He Likes You but Doesn’t Want a Relationship? How to Deal with It

There’s nothing quite like being rejected romantically. What about denial? Here’s how to deal with the fear of “I like you, but not in a relationship.”

He likes you but doesn't want a relationship.

You’ve been out for three weeks. And you can’t keep in touch enough. You clicked together like never before. you are happy when you are together You text and call non-stop when you’re away. You find yourself closer to him. And you start entertaining the thought of being serious with him. that is until you get that Text: “I like you, but I don’t want a relationship.”

Those words cut deep in the most unexpected ways. Why did those words surprise and disappoint you? In the end, you only met for a short time. And you know better than expecting too much too soon just because everything is going well.

deal with it

Before you begin to feel sad and hopeless in your search for Mr. Wright. Here’s how to deal with people you don’t want to have in a relationship with you or *you hope* with anyone. [Read: 15 surefire signs he likes you but isn’t into you]

#1 First, find out why. Of course, you can’t—and shouldn’t!—ask him. At least it hasn’t started in However, you should at least have a good idea of ​​why he *almost* acts like your boyfriend. Even if he tells you that he doesn’t want to be in a relationship.

That way, you’ll know what your next move is. And if he’s really worth staying The reason he doesn’t want to be in a relationship can be one or more of the following:

– He really doesn’t need a boyfriend.
– He doesn’t want you to be his girlfriend
– He is waiting for someone else to become his girlfriend. He needs a strong relationship. But you may just be responding.
-He is choosing between you and someone else. *or more* to be his girlfriend He might play you and another woman. and held a competition on who he would collect and discard.
-He worked on some personal matters before taking action.
– He is waiting for you to solve your problem before taking action. He may like you, but there is something about you that he hopes will change before he does.
– He knows that you will be by his side. Even if he didn’t make a promise. In this case, he’s very confident that you’ll still see him. Even if he saw other people and not just individuals. [Read: Avoid them like the plague: 16 types of guys not to date]

#2 take it at face value When you can’t figure out why he doesn’t want to date you right now. He said he couldn’t have a relationship. And maybe he can’t tell you when he’ll be ready.

The smart move is to go on living and enjoying it. with or without him without expectation The hard part is making sure you don’t get too attached to it. And just enjoy your time together while it lasts. Because maybe that’s the relationship you want too. [Read: 13 signs he wants a relationship with you but is too scared]

#3 Get ready for the heartbreak Even if this unscheduled relationship makes you happy *Besides, you really like him, think you’re falling for him. And you can change his mind later* It comes with a lot of hassle. A guy who can’t be open or honest with you about his feelings can be difficult to deal with now and most likely in the long term.

After all only small children Only they can’t express their feelings or make decisions and stick with it. If he refuses to commit to make you his girlfriend and now you’re okay with that. Be prepared to break your heart and your self-esteem to be scrapped sooner or later.

Being with a guy who doesn’t need a relationship can frustrate you. Chasing him when he makes it clear that he doesn’t feel the same will ruin your self-esteem and cause you more pain. If you’re confident that you’re mentally strong enough to lose to steel, then go for it. [Read: Love sucks! 21 reasons why we hate it yet crave for it]

#4 Set your sights somewhere, or anyone. while you are crazy about your man Maybe someone is crazy about you. Maybe you know him or haven’t met him yet. the truth is Someone somewhere is amazing, charming, caring, thoughtful and funny, who fits your personality like a glove. Who knows, someone can be “the one,” but still better than “the man. yours”

Instead, focus all your time and energy. including your mood Go to a person who can’t determine what they feel and leave you trapped. Go out and explore your options, get out there, have fun, and be open to the realities that follow. [Read: How to make a guy fall in love with you: 21 ways to charm him]

#5 say thank you and leave Although he might want something more comfortable But you might want something more. Otherwise, you won’t have a problem with him not wanting to be in a relationship. Thank him for being honest with you and leave if you think you want something different in your relationship. It won’t go in a better direction. at least at this time [Read: 20 signs it’s time to accept he’s probably not going to be into you]

Instead of loving someone who doesn’t love you back Or rush to someone to fix your broken heart and ego. Use the rest of your time to love yourself. Trust that he is the right person for you. He’ll sort out his feelings and pursue you. In the meantime, enjoy being uncommitted and carefree.

[Read: Is he a commitment phobe? 20 ways to tell for sure]

Don’t choose a man who can’t repay the love and care you give him. A man who is truly worth your time not only enjoys being around and only happy in bed But it also makes you feel safe, secure, appreciated and loved.

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