What Do Guys Like to Hear in Bed the Most? 15 Turn-Ons He’ll Love

There are some things that women love to listen to in bed. And so are men. What do men like to listen to in bed? It’s time to learn!

What do men like to listen to in bed?

Something just hit N.S. the point when you’re in bed with a guy Perhaps he whispered, “I like your curves” by the ear or tell you how amazing you feel. There was something about his words that made the experience all the more seductive and provocative. Whether his words were sweet or mischievous. make everything better But what exactly do you think men like to listen to in bed?

They don’t need to hear a single word during sex. But a few phrases and compliments here will not only boost men’s confidence. But it also keeps them consistent. more than aroused

In the end, women and men are not that It’s different when it comes to knowing what men like to listen to in bed. We are both emotional beings looking for love and connection. What men like to hear in bed doesn’t have to be as rude as you might think. *But that doesn’t mean they don’t like chatter*

You expect your man to be satisfied in bed. And he expects the same from you. for sexual satisfaction Using these phrases can help make your sex life better. And who doesn’t want that? Test these phrases the next time you and your guy start freaking out.

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What do men like to listen to in bed?

So what do men like to listen to in bed? Here are some phrases that will make your imagination work. So repeat after me

#1 Different strokes for different people There are some phrases on this list that will be on point for your guy, and others that he doesn’t care about. That’s just the way it is. We all have different sexual preferences. Some guys get impatient when you say their name. And some of them are not so much, so you’ll have to test these lines and see which ones are at the point. [Read: All the secrets to dirty talking with a man and turning him on in no time]

#2 be in it Listen for a moment, forget about what men like to listen to in bed. and think to yourself If you don’t want to have sex with him, don’t. Or if you’re not in the mood, tell him and check the rain. Because the best sex is when you are. go inside It. You will not be able to give your best. And that’s what makes sex good. If both of them were truly excited and provocative. Sex is an amazing thing.

#3 say his name some guy love When you call them names, now if they have a long name or ‘old man’, it probably doesn’t work very well. You can whisper his name seductively in your ear. or screaming when he hits the spot Either way, he’ll love it.

#4 Make a sound. If you don’t talk during sex, that’s fine. You don’t have to say much. But making sound takes a long time. The only thing you shouldn’t do is keep quiet. When it comes to sex Silence is a sign that things aren’t going well if you’re enjoying yourself. Don’t be afraid to act out by moaning, panting, or moaning. [Read: Sex sounds: How to moan and look and sound even more sexy in bed]

#5 ‘I like the way you eat me’ If your man insults you Let him know how much you appreciate it. Oral sex can make some men nervous. Especially if they’re inexperienced. Of course, you can advise and teach them what makes you uncomfortable while they’re eating you. meanwhile You have to compliment and boost his confidence. [Read: The sexiest ways to make a man go down on you without a push]

#6 ‘I love the way you fuck me’ He did all the right moves and hit all the right spots. You have to let him know that he’s doing a good job. But you can make “good job” a little naughty and dirty comment. while he is inside you or after sex Tell him how much you like him fuck you.

#7 ‘You’re going to make me cum’ Every guy wants to hear this in bed. It didn’t just tell him he was doing it right. but also reassure him that you are satisfied. It’s a double ego. most men *unless they only like themselves* want their partner to have an orgasm So let him know he’s on the right track.

#8 ‘Your dick tastes so good’ Now, there are times when his dick might not smell the best, like a post-workout dick. and when it comes to smell Every guy wants his chicken to taste good. There’s no reason you shouldn’t let him know how good he tastes. *If he tastes good* Sometimes saying the clearest thing can be the biggest opening. [Read: What does cum taste like? Several women share their stories and tastes!]

#9 ‘Harder!’ he did everything right and you want more Don’t just sleep quietly Stay like that! Tell him what you want! Do you want to be heavier? and tell him! If you’re going to demand that he exert himself, You should say it out loud. [Read: 10 really naughty sex games for couples to feel incredibly horny]

#10 Stop! I want to give you a blow job In the middle of foreplay or sex A nice and unexpected surprise was to perform oral sex with him. while he insults you or kisses you To stop him and tell him to get up. You can whisper this in his ear. And you can see that his body is full of excitement.

#11 ‘Oh My God’ What do men like to listen to the most in bed? This line! I know it’s a simple phrase. But it told him everything he wanted to know. If you start praying to God It’s obvious that he drives you crazy. It is. excellent Increase his confidence if you start praying to God.

#12 ‘I love watching you have sex with me.’ If he’s doing most of the work right now. Let him know that you appreciate it. while he was relegated Let him know you like the pictures he gives you by saying ‘I love watching you fuck me’, he’ll definitely want to fuck you up.

#13 ‘Don’t shed just yet’ you love what he does And you don’t want it to end just Not yet. I don’t blame you for telling him this. Two things will happen. First, it shows him that you are enjoying sex. Second, it will make him want to cum. Therefore, sex may be more intense. But it will end soon. [Read: 10 must-try tease and denial games that make so-so sex so hot-hot]

#14 Try an accent Some men like accents. What should I say? If you can speak a second language even better. Don’t be afraid to speak rudely to him in another language. In fact, he might find it very hot.

#15 ‘Ready for a Round 2?’ If you use these phrases during sex There was no reason he didn’t want to have sex again. Asking this question lets him know that you like sex and that you want more.

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Knowing the answer, what do men like to listen to in bed? Wait, what? The next time you have sex with your man. Try these methods.

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