How to Approach a Girl at the Gym: 15 Creep-Free Ways to Do It Right

The first thing I thought when I saw a guy walk up to me at the gym was CREEP! Here’s how to approach a girl at the gym without making it creepy.

How to meet girls at the gym

Meeting women is not always easy. If dating apps aren’t for you and bars aren’t your scene. it can be difficult Walking into someone on the street doesn’t happen today. And dating at work comes with drama. So the last place to meet someone is the gym. But it’s not always easy either. But that’s why you came here. to get to know women at the gym

People, especially women, go to the gym to exercise. not to meet men We need rest, zoning and fitness. The last thing most women want while working out is for men who play basketball in the last hour to attack us.

But don’t let that deter you. The reason most women hate this is because most of the men are actually creeps. As long as you are not the only one You are one step above everything else. [Read: Rules to follow while hitting on a girl when you don’t want to seem like a creep]

How to politely approach a girl at the gym

Politeness and respect should be your top priorities here. You may be afraid of being put into the friend zone. *which is shockingly non-existent* but taking your time and honoring a woman while she may be in a weak spot is your best bet.

The moment we feel knocked Headphones go in and our eyes start to roll. Approach with caution and wipe off the saliva before it gets too close. [Read: Why a guy should never ever use the word ‘friend zone’]

Why do women not like going to the gym?

Not only do we sweat and stay focused on exercise. But we are also often attacked for our bodies. It’s rare for a guy to come up to you at the gym because of your amazing personality. So it felt a little shallow and intimidating.

women are scolded every day It was a very uncomfortable feeling. So being hit at the gym is a more intimate and personal feeling. If you’re thinking of approaching a girl at the gym. Don’t think it’s a hit on her. Think you’ve met someone new. [Read: 13 faux pas that make you look like an asshole at the gym]

How to approach a girl at the gym – 15 ways to get it right

First of all, increase your confidence. Cheer yourself up or ask your friend for a sincere compliment. Any nervousness or hesitation will disappear immediately. At the same time, don’t be cocky or selfish. Yes, the ladies at the gym are used to the arrogant type… shock.

#1 don’t stare Not at you and not at your reflection. when women exercise She could feel every eye that looked at her. as a woman Exercising requires minimal clothing to keep from sweating to death. And apparently, wearing leggings and a tank top gives men free tickets to a city full of smiles and saliva.

You can look towards her and make eye contact. But try not to stare because she will notice and that’s the first sign of a creep. [Read: Try these subtle flirting moves to get closer to your crush]

#2 wait for you If she’s in the middle of lifting weights or concentrating on exercise. don’t interrupt her Let her do what she came to the gym for. Your turn is when she takes a break and goes for water.

If you want her to concentrate Don’t pull it from the reason she’s there. Let your methods flow naturally. If you just step up to her while she’s running on the treadmill. She will be more annoyed than interested. But if you offer to buy her a bottle of water, a smoothie, or even a salad. She will be more open.

#3 read her body language If you look around everyone and seemed to be open to small talks with other gymnasts. or even employees You might have a better chance than a woman who wears headphones and is totally focused on her workout.

Touching a girl’s shoulder to get attention when it’s obvious that she isn’t there to meet anyone is fine. Instead, introduce yourself to someone who is friendly and open-minded to talk about where to go. [Read: How to read a woman’s mind by decoding her body language]

#4 Use a hint. I’m sorry but I’m serious If you’re already moving and she’s not interested Just walk away. Okay, yeah, maybe she’s having a hard day. In that case, let her go and maybe wave her and say, “How are you?” next week.

Otherwise, it will accept the rejection or ignore her class. Getting annoyed that she’s there to go to the gym and not see you is unattractive to other girls you might be interested in. Not to mention that it’s immature and feminine.

#5 avoid answering the call You are approaching a girl at the gym. Answering the call was the last thing she wanted to hear. Even though she was open to the spontaneous fishing line But the receiving line might look old-fashioned, unusual, and unimpressive.

We should be able to tell that you are interested in us at least from a distance. And we shouldn’t think you’re using this line on three other innocent women today. [Read: How to get a girl to notice you even before talking to her]

#6 honest. If you know she caught you staring, say, “Sorry I’m staring. I can’t help it.” Yeah, it might be embarrassing. But we’d love to hear more than you try to lie or talk.

Let her know that you’ve noticed her in the past few days or weeks and try to muster the courage to introduce yourself. Women respect honesty, it’s refreshing. And you’re more likely to get a positive result.

#7 compliment her If you’re wondering how to approach a woman at the gym, compliment them and not on her body, yes the gym seems like a good place to tell someone they’re in great shape. But coming from a sweaty guy can be creepy.

Say something like, “Wow, I noticed you came here every day of the week. That takes real commitment, prop with you.” She’ll appreciate it even more. Her dedication is what keeps her physical and that’s what’s impressive.

#8 make it fast Even if you give up You both come to the gym to exercise for one reason. So back to that if all goes well Ask for her number or give her your number and see where it goes. You don’t want to push it.

If you really want to plan Invite her over when you’re both done working out for a smoothie on the street. keep it light and comfortable [Read: 25 ways to start a conversation with a girl and make sparks]

#9 focus on your exercise Okay, maybe you’re thinking hard about how to approach women at the gym. or wondering what to say to her But you’re not at the gym to hit women. Try to take some time to get your heart beating faster.

And the gym is the perfect place to de-stress with cardio. And if you stop thinking about not embarrassing yourself in front of her, who knows? she might approach you [Read: We’re so glad you asked how to respect a woman]

#10 Make eye contact. You probably don’t want to approach a girl at the gym you’ve never seen before. But if you make eye contact or remember each other many times She also tends to be more open to interaction.

Talking to strangers can be creepy for a woman. The more she sees you The less creepy you are. If she knows you’re normal Chad at the front desk knows you. and you open the door for her she will accept more

#11 Give her a hand. I’m not the most intense gym. So I don’t know all the jargon. But help her if she wants. And if you only want it If someone leaves the weight she wants on the floor instead of properly placing it. Help her clean the area if she has a problem.

If she needs someone to find her, volunteer, don’t use it as an excuse to stare. Finish what you helped her. You can then introduce yourself and start chatting.

#12 Be funny. This applies to all men who want to approach women everywhere. but especially at the gym You might think that your abs or your muscles are going to tear her apart, but look around, all the guys out there might be in amazing shape just like you.

That means you’ll have to rely on other features. to attract her attention. And humor is one of the best. [Read: How to make a girl smile, laugh and love your company]

#13 Don’t make stereotypes. from old movies A guy might think teaching a girl something is sweet and shows that he’s smart and patient. But now this is called trickery. Don’t tell her how to correct her shape or focus on her legs.

A woman likes nothing more than a man trying to tell her what to do. Especially when he thought he knew better. Even if you have your best intentions and think you’re right. She didn’t want to hear it.

#14 Smell. women like fragrant men Not kidding. And yes, at the gym, no one smells like a field of flowers. But if you get close to her, she smells a strong BO, which is real. Make sure you add deodorant and possibly even spray cologne onto your t-shirt.

Don’t overdo it. You’re not a teenage boy entering puberty and bathing in an ax. So a spray or two is enough. [Read: How to smell good and attract almost anyone you desire]

#15 Remember that you don’t miss your chance. This is a gym, not a red-eye from New York to LA. You might see her at the gym again next week. Whether she ignores you, doesn’t hear you, or rejects you. You have time to make games.

Yeah, sometimes things don’t work out, if she says no, just let it go. Now you have more time to prepare.

[Read: Tips you absolutely need to know before you approach women]

Hopefully now you know how to approach women at the gym without fear. But you can do it with grace, charm and respect.

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