

A hot red lipstick topped off with a tight shirt and you’re good to go. Forget the Gucci handbag with the matching scarf. You carry things in your back pocket and like that. [Read: Good vs bad – What kind of guys do girls like?]

2. You allow yourself to have more fun.

No one expects you to plan a club party or be the head cheerleader. That gives you more freedom to develop your own interests and spend your time the way you want.

Not expecting anything from you is a really liberating feeling. In this life you can only do it once. Why not enjoy it to the fullest by being a fat girl! [Read: The meaning of YOLO: 15 Ways to live your life to the fullest]

3. anything!

You can do whatever you want. And you don’t care who knows or sees you. no one is your boss So if you want to wear three inch heels No one told the grease girl she could or couldn’t.

4. You don’t have a reputation to maintain.

You don’t have a name to live like a school girl. You don’t have to worry about tarnishing your family name or doing anything inappropriate.

basically You are your own person, who cares? The only person responsible is you. [Read: Slutty girls – The biggest positive lessons we can all learn from them]

5. You are not trying to please anyone but yourself.

You’re not attached to an ideal world where everything is flowers, roses and college. That means you’ll have to decide for yourself where to go to school…or not.

Do you want to be an electrician? Go find it! Let’s face it, no problem. The only person’s approval you need to worry about is your own. [Read: How to stop caring: 20 Steps on how to not care & put yourself first]

6. No need to wear a belt

Fatter girls have a little more freedom with her sexual explorations, so you don’t believe in double standards. If you want to be promiscuous and he doesn’t call later, trick him.

But let’s be honest, guys are always more likely to call a fat girl when they say they’ll call. [Read: The alpha female – 15 qualities you need to unleash it]

7. You can hang it.

Greaser girls are just “cool” by nature, no hidden agendas. They don’t sign up for any office and they don’t care if other girls like them or not. They come from hard-hitting homes and can hang out without a care in the world.

8. It’s not just about the hair.

Although the greasemaker has a unique hairstyle. But it’s not just about me. Being a grease girl is the whole package.

You don’t take nonsense from anyone or take prisoners. You do your own thing and you don’t care who knows. No one messes with fat girls! [Read: The clothes make the girl – 15 tips to get you looking your best]

9. You just look more poop and have an aura. “Don’t mess with me”

Greaser Girls are defined by their “cool” looks. You can’t hurt some woman who wants to be a queen bee or a guy who says he’ll call but he doesn’t. There is revenge for screwing up with the grease girl. and everyone knows So you just sit down and it’s you.

10. No late night classes

Greaser girls aren’t aimed at Harvard, Princeton, or Yale, so studying and interrogating all night isn’t your style. You’ll be spending the night at parties and having fun. [Read: How to get your life together: 30 Ways to live your best life]

11. You are free to be the real you.

No fakes to grease girls. What you see is what you get. Don’t try to be who she isn’t. She’s okay with who she is. Even if you are not

12. All men see you as hot. even if they did not accept it.

It’s not just fat guys who think you’re hot and sexy. But cultural men want to join you too.

Every thoughtful man desires that he can love a woman who is thoughtless, unresponsive, and cares more than what he has in his bank account. [Read: 15 qualities men secretly crave in their woman]

13. Style is back.

If you’re going to be a fat girl Now is your chance. Denim jackets and pixie pants are back in style. Whatever you’re interested in!

14. More playful than sitting cross-legged all the time

Who wants to be good all the time? No one. must grab

Sitting pretty and doing what everyone expects you to do is not the way to go. Ass kicking and using a name are the way to life. [Read: Girl power never sounded  better – 40 empowering songs]

15. You don’t have to cling to money and stuff.

The grease girls were not tied to their father’s money or the country club. If you want to go on a sightseeing or backpacking trip to Europe. No one will tell you that you can’t. Materialism is not your friend. And your friends are not materialistic.

16. No Club For You Only bar stools and hangouts in the area.

All you need is a cold beer. and bar stools for a good time Sure, the pool table and dartboard are good. But those things are more special than that. You can have a good time in any environment Because it’s not about you, your friends, and your nature. [Read: 15 places to go on a first date to ace the date and land the second]

Freedom to live!

The Greaser Girl might have gotten a bad name in the old days because it came from the wrong side of the track. But when you consider the independence they have. fun way of life and how they are not attached to materialism you have to appreciate them

Perhaps the biggest benefit of being a fat girl is that you actually have the freedom to be yourself. No one will try to change anything about you. Because they don’t dare! You are comfortable with who you are and what you want. You go with the trend and live life to the fullest.

Maybe we can all learn a thing or two from grease girls!

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If you have a choice between being a high society girl or a stingy girl. You better give it a try. Because hey, why not? as you can tell They have more fun.

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