Decode His Texts: How Often Should a Guy Text When He Likes You?

he is texting you But you’re not sure how often a guy should text you when he likes you. Reading his mind can be difficult. but don’t worry read his message

How often should a guy text when he likes you?

We women like to have certain numbers. It makes things a lot easier if things have a numeric value. Of course, you want to know how often a guy should text when he likes you, but if so. that’s for sure It’s good to have no drama and waste of time. And where’s the fun? correct?!

I know you want an answer to this question, but sorry, I can’t give you the number. And quite frankly, no one else can. But there are other obvious ways to know if he has feelings for you.

Some guys love texting a lot. Some people not so much But it doesn’t mean anything. Of course, if a guy texts you all the time. It’s safe to say that he likes you. but as said Not all men are avid messengers. So what will happen in those cases?

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How often should a guy text when he likes you?

After all What really matters is what in Text. That’s where you’ll find everything you need to know. Some messages are short but can say everything you need to give an answer. And other people will write you an essay that is all about nonsense.

How often should a guy text when he likes you? There is no direct answer. But in this article you will know. what You have to search through messages to see if he likes you or not. [Read: How to decode a guy’s texts and know what’s really on his mind]

How to decode his texting habits to know if he likes you or not.

Are you ready? Let’s see if he likes you or not.

#1 The text is consistent He constantly texts you. He doesn’t text you once a month to check in and see what’s going on. If he is interested in you He will want to communicate regularly because he doesn’t want anyone to replace him. Texting should be frequent and not to the point where you’re surprised to see a message from him.

#2 He sent you a message That’s right. You don’t always text him first. He will start a conversation with you himself. If you keep texting him Take a step back and see if he starts the conversation first. If he doesn’t care about you He won’t waste time trying to talk to you. it’s that easy [Read: How to get a guy to text you when he basically refuses to]

#3 It didn’t take him long to reply. People are busy with work and study. But they always find a minute to text someone special and on their mind. That’s always a good sign. and yes i said hour Not everyone is stuck with their phones. And even if you want an answer But he had a life of his own.

#3 The message has more than one answer. Sure, he might write to you. But does his message have a one-word answer? Then it doesn’t look good at all. If a guy is interested in you He’ll text you back for you to work with. It’s a conversation, right? This means that it must flow on both sides.

#5 You don’t have to try hard. if a guy likes you You don’t have to try too hard to get his attention. You don’t have to start a sharp conversation. Although you may be excited and giddy. to send a message to this guy But texting him wouldn’t be difficult for you or him. because let’s face each other If you both text each other Show that you both have a close relationship. [Read: 12 common texting habits of girls that push guys away]

#6 he uses emojis Okay, this one is loose, because some people like to use emojis and that doesn’t mean there’s an underlying motivation. But then again, there are some emojis that we all know have a sexual vibe. This includes the eggplant, peach, drooling mouth emoji, and tongue emoji. If used at the right place and time in the text It could mean a lot more than that.

#7 Conversation is flowing. This is a great way to see if someone is compatible with you. If the conversation goes smoothly Show that he is a good sign that he likes you. The fact that the two of you bounce messages to each other is big Signs that chemistry is taking place [Read: What it means when he never texts you first but always replies instantly]

#8 He asks you via text. when he texts you It’s not just chatting. Instead of wondering how often a guy should text you when he likes you. Notice how often he invites you to text dates. Either in the middle or at the end of the text He finds a way to invite you to travel. And that’s a good sign that he’s digging into you. The guy who watches the awards will make sure he makes an effort to hang out with the girl he likes. If he tries to see you face to face show that he likes you [Read: Why is he texting me if he’s not interested? 15 reasons why guys do this]

#9 he called instead Oh, I know. The minute you hear the word ‘phone’, cold air blows to your spine. Who called others? Is it still a thing? Look, if a guy takes the extra step to call you. Instead of sending a message, a lot It’s a good sign that he likes you. Or maybe he just likes talking on the phone. But either way, he likes you, otherwise he won’t text you or call you.

#10 His texting doesn’t make you question his feelings. Usually when you think someone likes you. You will never doubt what they do. Everything they do is consistent and makes you feel at peace. [Read: 15 no-fail signs to know for sure if a guy likes you through his texts]

If his texting style makes you feel insecure about his feelings. Your instincts are telling you that something isn’t right. Listen to his instincts because if you can’t read how he feels about you. That’s a good sign that the two of you aren’t on the same side.

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After reading this article and reviewing his message. What do you think? Is he the person in you? Or is this a ‘thank you anyway’ situation, either way? Now you know where you stand.

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