Help! I Like My Boyfriend’s Best Friend! –

You have built a connection with someone! But the bad news is You already have a boyfriend… And the object of your love is his best friend!

I like my boyfriend's best friend

So you flirt with your boyfriend at home. And you think there might be something more than just a spark between the two of you. Your mind is probably filled with a million questions: Is he right for you? Is it worth the risk? What makes your current relationship uncomfortable for letting your feelings for others slip away? Can your boyfriend understand your flirtation hint? So many questions with answers that can be exciting and scary!

If you’re seriously thinking of running away with your boyfriend’s best friend. There may be a few points to consider before you do. Things can be difficult especially if you’ve been in a relationship with your current boyfriend for a long time. You are wise to take the time to reflect on what you want in life, love, and relationships.

What do you do when you like your boyfriend’s best friend?

You knew from the start that this would be a complicated situation. But it will only get worse if you don’t do anything and let your crush become something more. So what is the right course of action?

#1 Can you outlast the person you like? Take some time to consider if this is just your crush or if you have real feelings for this person. People in long-term relationships tend to get fed up with. 2 or 3 year mark This is perfectly normal. and in most relationships This boredom will fade away. And you’ll go back to being hit like a kitten with your partner.

If you’re bored in your relationship and entertaining schoolgirls who are secretly attracted to your boyfriend’s best friend as a do-it-yourself or past. Your best bet is to wait for the person you like and deal with your current relationship.

However, if you think you have real feelings for this person and see the future with them, Or are you genuinely dissatisfied with your current relationship? You should seriously consider breaking up with your long-term partner and looking for new options. [Read: How to get over a crush and have fun doing it]

#2 Identify your relationship problems If you have feelings for others You have to look deeply into the reasons. when you love someone There are often relationships that form that either make you want to be special or feel a little attached to them. When this goes away, there is usually a solid reason behind it.

Are you more interested in your friends than your partner? Has your current sex life diminished or made you unfulfilled? Did you and your partner stop communicating? You should explore these points carefully before leaving your partner and jumping into a new relationship. [Read: 10 common relationship woes and how to deal with them]

#3 Can you really leave your spouse? You need to create a solid list of advantages/disadvantages about your partner. If you’re enjoying the idea of ​​hanging out with his best friend. You have to look at it as more than just imagination. Remember that even people This might look seductive or perfect right now. The truth will come sooner or later. And you’ll get to know his weaknesses and weaknesses just as you would with your current boyfriend.

You shouldn’t be with someone if you are drowning in eternal suffering. but always remember that If he makes you happy for once It’s possible that he could do that again. If you lighten the burden of your relationship Determine if spending your time together is worth it.

#4 destroy it for a friend It’s possible if you have a crush on one of your best friends. He probably already knows. In fact, he may even joke back and think about you in a way that should be reserved for your boyfriend only. at some point It’s best to talk openly with your best friend about your feelings. Ask him how he feels about you and if he wants to be with you more than just a fantasy. If you leave your spouse You need to know that he will be there for you.

If you don’t plan on leaving your girlfriend and don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings. You may also want to approach your best friend and tell them that you feel like a flirtation is going on. Tell him you want to work on your relationship and not interfere with him again. Practice your feminine charm and intrigue to get out of this conversation casually. And you don’t have to stress much later.

#5 show respect to him Even if you are 100% positive that you will leave your partner. Whether you end up with his friends or not. You still have to show him respect and honor him. This means that you shouldn’t flirt with his friends in front of him. Another taboo for respectful relationship behavior is not sleeping with your best friend. or secret rendezvous whether they are romantic or not

You have to do everything you can to avoid being blamed. If you break up, you don’t want him to confront you that you’re ungrateful for his love and time. Or are you a liar or a cheater? Remember, too, if you cheat on a guy with your best friend. Best friends always wonder if you would do the same for them. This is not a good way to start a foundation of trust in a new relationship.

#6 Decide how to approach your boyfriend if you want to break up. If you decide to end the relationship You have to decide the best way to approach the subject. Is he the type of person who reacts better when not seeing you again? Does he want to know about the new relationship directly from you or his best friend?

One person will have to tell your boyfriend that you are together. After all, he just got dumped. The first place he was probably going to was for a sibling night with his best friend. How awkward would it be if you were there when he showed up? [Read: How to break up with someone you still love]

#7 This might destroy their friendship. It’s possible your current boyfriend doesn’t appreciate his best friend whom he trusts and pulls his girlfriend out from under him. There will be feelings of pain and the topic of betrayal will not be unusual for your upcoming conversation. This can cause severe emotional turmoil for all three parties involved. Not to mention your mutual friends.

#8 Bonus Tip: Take the High Road If being with your guy is unbearable. While running into his best friend’s arms was full of difficulties. You can walk on a high path. And don’t do both. When your boyfriend no longer meets your needs You have every right to leave. But don’t run to your best friend either. Because it will certainly cause conflicts.

in this situation It might be better to resist the temptation to say that you have a crush on the guy’s best friend. and to cover up all the problems Put some distance between you and the two men with whom you have conflicting feelings. Sure, you’ll be single while finding your crush. But this is a small price to pay compared to the potential problems if you choose one over the other. [Read: 10 ways to resist the temptation to cheat]

Either you choose to be with the guy, go with his best friend, or just get out of the situation altogether. Don’t forget to deal with things. with maturity and elegance always Do not resort to cheating and cause more chaos. Be honest with how you feel and do what you think is best for everyone involved.

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