Snapchat Flirting: What It Really Is & How to Master the Flirt Game

With texting as a new conversation, flirting on Snapchat is the new emoji flirtation. But how do you do it? Read on to learn how.

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Snapchat’s flirting might be a few years old at this point, but if you’re new to the idea of ​​flirting through an app full of random filters, bitmojis, and missing messages, it could be untucked.

Finding flirting on Snapchat is like finding any other type of flirting. Remember when you were on the phone and told the other person to hang up first? Then you will fall asleep texting each other. And now you send each other funny pictures, ah… technology.

What is Snapchat Flirting?

Snapchat flirting is basically Snapchat flirting using Snapchat. Instead of your humor and smarts, Snapchat gives you a few extra items to make flirting a little easier.

But with a special filter here and a voice change there. You have many pleated styles to choose from. and that’s where you came from Would you rather take the sexy route or go for something more sarcastic and playful? [Read: How to start a conversation on Snapchat and subtly flirt your way in]

No matter which flirting method you choose. Using Snapchat flirting is a great way to let technology guide you into the dating world.

Snapchat flirting dos

When Snapchat flirting gets it right, it can lead to wonders or jerks. So, jot down some of these tips to get the most out of your next flirting season.

#1 keep it light Snapchat is meant to be fun. keep it that way Confessions or conversations that are too serious will lead to break-up and can lead to the wrong way.

Snapchat is also great for short conversations. due to missing text and images So don’t send too important things. keep it light and fun [Read: Follow these tips to charm absolutely everyone you meet]

#2 keep it short but not too short You can send a picture that will stay open for five seconds, 10 seconds is too long. And a second or two is too short. Whoever you flirt with won’t be able to tease you if what you sent disappears too quickly.

Find the right time balance for your photos. [Read: How to get someone to like you immediately]

#3 be yourself It’s easy to hide behind filters in Snapchat, and although the filters are great, they’re still pretty cool. But do not forget to maintain your personality. If you’re sarcastic and nerdy Submit information that matches you on Snapchat.

Flirting on Snapchat can be fun and light. But the intention is to finally get the flirting out of your phone and in real life. and you want to match

#4 Let’s make a video Videos are more interactive than photos or missing text. Take your Snapchat flirting to the next level with short videos. Lip-sync your favorite song or show your pet something funny.

Just keep in mind that they may not be unmuted. I myself made a mess of flirting on Snapchat because my voice wasn’t on. and i missed the video So can I warn you first?

#5 Use Bitmoji Bitmoji is a fun way to add a little uniqueness to your flirting session on Snapchat. You can make it look like you Everything from eyes to hair and even clothes.

You can then send these messages to your crush via text or add them to pictures. Bitmoji gives you amazing animations. And if the person you like has it too You can submit a little illustration of both of you in a cartoon and cute style.

#6 get involved with the story It’s unlikely you’ll be flirting on Snapchat all day long so your crush can remember you. update your story You don’t need to update every hour, but around five posts a day is fine.

You can also add something to your story that you know your crush likes like you watch their favorite TV show. This could lead them to start their next flirting session on Snapchat.

#7 Be creative. Don’t send the same photo over and over with the same face and the same filter. There are new filters every day, try it out. Snapchat is only temporary so don’t be shy. That’s the whole point of Snapchat, you want to enjoy it. [Read: Creative Tinder lines to help you snag a date on the first try]

Don’t flirt on Snapchat.

#1 Do not overdo it. Balance text and photos If you have a conversation that is more than just a cute wink. Keep it in the text section.

Also, don’t overdo it with texting twice. It may work when sending messages. But with Snapchat messages, things can get confusing. Messages disappear and can sometimes be out of order. So please wait for a response before sending anything else.

#2 Don’t update your story too much. It’s good to get involved with your story so that you can indirectly flirt with your crush. But do not overdo it. No one wants to see what you do every second of the day.

Sure, post a delicious lunch, line up at Target, and your cat is cleaning your ass, but no one *especially your crush* wants to see you in the bathroom, hasn’t used Snapchat, and drives. only madly But it also excludes everyone who sees driving as a responsibility.

#3 Do not use only filters. I love filters as much as the next person. Having big eyes and small mouth or no nose or muzzle is wonderful. Who knew this was where the Internet would take us?

but make it real Flirting is all about mystery and humor. But you still want to make sure you’re comfortable enough to send a filter-free photo. if not then Offline flirting can be quite difficult. [Read: Sexy and sweet Snapchat ideas to keep it real]

#4 Do not send porn pictures Yes, I know that’s what Snapchat is actually made for. Missing pictures is a great opportunity to send nudes, but don’t. Snap your shot with a show-off lace bra? certain.

But keep it. PG-13 Yes, anyone you flirt with on Snapchat will feel embarrassed when you’re told that they took a screenshot. But that doesn’t stop them from doing so. And when someone has a photo of you that isn’t sensitive. They will have that image which can cause a lot of problems. So keep it clean

#5 not answering every story Watching their stories is a great way for them to see that you’re interested. And even the first to watch can be endearing. But even then, don’t reply to individual snapshots from their stories.

This is my aunt who doesn’t really understand Snapchat. Yes, if your crush says he’s at Target and you’re there too. say something But if they post a picture of their Starbucks, you don’t have to say “looks delicious.”

#6 Do not submit every snap you add to your story. This is one of the most annoying things you can do on Snapchat whether you flirt or not. If you post something in your story Don’t send it to anyone you flirt with. They will see it when they view your story.

If it is of great importance They’ll see it soon, okay, maybe, but that should be once a month. [Read: 9 social media sites to snag yourself a date]

#7 Don’t send a lot of messages. Flirting doesn’t mean commitment. So you might be flirting with more than one person on Snapchat at a time. no judgement you do you

Although sending snapshots to multiple people won’t let them see the recipient. But sending messages to multiple people is possible. so be careful Try to keep each conversation completely separate.

[Read: The best ways to find what you’re looking for on social media]

Flirting on Snapchat isn’t brain surgery. Although it may be intimidating But it doesn’t have to be scary. Use what Snapchat has to offer to make flirting more fun.

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