Having a Hands-Free Orgasm: Everything You Need to Know

Did you know that you can achieve world-destroying hands-free orgasms using the power of your mind? Trippy, right? Read on to find out how.

hands-free orgasm

Orgasms can be many things: euphoric, exhilarating, incredible, satisfying, pretend, and even absent. But hands-free? This word seems like a metaphor. But many people swear by this word. [Read: 22 common reasons why women fake an orgasm in bed!]

What is it really?

Before you break your brain struggling to figure out what this is. We’ll give you everything you need to know about hands-free orgasms. And see if you can actually do it or not…

What is a hands-free orgasm?

Hands-free orgasm is an erotic hypnosis. It uses guided meditation specifically created to relax the mind and open that blissful point. That switch in your subconscious. As a result, you can reach an orgasm with your thoughts without touching it. [Read: 10 tips for women who want a mind-blowing orgasm]

Orgasms like this are popular with none other than the internet when YouTube videos featuring soft-spoken female narrators The promise of intense sexual satisfaction is just the sound of a hypnotic whirlwind. red and black spiral and a sound as soft as honey

Hands-free orgasms (hereinafter referred to as HFO) have proven to be game-changers for both men and women—or at least stimulate the imaginations of many connoisseurs. This is because we all know sex is tactile and physical.

However, HFO banks on the assumption that sex also has a psychological component. And you need to be in the mood for sex and without distractions to reach the peak of your happiness. It works in the same way as traditional hypnosis. In which you have to use the power of guidance by relaxing your mind and allowing them to focus on the images guided by hypnosis. In other words, HFO is there to get rid of you just by stimulating your brain and imagination. Mimics the psychological sensation of real sex. Or at least help yourself. [Read: Accidental orgasms – 7 awesome ways to make the accidental happen]

How does a hands-free orgasm work?

with the help of meditation You will relax your body and mind. You will then clear your mind from all the stress and pressures of life. Leave your mind blank and prepare for the hypnotic auditory stimulation.

with a little practice You can learn to master HFO and believe it or not. Take yourself to a powerful climax. *And not to mention multiple orgasms*

By Googling “Hands-Free Orgasm Videos”?? You can access tons of different clips, from hypnotic ripples to real porn *and even some blatant anime*. They all have one particularity: a smooth, sensual sound in them. Backgrounds that seem to lull you with soft-spoken commands and bright images. [Read: 11 most common sexual fetishes in the word + 5 super weird ones]

Is it for everyone?

Many men and women swear by the ability to achieve orgasms hands-free with the help of guided meditation and erotic hypnosis. Many people understand it at first because it was a strange experience. Very different from the voyeur roles you play in traditional porn.

If you are going to watch the video You will find there are many erotic hypnosis videos for every need. These go from foot fetish to anime porn to submission and even turkey porn.

How do you do it?

Although there are plenty of videos and methods to hypnotize erotic hands-free orgasms. But these videos generally share the same concept and process. which we will do one by one below:

#1 Find a private place. The same is true for real sex and other meditation practices. You need to find a quiet, comfortable, and private place where there are no distractions. This will help you focus on meditation. and how your mind and body respond to stimuli. [Read: Going solo: The 15 sexy benefits of masturbation]

#2 Take a deep breath. take a deep breath in the abdomen to expand your belly and let your lungs expand as well. Get more oxygen and stimulate blood flow. Breathe in through your nose and imagine your lungs as a balloon. Adding oxygen while breathing in Let your body cleanse you with relaxation. then release the stress

As you begin to relax and calm down. Start focusing on your clitoris, vagina and perineum *the skin between your vagina and anus*. This will stimulate blood flow to your crotch. Doing a few Kegel exercises may also help. in order to get in touch with your sexual center and gradually make a passion [Read: 1 minute Kegel exercises for men and women you can do anywhere]

#3 Dirty talk. while you calm down Let the words of the hypnotist absorb. If you’re watching YouTube videos or other hypnosis clips. Let words and images permeate your subconscious. This is the perfect time to think dirty thoughts and imagine that you are doing dirty things.

If you are the type of person who is loud You can let go and talk dirty as loud or soft as you want. Anything that excites you more. Another trick is to think back to those days when you had the best “O”?? remember those feelings and surrendered to it [Read: How to talk dirty in bed and fantasize the right way]

#4 meditate Summon all your hot and obscene fantasies and let them bring you sexual pleasure. with enough practice You can do it without any problems. As long as you are open-minded and free from distractions. You can often get advice and stimuli from erotic hypnosis videos or from your own meditation.

The idea here is to put yourself in a trance when your mind is open. and can translate or reflect this openness throughout your body. It leaves you fully open to suggestions and feelings of erotic hypnosis.

#5 focus and blur throughout the whole process don’t forget to pay attention One of the biggest problems that many people face. Especially when you are new to meditation. is to try to focus without thinking too much So try to think about each one individually and not let other thoughts get in the way and distract you.

Define your thoughts about what you are feeling. A gradual feeling, or whatever you feel at that moment. Don’t think about anything else, like what you should or shouldn’t feel. or if you are doing something wrong focus only on happiness [Read: 10 female masturbation tips for guaranteed orgasmic bliss]

#6 Keep trying. Getting a hands-free orgasm doesn’t happen overnight. For many, it won’t happen your first time. You have to remember that the important part of “come” ?? It’s psychology, and when it comes to hands-free orgasm. You need to train your subconscious to be able to control your emotional, physical, and sexual functions. When you have this attitude You’ll find it easy to end up with the power of your mind whirling around in this erotic and hypnotic wave.

For anyone who wants to explore their sexuality. contact their sex center Or just try another type of orgasm. Hands-free orgasm is definitely for you. It helps you relax and open up to all the sexual possibilities as you let your mind control your body and take you to greater erotic heights—all by yourself and without hands!

[Read: The art of edging: 6 sizzling ways to control your orgasms]

Hands-free masturbation is changing the masturbation game. And many people swear by quitting. While everyone can definitely try it out. But it still takes a lot of practice to control your mind and let it guide your sexual core to its climax. The tips above can help you get started, so why not give yourself some time and give it a try?

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