How I Lost My Virginity: 15 True Stories That Aren’t So Sexy

The first isn’t always wonderful. We’re taking a look at 15 My Lost Chastity Stories That Will Make You Jealous or Make You Flatter.

How I lost my virginity

when you are younger You would imagine that the story ‘How I Lost My Virginity’ will be the final story of love, romance and romance. especially if you are a woman Unfortunately for you and for the rest of us. Most first-timers are confronted with the loss of their innocence rather than praise.

Losing your virginity is a huge opportunity. But that doesn’t mean you’ll be disappointed with the good times. If losing your virginity becomes more of a joke than a love affair, take comfort in knowing that you’re not alone. We are looking for tips on how to lose your virginity. And stories from those who have… Uh… happiness.

Losing your virginity – the secret you need to know

while 75% of men reported having an orgasm during sex. Only 29% of women have an orgasm.. for women This number will be much smaller than her first time. For those of you who are thinking of losing your V-card anytime soon, here are a few tips. [Read: Losing your virginity and having sex for the first time]

#1 use protection She should take the pill and he should use a condom. Especially if this is your first time back up = safe.

#2 Don’t have sex because you feel pressured to do it.

#3 Have sex with someone you trust.

#4 Ladies, be sure to be awake and wet before sex. You may want to have an orgasm before the actual penetration through oral or hand stimulation. [Read: First time sex and 7 myths girls should quit believing]

#5 for women Have your partner rub your penis. or use a vibrator on yourself during sex This will give you more chances to orgasm.

#6 man take your time You might want to practice suppress ejaculation When flicked out, prepare for the big day. this is your first time No one expects you to spend an hour, but 10 minutes is great for your dear lady.

#7 make it comfortable You don’t want to experience ‘I lost your virginity’ sitting in the back of a smelly van or rushing to the basement before your parents get home. While you don’t have to create a new romance novel. But at least try to make it romantic for the women involved. And let her know that you appreciate sharing that moment together.

#8 Don’t stress! Sex sucks at first But after training it will be amazing Make sure you open up with your partner about what changed you. And you’ll find that sex will be your new favorite pastime. [Read: First time sex and the virgin’s guide to nailing it]

First Sex Story – The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly of Losing My Virginity

Want to see what your story of innocence is like? Here is a collection of 15 true stories I lost my virginity stories for your enjoyment.

How I lost my virginity – Goodness

#1 I lost my virginity to my high school boyfriend when I was 17. He was so cute and knew I wanted to wait. So after being together for about a year finally happened We’re going out to his basement. And finally we did it. It is only 10 seconds long. But it was sweet while it lasted. –Trich H.

#2 I lost my virginity to my wife. And I’m happier because of that. My friends caught my ball when they found out that I had only been with Sarah. but i like this way I love the safety that comes with being with just one woman and knowing that we both have strong relationships – not high school students. For me there is nothing better than that. – Derek L.G. [Read: The virgin’s guide to acting like she has experience]

#3 My first time was actually with my husband. We wait until we get married to have sex. And we’re both the only ones that have been together it’s amazing I’ve heard some of my girlfriends complain that their new girlfriend doesn’t satisfy them like their last girlfriend.

Even though it sounds embarrassing in this day and age to say that I only date one man. But I’m so glad to know that I’ll never have the same problems my girlfriend has. My husband is the only one who has ever touched me and vice versa. So we can ‘train’ each other to do what we like. Our first time was romantic and perfect with dozens of candles and lots of kisses! –Alexa

#4 I lost my virginity at 18 with a woman I knew would be very special. We got there quickly after about a week together. We did in her bedroom while both of her parents worked.

I fumbled around awkwardly And I knew that she didn’t like herself because she was outspoken enough to tell me so. She was immediately pregnant. I know this sounds like a disaster. But I’m upset with this girl and I still do. We have been married for 22 years. – Ron S.

#5 I had sex for the first time on a drunk camping trip when I was 19 years old. I slept with my best friend in the back of a truck at a camping site. And I’m not kidding A raccoon jumped into the car while we are going to it
It is definitely unforgettable. But maybe not for the right reasons! looking back I’m a riot I’m glad my first time was important and different. —Marisa L. [Read: On losing your virginity to a one night stand]

How I lost my virginity – Poor

#6 My first happened to a guy I met at a party. I’m a college freshman and desperate not to be a virgin anymore. I had all these thoughts that sex would hurt and I was bleeding so much that I had to be corroded in the middle of the night. It’s not true!

sex doesn’t hurt It just felt like nothing. Unfortunately, looking back. I hope I don’t worry too much about celibacy and wait to lose it to someone special. But I had sex with a dick that I awkwardly stumbled upon during the rest of my college years. —Tiffany E.

#7 I slept with my high school girlfriend before she went to bed. It was extremely awkward. Especially when she told me that she was menstruating and asked if I still had periods. I don’t want you to change your mind about this step with me. So I said it’s okay.

I put on a condom and we go. We didn’t want her parents to know we were having sex. All of this went out the window after they saw the graphics we left on her sheets. great experience disgusting results – Kevin B. [Read: 15 painfully embarrassing things that can happen during sex]

#8 I was actually that woman who experienced her first anal penetration. i think i love that guy But I’m not sure if I want to give him virginity or not. So we broke up I know I know the cliché

He got me very excited in advance and we used a lot of lubricant. He touched me as he went there. And I finished it until I was terribly surprised. I hope anal isn’t my first penis experience as it sounds so ridiculous. But I’m pretty glad I never lost my hymen with that guy. Ugh. –Mel P.

#9 I’m 18 and I’m graduating high school for the first time. I’ve felt like a disconnect since I was a virgin. And it didn’t help that boyfriend back then that pressured me to have sex for months. at this pre-graduation party one weekend I decided to get so drunk and finally surrendered to him.

I remember how painful it was and I cried until I fell asleep when I got home. I don’t feel close to him or an adult anymore. I just don’t feel anything If he’s really the only one I wouldn’t have to be this drunk. Or he doesn’t have to ask for it. —Brit C. [Read: Sex for the first time – The teen’s guide to a great time]

#10 My first time with my boyfriend was pretty illogical. I was actually 23 the first time I had sex and it was. I love that guy so much, it’s special and everything. But to be honest, sex doesn’t feel much.

He was on top and finished quickly. I could tell he was embarrassed and he said we’ll try again when he comes back strong. Fortunately, it’s a million times better after the first…and the second…and the third. – Maggie C.
How I lost my virginity – ugly

#11 The first time I had sex was with my girlfriend in high school. We were both 17 and we did this in her parents’ bed when the house was empty. I remember you playing Lost *TV show* in the background. for someone to go home [Read: The 10 rules of spending the first night together]

I could go up, but I was very uncomfortable. and when it actually started I squirmed faster and farted about three times. My girlfriend looked shocked and burst out laughing. My dick is shrinking so fast that I can’t even see her. I’m pretty sure I cried 10 minutes later. And we haven’t had sex for weeks. – Aaron T.

#12 My first time with my college boyfriend. We dated long distance for seven months and have known each other since high school. I came home for the summer and decided that I wanted to lose my virginity to him. He was so nervous that he could hardly stand it.

Finally, he entered me. But his penis felt rubbery, rough and small. He finished after about a minute. Later I found out that the reason he was so nervous was because he already had a boyfriend – three years, he cheated on my girlfriend without my knowledge.

He left me the next day. Tell your girlfriend that he cheated on her. And they were together a year later. It was a totally horrible experience. I haven’t seen him since. – Becca M. [Read: The curious guy’s and gal’s guide to anal sex for the first time]

#13 I’m about 17 years old. We’ve been tricked before. But this is a big deal. I used to think of planning something special for my girlfriend. But one night she just said ‘Let’s do it,’ so I tried to put it in her.
But my anxiety was on my best side. And I can’t stay still. This continues what it feels like forever. When I finally got inside you, you 6- A one-year-old cousin broke into her room. I’m sure it’s a scar for all parties involved. —Brian L. [Read: Sex with an uncircumcised man – the myths and all]

#14 My boyfriend and I attended university and decided to do this for our one year anniversary. I got a luxury hotel room for tonight. And we had dinner together. Watch movies from your laptop in our hotel room. then do business We are all virgins So I want everything to be special for you.

I know that a woman’s first time is usually not the best. So I wanted to make sure she had orgasms through my hands or my mouth. Unfortunately, she doesn’t want my hands or my mouth… or my eyes. Come to think of it, anywhere near her southern land. She told me I wasn’t allowed to see – period.

Even though I told her I thought every part of her was sexy and beautiful. But you still won’t let me look or feel Needless to say This made blindly inserting my penis for the first time quite challenging. —Jason T. [Read: How to get a girl to have sex with you in 10 steps]

#15 I lost my virginity when I was 18. I was actually Catholic. And it felt very strange that he decided to sleep with his girlfriend. He had a ridiculous on/off relationship with his ex-girlfriend. And part of me worried that he would run back to her every time she called. He assured me that it wasn’t true. And finally we slept together in his bedroom.

His father came home halfway and yelled at my boyfriend asking him if he could take the trash out. He knocked on the bedroom door and kept talking until he realized we were in a compromise position.

We laughed about it at the time and my boyfriend was super sweet after that. Unfortunately, he left me with his ex three days later. Yes. Days. Don’t give up on people you know you can’t trust. I completely regret it. —Emily A.

[Read: 25 hilarious myths about sex most of us used to believe]

sometimes the story ‘I Lost Your Virginity’ Might Not Always Be The Romantic Novel You Expected Just know that you’re not the only one who wants them to wait. Or they might block their first memory forever.

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