15 Really Gross Sex Acts You Probably Didn’t Know Existed

Do you think you’re weird in bed? Here are 15 really serious sexual activities. That makes crazy, bizarre sex seem like a boring production.

primary sexual activity

sex is beautiful It’s romantic, seductive, natural and for some people. it is spirit Nothing compares to the feeling of two bodies intertwined. Their souls collide in a seductive display of love… but wait Some serious sexual activity

Yes it is right. Gender can be gross as well. As in icky, yucky, frighteningly bad. Freaky won’t cut it.

15 Best Sexual Behaviors That Are Not Worth Trying…Ever!

Don’t believe us? We’ve put together some basic sex acts. Just read these terrible sex acts *fawn until your toes curl out of control* and forget about it. Don’t even think about trying these things in real life because they’re just too bad. Seriously!

#1 Mexican Pancakes. This is a rather tame and achievable sex act for some and such. Urban Dictionary Mexican pancakes are when men top women. Let it dry like a mask. Then peel it off and feed it to her. [Read: Unbelievable sex: 20 sexual fetishes bordering on crazy]

“I made Mexican pancakes for my daughter this morning. And she really likes it!”

#2 The lion king of the jungle. If you want to join a tribe and a ritual with your girl, you can do the Lion King. This is when you have sex with your girl. Pull out your dick before you ejaculate. and take out your hands with your own hands Then have your woman kneel in front of you and put your sperm slave thumb on her forehead and name her “Simba”.

“If you want a woman to laugh in the bedroom, you should try doing the Lion King with her. It worked for me. She broke up with me after that.”

#3 Sour Apple Smoothie. This is when you ingest a woman infected with syphilis and she *read: fart* causes green fluid or pus to flow out of your vagina and into your mouth. and since this is extremely disgusting You will vomit all over her vagina. but still ate her away, pus, vomit, etc. [Read: Is queefing normal? All the untold details]

“I ate out with this woman and she had syphilis. So I had to buy a Sour Apple Smoothie.”

#4 Wolfbacking This is a rather complicated action where one person eats a piece of raw bacon with the rope still attached. The string then hangs from the recipient’s rectal mouth.

When anal sex becomes hot The anal giver pulls a string. causing the recipient to vomit up a piece of bacon while the recipient vomits The muscles of the anus are clenched. Great feeling to the dick of the anal giver.

“My partner likes to eat raw bacon. So we decided to try Wolfbagging and it was the best feeling!”

#5 Crocodile house. This action requires agility and strength. As you would if you had to fight with crocodiles. This very bold and daring gesture requires you to stop during sex. Then one bit his partner’s neck. Lock your arms and legs down. and rolling around on the bed or on the floor all the time maintain infiltration

“What is the scar on your neck?”
“Oh this? My husband and I tried this Alligator Fuckhouse and I came hard! We will do it again!”

#6 Cleveland Accordion This is best done when your girl gets caught up in the madness and forgets what you’re going to do. You kneel above your woman who is lying on her back. You silently beat yourself to her knees. Then you walk across her face and suddenly hit her knee and face each other like an accordion. [Read: 11 most common fetishes, plus 5 super weird ones]

“I told her we were going to try something different and I gave her the Cleveland Accordion. She didn’t know what hit her. And it’s hilarious!”

#7 Charizard. If you’re having sex with a woman with an incredible amount of pubic hair, give her a Charizard. This is when you light her pubis while you’re coming. Then you put out the fire with your cum. and then ran out of the room and screamed, “You don’t have enough badges to train me!”

“Her pub is so thick, I definitely need to make Charizard with her.”

#8 Space Dock Fondue There’s nothing as relaxing and refined as a fondue… no, at least when you do. Space Dock Fondue is generally reserved for parties. where a woman is a “fondue pot” a man with watery diarrhea *Should take a laxative* into the woman’s vagina It will rewind the Space Dock Fondue Pot.

Then each of the men at the party took turns dipping their sticks into the fondue pot. by removing the feces to cover Then each male partner should lick their poop-wrapped dick like a chocolate covered banana.

“Oh, I thought the party would be boring. Until a guy suggests having a Space Dock Fondue, it’s a blast!”

#9 Alabama Hot Pocket This is the “art” of separating the lips of the vulva *lips FYI* and taking something inside. Whether you have sex with it later is up to you.

“I think he will use lubricant. But then he made the Alabama Hot Pocket.”

#10 Alabama Tuna Melt. This is another variation of Alabama Hot Pocket, you have to have sex with a woman during her time. You poured it into her vagina and then do oral sex with her until she ejaculate menstrual blood And your feces come on your face Then you let her lick your face for prosperity. [Read: Top 50 kinky ideas for a sexy relationship]

“She said she likes weird things and I don’t know. Until you made me make a tuna melt from Alabama.”

#11 Cleveland Apple Picking If you have anal sex and find that fecal matter is stuck in your clitoris. You may have done Cleveland Apple Picking without even realizing it. Here, some feces from your partner got stuck in your penis. causing its head to turn red like an apple.

“So I am withdrawing. and when you can I got the Cleveland Apple Picking, my head is so red, I think it’s going to explode!”

#12 Hot Cleveland Waffles. *Really, it’s more fun when you can put Cleveland on anything* This is just the “art” of poking your girl’s breasts and pounding your huge pile of tennis rackets into hot waffles.

“So I went and handed her the Cleveland Hot Waffles. that shuts her up for good.”

#13 Eskimo Trebuchet. This is one of those serious sex acts when you put your dick between your legs and your boobs suck it from behind with her nose in your asshole. Suddenly you fart very smelly. make her puke on your dick At this point, you suddenly turn around and open your legs. Threw her vomit back into her face.

“I don’t think you want to hug me right now. My man just gave me a Trebuchet Eskimo. And I still feel bad.”

#14 Dazed. This is the most disgusting and offensive sex act according to Urban Dictionary, This involves going to the cemetery with four of your friends. There must be four of you because you dug up a new female corpse to gang bang. One of you put his mouth over her vagina. while the other jumped onto the corpse’s belly. Shoots worms and decaying organs into one another’s mouth. then swallow *We strongly recommend that you don’t even think of trying this… ever! But seriously, who came up with this nonsense!* [Read: People having sex with animals? Yes, it’s a thing]

“Last night it was definitely fun chewing on that hot corpse, but then I got a stomachache.”

#15 Flying camel. This can be done while you are kneeling and piercing your supine girl. You then step forward and cradle yourself on your dick while still inserting it into her vagina. You shouldn’t use your arms because you should flap your wings while screaming like a real flying camel.

“I love my girl so much because she is just me doing Flying Camel.”

[Read: 40 grossest would you rather questions to make you squirm]

If these serious sex acts don’t get you down, you’re seriously busy! but wait Once you know these bad sex behaviors. Imagination and secret amulet All of you probably look less crazy now, right?

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