Having Sex with Your Best Friend: How to Make Up Your Mind

Here, we weigh the pros and cons of having sex with your best friend. And what should you do if you really wake up in the empty bed next to them?

have sex with your best friend

Have you ever heard a married friend say that she married her best friend? This used to make you wonder if sex really existed. how will it be yours close friend?
After all If there is a guy who knows you best and the one you know will always be loyal to you. that’s your best friend he knows what you like you have the same interest and he could easily tell how you are having a bad day walking
However, just like the movie Helpful friend, Harry meets Sally, and my best friend’s weddingThe idea that men and women are in a good relationship without sexual tension can be overwhelming. Although there are people who are happy to say that they are dating their best friend. But there are still some who can’t stand the thought of going on a date with their best friend. [Read: How to have a platonic relationship and not ruin it with sex]Ultimately, we’ll take a closer look at the pros and cons of skipping the line and sleeping with your best friend. And what if you actually ended up doing that?
Sex With Your Best Friend: Reasons To Do It
#1 he knows you best There is no better bedroom option than your best friend. because he knows you best you tell him everything And if anyone knows what you like that person is him Sex will only strengthen your relationship.
#2 He might already like you a lot. Meeting new people or starting a relationship with someone new can be a big risk. with your male best friend You already have this connection. And best of all, he probably already likes you a lot. but just afraid to move [Read: 17 clear signs you should be dating your best friend already]#3 He knows how to please you… in bed. being together all the time It’s more likely that feelings will eventually develop. and if they have his part He probably already imagined that you were lying in bed.
The fact that you are comfortable enough with him until you tell him about your sex life with him will help him in that department too. So when you finally do this All the awkwardness will go away and he probably knows how to play you like a guitar.
#4 He knows your family and friends. If sex with him is the prelude to a romantic relationship, then go for it. Because he knows all your family and friends. It’s more likely that they will agree with your relationship compared to new potential customers. which will have to adjust or find it difficult to fit in with your circle [Read: How to ask a friend out without risking your friendship]#5 He loves you. Despite all your shortcomings and mistakes But your best friend has proven time and time again that he is there for you. He is there for you in your worst and best moments. He loves you and he wouldn’t do anything to hurt you. And you feel the same for him too.
#6 We can always go back to being friends. If sex isn’t that good, or if you can’t really find a romantic relationship. If you’re right, you can always agree to continue the friendship. Because you know you always have each other’s back. [Read: 10 clean ways to stay best friends after having sex]Sex With Your Best Friend: When It’s A Terrible Idea
#1 When it’s scary, it’s scary. If sex is good Of course, both of you get along well, however, there’s always the chance that sex will go bad, and if it does, it will become awkward and terrifying. You may not be able to make eye contact with him later.
#2 too much information Sex is more intimate than any conversation you have with him. Even if those conversations are related to your sex life with other sexual partners when you two do this You will appreciate each other too much. And this is a territory that you may or may not be willing and able to cross with.
#3 He may not be perfect. You may have dreamed of sleeping with him many times. And maybe he’ll admit to you that he does the same. In your mind, he’s the perfect boyfriend. And you think sleepers are scary. Ideals may fall apart—if not for you. or even for him [Read: 16 hush-hush signs your friend definitely wants to have sex with you]#4 It can be tricky So you might as well have sex. And it might only happen once Or you may decide that you are just friends with benefits. *Because he is the fittest* However, one may develop feelings for the other. By allowing one to want a more serious relationship. while the other one wasn’t ready for that. [Read: 25 friends with benefits rules you just can’t overlook]#5 risk No matter how good your friends are and how good your friends are. There’s always the risk that these things might change as you take your friendship to the next level. Worst-case scenario: You might even lose your friendship.
#6 It could be a big mistake. Having sex with your best friend is like opening Pandora’s box. Many questions and uncertainties arise. And also all the baggage that you both carry and know it all very well. In the end, it might hurt. [Read: Use these signs of sexual attraction to know if the two of you are really ready for sex]I had sex with my best friend: so what?
You two aren’t the only best friends in history to do this. So don’t worry and don’t panic! Here’s what you should do instead:
#1 Talk about it. If there’s one thing you guys really should be talking about, it’s that sooner or later you have to talk about it. Especially if both of you value your friendship. You can’t ignore the elephants that are in the next room. So the best way to go after sex with your best friend is to talk about it and where do you two want to go from there?
#2 Is it just sex? You just got drunk? Is he just lonely? Are you just trying to win over your ex? why do you sleep together Do you see it as starting a relationship or just good old sex? Talk about what you both want to happen and see what that leads to. [Read: 20 unmistakable signs your friend is crushing on you]#3 Give it time. Both of you might be shocked by what happened. So give it some time. Test the waters of this new dimension on your relationship and still hang out together. See how things are going, who knows, maybe something romantic and precious can really happen.
#4 decide. In the end, you guys have to make decisions together about what you want to happen in your relationship. Will you start dating or just be best friends? You both have to decide. [Read: The f*ck buddy guide – How to subtly convince your friend to be a FWB]Nothing is more valuable than true and sincere friendship. After all, best friends are hard to come by. There is nothing more exciting and beautiful than a true romance between two people who know and love each other very much.
These are two sides of the spectrum that you need to seriously weigh if you’re thinking of having sex with your guy’s best friend. So before you go through that step think of the consequences You all know what’s best for you, your dear friends, and the friendships you share.
[Read: 36 random, fun and flirty questions to ask your friend]Having sex with your best friend is a big gamble. If you lose, you lose your best friend a high price. If you win, the payout makes the risk more worthwhile. So weigh your options before you cross the line and have sex with your best friend.

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