How Do I Know if He Likes Me if He Won’t Talk to Me?

I like a guy and he seems to like me too. But he never talked to me. So how do I know he likes me? This is what I did to find out.

How to know if he likes you

Have you ever met a guy who seems to like you but has never really done anything about it?

Well, I had to deal with it recently.

I joined my new job a few months ago. and everything is perfect

I love my job and all my new friends.

Everything seemed normal for a while. and a couple of months ago I began to notice this quiet handsome man staring at me from time to time.

He will always look at me. *My mirror helps me to catch him often* but will look the other way as soon as I look straight at him.

And strangely, this is not in college. It’s really at work.

Do you believe that a grown man can act like a shy premature child?

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I started talking to his friends more. The closer I got to his friend He was even more avoiding me!

Sometimes when I sit near him I even swear that he sweated and nervously wiped his forehead.

I like him and his innocence attracts me even more. However, he truly feels like a virgin when it comes to heart and sexuality. And something makes him more attractive and sexy.

I found out later that he would talk about me to his friends because his friends would scold him all the time when I was around. Even though we passed each other and I waved to him at the cafeteria. He smiled at me shyly. and immediately looked the other way It’s very funny and also very cute. [Read: How to get a guy’s attention in any circumstance]

He would talk to other women, including my boyfriend. but never talked to me After a few months of waiting for him to open up. I’m really annoyed. I’m angry that my boyfriend got his attention. But he avoided me resolutely.

I didn’t want to ask him out because I wasn’t sure he liked me in the first place. I was never the one who made the first move. My ego is too big to be rejected by men. Let alone a shy guy who doesn’t even have cojones to talk to me. [Read: How to get a guy to ask you out in 9 sneaky ways]

one day When I sat with him and was very talkative during the day. I invite the talkative person to have coffee after work. in order to distract more shy men I even shook the talkative man’s hand and told him I really enjoyed spending time with him. As soon as I do that The shy man looked at me with a shocked and hurt expression. then get up and stagger [Read: How to make a guy jealous and get his attention]

And that’s how I know he likes me!

Shy men make women feel more courageous and brave. I don’t know why this happened. But every woman knows

As soon as I saw the shy guy walk away I got up and walked towards him half jogging. And before I knew it So I yelled at him!

“What is up with you? If you like me, why don’t you invite me out…!”??

he looked at me Slightly grimaced and said what I wanted to hear.

“I like you so much that I’m scared… I’m afraid I’ll lose you if I ask you out.”?? He spoke firmly and still nervous.

“But I like her too… I’ve always liked you and waited a long time for you to invite me on a date…”?? I speak without thinking

And that was the first time I asked a man to leave. The moment I wanted to hold myself back and take my words back. But looking back on the events now I’m happy I didn’t. Ten minutes later, we were officially hanging out. But all the pain was painful

Is it worth it? Yes. Can he think of me first? Of course he can!

Now we’re dating And luckily, this guy wasn’t as shy as he was at first. It took a few days for him to open up. And now he really can’t stop talking. [Read: What to say to a guy you like to make him like you more]

How to know if a guy likes you

If you’ve been in a similar situation where you think the guy likes you but you’re just not sure Use simple instructions. these to decipher his behavior. Especially if he’s a shy person who isn’t assertive. talk to you.

see his action

#1 Does he look at you often when he thinks you’re not looking? [Read: 10 subtle eye contact flirting moves that always work]

#2 Does he mention you to your friends?

#3 Does he feel nervous around you?

#4 Does he behave differently than he has with other women?

#5 Does he get annoyed when you flirt with other guys?

It’s possible that he has feelings for you. How much does he like you? I can’t say for sure. But he definitely seems to be interested in you.

How to get him to start talking to you

Do you like shy guys who seem to like you but are not trying to get to know you? Use these pointers

#1 Give him a chance to talk to you. Smile at him and let him know you’re approachable.

#2 find time to be alone with him Walk past him when you are alone and he is alone. How does he behave?

#3 start a conversation with him Ask him to help you with something or ask him about a friend in general. [Read: 15 safe ways to start a conversation with a guy you like]

#4 Flirt him and make him feel special. Be warm when you talk to him. and if he is shy You might even go in the water and compliment him or tell him he’s cute. [Read: How to talk to a guy and make him like you]

#5 give the word to him Speak through a normal friend that you find he is very nice and friendly. Maybe that gives him the courage to talk to you.

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And that made me realize that he likes me. If you’ve been in a similar situation. Try these suggestions. It might work for you too!

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