High School Stereotypes: The 19 Cliques You’ll Bump Into In School

You may have seen the pattern in the movies. But in real life? Here are all the high school stereotypes that you will definitely come across. Wherever you go!

high school stereotype

Okay, nobody likes stereotypes. But you can’t help but admit that sometimes A few stereotypes do exist. And this is just the truth of life. especially in high school Maybe these guys are watching too many teen movies. and decide on a model Or maybe it’s the way it used to be. If you want a glimpse into the world of stereotypes There’s no better place to start a stereotype in high school!

They are everywhere and no matter where you go You will find the same group doing the same thing! if you have seen mean girl *Nearly two decades old* You’ve seen a lot of high school stereotypes. Even if you think it’s just a fictional movie. But I’m sorry to say That’s the type of character you’ll meet in high school.

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19 typical tall school The map you will find

Now, stereotypes are stereotypes for a reason. Of course, there are a lot of people that fit into these categories. However, a lot of people fit into a wide variety of social settings, so if you find yourself in stereotypes, you’re welcome. You should know that it is not a badge that will forever imprint you.

Take a look at these typical high school stereotypes. and see what suits you. If that’s what you like, yes, good for you! But if you want to see yourself differently The whole world is your oyster! [Read: 12 easy steps for a dramatic life change and makeover]

Let the madness begin

1. Heartless girl

This is one of the stereotypes of high school that most people know. Everyone at school follows her on Instagram, everyone hangs out in the places she recommends. She’s unbelievably hot. Every woman wants to be you. And every guy wants to try and grab her breasts. The difference between her and other women I mean, you know you’re hot.

She took one step forward because she found confidence. You will discover it too in your own time. But in high school Confidence is something that many people don’t have. That’s why she’s a bitch. She runs shit. [Read: The mean girl – 25 traits to recognize her and stay clear]

2. Overachiever

They were in school for over an hour to complete their science project. Then they had discussions and swimming classes. They do everything and do it very well. Will they become doctors? Yes. Will they marry an equally amazing person? Yes. Will they have a mental breakdown at 35? Yes.

3. That couple that always shows off

They are the ones who look like those couples behind inspiring Instagram quotes. You know the person I’m talking about. They’re cute all the time, rubbing their noses and hugging each other’s necks. Ugh. Don’t worry, they’ll break up before college. [Read: 6 reasons why most high school sweethearts just won’t last long together]

4. elder brother

Bruh, okay, these are high school kids with two brain cells. you like to hate them But there was one problem. They throw a really nice house party, so you’ll be patient with silly words. of them until you graduate [Read: Chad Thundercock and 15 reasons why you really don’t have to envy his life]

5. artist

This is a group of high school stereotypes devoted to art. They know all the famous artists that you probably didn’t even know existed. they are profound But not all people have access to it. They didn’t let anyone in. You’ll need to add a little more elbow oil if you want to be friends with them.

6. Sex test subject

One day they were dating a guy. the next day is a woman They were just trying to figure out what they were doing. It might not be a big deal these days. But when I was in high school They were trampling into unknown territory. Hmm… This might be one of the newer high school stereotypes. [Read: Sexually fluid – What does this even mean in the dating world?]

7. Really cute nerd

They will help you with your biology homework. They will greet you in the hall. And you will always have a seat at the lunch table. They’re just stupid good people, so what? They are better than brothers [Read: The 18 pros and cons of dating a nerdy girl you should know about]

8. The Horny Virgin

They haven’t touched their genitals or vagina. And you can clearly see that they are going crazy. They have reached the peak of their sexual frustration. However, they are quite reluctant to approach the person they are interested in. Help this person, help this person to achieve their dreams so that they can get out of things. and join one of another high school stereotypes.

9. The Class Clown

Classroom clowns have family problems. Perhaps their father abandoned them when they were young. and their mother works the night shift. The point is, they need attention. No one can have this level of attention-seeking without being neglected. That’s why they come to class and act like idiots for an hour and a half. [Read: People pleaser – 20 common signs most people just don’t see]

10. Outcast society

These people do not want to follow the structure of society. Must sit at the correct cafeteria table. and wear the latest trends they don’t care

They’re more concerned with music, art, politics, and what’s happening in the real world. However, they’re cooler than other high school stereotypes. [Read: How to be more social and genuinely connect with others]

11. Stoner

I recommend to see dazed and confused From way back * ahem, 1993 anyone? Or is it too old for you?* If you want to understand the stoner culture better. They believe that the source of all solutions is cooperation. I don’t know if it’s true But don’t knock their theory.

Stoner is cold and just wants to enjoy life. They’ll talk to you about anything, laugh, listen to Bob Marley, as long as you don’t talk about negative topics. They want it all good.

12. Sports talent jock

Many people would think that a prankster has two brain cells that can hardly coordinate. which is the stereotype of the high school that is in the pattern Jocks are a sporting talent. Do they think it’s dumb? Yes. Are they dumb? number.

13. The Emo/Goth Kid

These children express their emotions. They are all about depth and spirituality. Sure, they like the crap, but it’s fun to talk to. You might be reluctant to approach them. I mean, they wear a lot of black. But that’s just the front.

14. Preparation

They are the ones who dress in the hottest trends. Left at Mercedes Benzes and unable to utter a sentence without the word “like”, they are not bad people. But they’re all about Instagram followers, social media trends, and looking cool. [Read: 23 secret signs of narcissism people overlook until it’s too late]

15. Children’s Drama

Drama kids are just an annoying bunch of high school stereotypes! They’re just overexpressing and need constant attention. They got better when they dropped out of high school… they simmer a little They’re fun to be around during parties because they’re all about making a scene.

16. Drifting Man

Ah yes, the one who is everywhere! Floaters don’t have exact groups because they don’t fit 100% of them. They spend their lunch drifting from group to group, and everyone likes them. The floating guys are friends with everyone because they don’t care about groups. [Read: The life of the party – How to be noticed and loved by everyone]

17. Gay Men

Today, there may be more than one gay man in your class. I mean, we’re entering 2020 well, but still, there will always be gay men. He stood out among the rest. Every woman wants to be friends with him. He knows how to put on makeup, how to style his hair, how to choose the right outfit. He is your personal stylist.

18. A Man from Overseas

Maybe he was an exchange student. Or his family just emigrated. The point is, he has the accent and clothing seen in 80s movies. You will meet his family and eat authentic foreign food. Plus, this is one of the stereotypes of high school where this person becomes a good person. [Read: The 26 naughtiest things you can ever say in a foreign language]

19. Trendy hipster

Yes, where do I start? They wore lensless glasses and plaid shirts, indicating that they liked nature. but also living in the city Whatever’s trending on Instagram, it’s too late. They have taken over. In fact, they are not as psychological as they claim to be. But it completes the picture.

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Now don’t shake your head and deny that high school stereotypes don’t exist! whether we accept it or not We all have our own way of finding people who are similar to us and attracting them. and in all probability You can put a few friends and people you know into these schemes as you read them. So what should high school be about if not for groups and dramas?

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