40 Gross & Disturbing Would You Rather Questions to Make You Squirm

Looking for a nasty and disgusting question? There is nothing more disturbing than these questions that will make anyone. I want to keep my mouth shut!

absolutely disgusting  would you like to ask a question

There’s nothing more fun than having a friend decide between two nasty situations. And these ideas for the most annoying and disgusting questions will be appreciated.

I have to say that you are quite one of my favorite games to play. You have a lot of people in one room. And having them decide between two seemingly impossible *and terrible* decisions makes for a really fun time. You can also add alternatives like these. 80 really funny questions “Would you like to” ask your SO.]

The Most Annoying and Disgusting Questions You Can Ask

The best part of this game is that it’s the most disgusting and gruesome questions to have your friends turn to think about going through one of the situations you’re proposing.

Here are some of the most annoying and disgusting questions you’ll want to ask that will make everyone want to wriggle with one thought!

1. Would you rather watch your parents have sex every day for the rest of your life or join them once and stop? [Read: 15 really gross sex acts you probably didn’t know existed]

2. You want to smell like poop all the time and not be able to smell yourself or any other odor. Are your important things like shit and have to sniff all the time?

3. Would you rather drink a gallon of mayonnaise or a gallon of ketchup?

4. Would you rather lick a homeless person’s toe or chew the gum you found stuck under the table?

5. Would you rather be itchy forever or be sticky forever? [Read: 25 funny What If questions that’ll make you the life of any party]

6. Do you want your fart to be very loud and smell like nothing or quiet and smell horrible?

7. Would you rather pull out your own thumbnail with a fork or put a toothpick under your toes and kick a wall?

8. Do you want to puke slimy slugs or have bricks come out every time you poop?

9. Would you rather eat the cockroaches you found in the house or eat the worms that just crawled out of the ground outside?

10. Would you rather bite a live fish you just caught or a live—but non-venomous— snake? [Read: 75 fun questions to ask a new friend and feel like BFFs in no time]

11. Would you rather cry out a small rock instead of tears or a sweaty marinade?

12. Do you want to poop your pants every time someone says your name or have worms come out of your nose every time you sneeze?

13. Would you rather eat insects for the rest of your life and live as it is, or eat normally and have constant diarrhea?

14. Do you want to have diarrhea during the wedding ceremony or have diarrhea on the wedding night?

15. Would you rather poop out of your mouth or have someone else poop in your mouth?

16. Would you rather lick someone’s eyelids or drink your own piss? [Read: 80 really funny would you rather questions to ask your SO]

17. Would you rather eat the whole bag of rotten flies or have them live? Come out every time you sneeze for the next 10 years?

18. Would you rather peel all the flakes on your bum or suck on your sweaty socks?

19. Would you rather be herpes that never goes away or shit your pants once a week for the rest of your life?

20. Would you rather drink vomit off the dark alley or puke in your mouth every time someone says your name?

We’re only halfway through this list of annoying and disgusting questions! And we hope you or your friends can choose the answer every time. It’s better now!

21. Would you rather be in the porta when it falls, or smell like dog poop during a critical interview?

22. Would you rather suck on a used tampon for a minute or use a public toilet seat for a minute?

23. Do you want to fart uncontrollably on a first date or eat your date’s earwax? [Read: 20 fun questions to ask on a first date for the best conversation]

24. Would you rather drink a cup of your mother’s menstrual blood or your father’s semen?

25. Would you rather go down to your grandfather or have your grandmother go down to you?

26. Would you rather eat your flakes uncontrollably or pee a little every time you stand up?

27. Would you rather have sex with the hottest person you know who has just died or have sex with the ugliest and smelliest person? But are they still alive?

28. Would you rather eat a whole raw chicken or drink a cup of coffee filled with liquid slugs?

29. Would you rather have sandpaper hands and be forced to pleasure yourself once a week forever or not have a penis at all? [Read: 87 fun This or That questions about life, food and sex]

30. Do you want an elephant stuffed with its trunk or hammered with nails?

31. Would you rather cut your own eyelids with scissors or pull out each tooth with a wrench?

32. Would you rather eat a small piece of animal poop or slap someone’s butt with your mouth on the cheek?

33. Would you rather drink a gallon of sweat from someone else’s armpit or a gallon of sweat on your toes?

34. Would you rather drink from someone who chews tobacco or drinks from someone with tooth decay? [Read: 8 fun, flirty games for your naughty house party]

35. Do you want all the hair on your body to be plucked out one by one or all your toenails?

36. Would you rather swim in the swamps of your body or run through fields of rotting corpses?

37. Would you rather put on someone else’s dirty underwear or use someone else’s toothbrush?

38. Would you rather chew on one of your own toenails or someone else’s hair?

39. Would you rather bite someone’s ear or bite your own little finger?

40. You want to bite into someone else’s armpit hair and swallow it. Or will you lick the floor in a public restroom?

[Read: 30 would you rather questions that’ll leave you thinking]

Try asking these annoying and disgusting questions the next time you’re with a friend or someone special. It’s going to be the funniest and worst hour you can imagine!

Just think if your question is pretty bad and annoying, these are making you wriggle just by reading. Imagine how your friends will feel when they have to decide between them!

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