Guys Who Play Games: How to Recognize Them & What to Do About Them

Most dating today seems to include men who play games. Not only these brain games but also emotional games What can you do with them?

those who play games

As a woman who has played the fiddle many times I can tell you that the guy playing the game is awful. There’s really no other way to say it, they just suck. I wish I could tell you that they played the game because of past injuries or heartbreaks. Or hope you can beat them. But that’s not the case.

People who play games are a tricky breed. We over-analyze their behavior and try to play back. We try to beat them at their own game. And we try to close their game.

But the whole problem is that the people who play the game are not that complicated.

They don’t have a master plan. They don’t play hard to get or other types of games. They are doing it when they go along and that’s why it’s very difficult to deal with a guy playing the game. [Read: Understand the characteristics of a healthy relationship so you can end the shitty ones]

Who are the people who play the game?

Before we talk about how to deal with men playing games. Lets learn how to notice them. because it is true Some men are not smooth.

There are a lot of good guys out there who don’t know much about dating. They don’t know what to do, what to say, or what to do. They weren’t the ones who played games and didn’t even know what to do.

But you are looking for a specific type of man. The problem is that they are very good at hiding the fact that they are playing games.

The guy who plays the game may not be smart or smart. But they’re amazing liars. Well, actually, you probably don’t even know they’re lying. You may not even miss it.

One obvious sign of a guy playing a game is this phrase. “I’m not like other men.” The man who said these words was not like But he might even be worse than that.

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How do I know all this? I’ve met more than a few guys who play games and play well. Recently, I’ve been talking to guys who are too good to be true since day one.

We clicked on topics that I’ve never had anyone agree with me. He complimented me but wasn’t overwhelmingly creepy. He was flirtatious and had a sense of humor to me. Feels like talking to me in the male version.

Now, out of curiosity, of course, I asked it. Finally, I let the excitement of finding a good man lead the way, until he texted me, “I will be honest with you. I don’t have any pure intentions. I’ve already brought you And it’s not fair to you, sorry.”

In addition to haunting and haunting This is the most classic move of a gaming man. I have seen it at least four times in the past few years. The messages are almost verbatim and often talk about how bad they feel.

Guys who play games tend to have good personalities with no intention of hurting anyone. They claim they don’t play games but in fact they are the biggest players. But they hardly accept themselves. Therefore, observing is not easy.

Really good people who don’t play games won’t feel the need to tell you they’re good people. They won’t tell you that you are safe with them. They will prove those things to you with their actions.

If someone’s words and actions don’t line up Indicates that they are playing a game. Even if they didn’t really try hard. If a guy says the nicest thing to you but doesn’t text you back for hours or days cancel plans at the last minute and left you to play video games with his friends. He’s a gamer, not a nice guy.

Any guy who says one thing and does another is playing a game whether he tries or not.

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What to do with the guy playing the game

I’m sure you’ve been in contact with at least one guy who’s been playing games recently or more. And now you know who plays this game. You can definitely learn how to deal with children.

#1 do not feed into If a guy is playing games with you Try not to obsess over his charm and intelligence. Instead of letting his “good” qualities take over your feelings. Own your own values ​​and don’t buy what they sell.

If he claims to be this wonderful guy who’s heartbroken and looking for love and thinks you’re the one after two days of talking. proceed with caution Don’t let his astounding gung-ho attitude overshadow your sanity.

#2 retreat. Most of the guys who play games want to find a boyfriend. They know you care and that’s why their game works. They know that if they don’t text you that you’ll be in touch. And they know if they tell you they love to watch. Bachelor’s degree where you will send Snapchats of your reactions

Instead of letting it work, back off. Usually, I’d recommend game versus game or play hard to survive. But sometimes taking a step back is necessary to see what he really wants. If he reaches out Show that he really wants to talk to you. If not, he’d probably say the same thing with the other two women. [Read: How to ignore someone for attention and get what you want]

#3 ask yourself questions One way the guy who plays the game succeeds is for you to put what’s important above the message. They dominate you on their own, so you don’t want to ruin this moment with questions like “where are you going?”

But don’t let fear, awkwardness, or embarrassment stop you from asking the questions you want answered. Through text, he can wean away from answering or lie without being told. He personally couldn’t get out and wouldn’t be able to reliably lie.

#4 Beat him at his own game This isn’t the smartest advice I’ve ever given. Usually when men play games I like shutting him down and ending all his fun. But sometimes revenge is too sweet to bear.

This was a move I used to do and although my maturity was startled. But it felt good to let this man taste his own medicine. A man made me believe that we were dating and had a future. He made all claims and promises about the future. until he told me he didn’t want anything serious. let me be lethargic

He wasted my time, disrespected me, and dared to ask me to call him later. Instead of ignoring that and moving on with life. I agreed and planned a time to meet. Then I stood up and didn’t answer him again.

The lamentation message from him sure felt good. Am I proud of this? No, do I regret it? [Read: How to play a guy at his own game and make him feel miserable]

#5 call him out If you see signs that he’s a gaming guy, call him. Instead of worrying about whether you’re misunderstanding or not wanting to act, call him, telling him that his sister he told you and made him want to be a better man would be disappointed in him. If she knows how he really treats women

Call him out on crappy streaks and worse contracts. Tell him that what he does is not only disrespectful, feminine, and rude. But playing games like this always made him feel inadequate. [Read: The 13 reasons why he could be acting strange and distant]

#6 turn him down Finally, take the high road and turn the hill down. Tell him you’re too good for his childish dating game. You deserve someone who treats you equally. not a toy

When he started to rant and like to defend. like a man Ignore and block him if laughing at his pleas with your girlfriend grows old. You have said what you want. There was no need to listen to his lame excuses.

from all this I hope you learn how to better deal with people playing games. But do not forget that when talking about these people. There is no way to win in terms of changing him.

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The way to win when dealing with gamers is to keep going. Finding a guy who plays with you isn’t your idea.

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