How Guys Flirt: 15 Subtle Things Guys Do to Impress a Girl

Have you ever wondered if men are flirtatious? You might think it’s obvious. But men can flirt in a number of ways that may not be immediately obvious to a girl.

how do men flirt

If you’re wondering if he really likes you, is he interested in you that way or just being friendly? Keep reading to discover all the wonderful, subtle, and sometimes weird things guys can do when trying to please a girl!

Sensitive flirting signs

While these signs may not seem like a clear indication of your interest in a partner, they are not. But it is a simple and delicate symptom of an insect bite.

#1 he asked you a question If a guy is interested in you He wants to know you better. A no-brainer, right? Notice how many questions the guy asks you. If he’s flirting, he’ll be more interested in talking about you than talking about himself. [Try: 30 subtle, obvious, and really sexy flirting tips for girls]

Asking one question at a time was also a sign of anxiety—he was desperate to continue the conversation. and worried that there would be an awkward silence if he didn’t continue. Look for irrelevant and irrelevant questions—this means he’s using his brain to think of something else to say. Bless him!

Remember: There are differences between common questions that arise in everyday conversations. and targeted questions to get to know you better. One showed a polite interest in small talk. while the other tried to flirt

#2 He found something in common with you. When a guy flirts with you, he slowly tries to figure out what you like… and look, when he does, he miraculously likes them too! He may be trying to find out what your real interests and hobbies are to see if you’ll get along well and have something to talk about over the long term. But he still tries to extract information from you so he can impress you.

For example, if you say you love horse riding. And the next time you talk to him He didn’t just like it. But also accidentally knew a lot of information about it. You can safely assume that he is interested. [Read: 28 hush-hush signs that someone has a BIG crush on you]

#3 his body language If he leans in or gets closer to you when he’s talking. He may be trying to show you that he is interested in you.

Often this can happen unconsciously. But what if you find yourself standing abnormally close to each other during a conversation? He almost certainly likes you.

Even if you’re at a bar or club with loud music. But if a guy approaches you to talk to you, he’s interested, if not, he’ll tell you he can’t hear you and leave! If he touches you while talking to you *We are talking about handshaking. The arm touch—not the full squeezing of the nipple!* This is another good sign that he wants to be more than just a friend. [Read: 18 body language cues a guy just can’t hide if he likes you]

#4 he approaches you Of course, it’s all about confidence. But if a man walks up to you Especially if you haven’t met face to face before. he might hit you *unless he needs advice* If a guy comes to you just to talk It’s more likely because he sees you as attractive!

#5 He acts different when you’re around. Either it’s loud and cocky, or it’s really quiet and barely speaks. If you notice a change in behavior in your man whenever you are around That’s a sign that he likes you.

If you are in the same social group as him Try to observe him from a distance and join the conversation. If you see a change It might be that you made him nervous—in a good way, of course!

#6 he teased you One of the most obvious ways to tell if a guy is flirting with you is if he’s teasing you. If he’s always making fun of you *please*, he may be trying to flirt with you. Laughter is the way to the hearts of many!

#7 hemean to you Although this may seem counterintuitive. But sometimes men can be stupid. If a guy likes you and he’s not sure if you like him or not, he’s back. He may be mean to you because he is afraid of getting hurt or rejected. [Read: How to reject a guy or turn down a guy nicely]

If he tries to make you feel bad or ridicule you too harshly. Maybe it’s because he has a crush on you and doesn’t know what to do!

#8 he doesn’t care about you Another classic flirting technique. *and messing* is totally ignoring you. If you are quite popular with men This can be a clever strategy that will get you noticed and want him.

Think about it: If you’re used to getting attention. But there’s a guy who doesn’t care about you at all. Does it make you want to talk to him? So look for guys who don’t seem interested. And you might find the right guy! It’s the oldest trick in the book!

#9 He is always keeping an eye on you. if a guy flirts with you He will look down on you! But he probably doesn’t want you to know he’s doing it. So he’ll make eye contact with you and take his eyes off. If he smiles or waves at you Show that he wants you to approach him! [Read: 10 subtle eye contact moves that always work]

#10 He buys you something. may be a flower maybe a cocktail There might be something awesome you mentioned that you never thought he’d remember. Or maybe it’s the most random gift of all time.

whatever you get If you received a gift from a man He gave it to you because—yes. You guessed it—he likes you! A guy, especially if he’s a stranger, won’t waste your hard-earned money to buy you a drink if he doesn’t think it’s going anywhere.

If he’s your friend and buys you thoughtful or quirky things, he might be trying to show you that he cares for you—maybe more than a normal friend thinks!

#11 He adds you to Facebook. If a guy asks to be your friend on Facebook, he’s trying to tell you something. unless they are happily together The guy who added you on Facebook especially If you don’t know him that well It means he wants to get to know you better. Can contact you and *of course* check your pictures!

#12 He smiles at you. Okay, with this, we mean a lot—like smiling and smiling. He will stare at you longer than usual. You make him feel happy and excited. So naturally he will light up when he sees and speaks to you. If you like him, don’t forget to smile back! [Read: 14 signs to know for sure if a guy is flirting with you]

#13 HeI’ll ask if I’m single * casually * If a guy asks you if you’re single Unless you fill out some forms. He’s always trying to check if he can ask you out on a date.

Think about it: what other reason would there be? It’s a simple and straightforward way to find out if you have a boyfriend. He may accidentally try to discuss this with you. He doesn’t seem to care much. But he’s just spending time trying to muster the courage to ask you out on a date!

#14 He is protected. Guys who try to flirt and show you that they like you tend to try to do this by protecting your surroundings. they will embrace you guide you gently and position yourself in the way of you and others. He might even reach out to you if you’re trying to get through the crowd.

#15 He remembers everything about you and tells you so. your name your birthday the last vacation you went You like a sandwich on white bread without mayonnaise… no matter what you tell him He will remember and make sure you know!

He wants you to know that he’s focused on your every word. that he is interested in you and be a good listener If you think he can answer all the questions about you. He may be trying to show you that he cares.

[Read next: 25 surefire signs that clearly reveal if a guy is interested in you]

If you’re still wondering how men flirt, try these 15 clues. And find out if that nice guy is interested in you or not.Will never know until you do!

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