How to Approach a Guy You’re Interested in and Remain Calm

If you’re a shy girl who can’t speak up when you’re attracted to a guy. Here’s how to approach a guy and stay calm like a pro.

how to approach men

This one is for all women who have trouble approaching men. you feel confident Step up to him like you own the place, and suddenly you feel that your legs are exhausted, diarrhea, and you have no voice to use.

If you know that feeling I know that I’m not alone! Although men are notorious for babbling or being unable to talk to women, they are notorious for babbling. But women have this problem too. Sometimes it’s worse than men!

Why do we turn off when approaching attractive people?

Nerves, nerves, nerves, and the fear of rejection. That’s honestly basically why we immediately shut up when we see someone we’re interested in. The idea that you might find the perfect person for you makes your heart beat too fast and suddenly you can’t walk or talk.

The fear of rejection is often the root cause. We are afraid that we will be wrong. Or he might not even like us. That makes us stop in place and forget all about it. But not anymore!

How to approach a guy you’re interested in professionally

Say goodbye to your days being nervous with the people you care about! I’m about to reveal the secret to approaching the guy you like smoothly, confidently and professionally.

It might not be for you overnight. But with enough practice and enough time You will be able to approach any guy you want and stay calm. Here are some of the best tips you need to follow to make you feel cool with that special guy.

#1 work on your confidence Confidence is the number one concern right now. If you can’t approach the guy you’re interested in without thinking crazy. The first boss is confident in himself before you calm down with the guy.

in doing this Just specify what’s your insecure. and take corrective action If you think you are overweight Go to the gym and eat clean. If you have low self-esteem because of past relationships Talk to someone about it and fix it. [Read: 25 things guys find sexy and attractive about a girl]

#2 Realized that he wasn’t the only one there. Honey, he’s not the only handsome guy you’ll meet. There are many people in the world that suit you. And if you know he’s not everything You’ll be more calm when you get close to him.

#3 Practice with your friends If you don’t know what to say to a guy or forget what you want to say to him when you’re in his presence. Practice picking up and start chatting with your friends.

Most likely, your friend knows you’re struggling and wants to help. Ask them to pretend to be a man and try to open up different ways if you’re ready to approach a guy. Peace would be much easier.

#4 Do it with a group of girlfriends. Guys don’t all go to bars by themselves and neither do you. If you feel better with a girl by your side To approach his group of friends with you. Each of you mixes and gets to know each other. And it will give you more reason to introduce yourself without the pressure.

#5 Pretend you don’t like him at all. If you trick your mind into not paying attention to men at all, just do it! Your mind is a very powerful tool. But it can still be controlled to do whatever you want. [Read: I want a boyfriend! 19 tweaks to bring the perfect guy to you]

for this Remind yourself that you don’t like him. And he’s just a guy to practice speaking with. Just walk up to him, say hi, and let him take over the conversation. As long as you think in your heart that you don’t like him. you will be calm The best way to do it is to pretend he’s your good friend instead of a hot girl!

#6 Not much to say! You’d be surprised how really Then you need to talk to the guy a bit to get your point across. Instead of a complicated pickup truck You can keep busy just by smiling, making direct eye contact, approaching him, and saying “hello.”

You might leave him speechless for a few minutes! This type of approach is a great way to show confidence even if you don’t feel very confident yet. Make eye contact and smile, girls. it’s not a miracle [Read: 15 easy conversation starters you can use with a guy you like]

#7 do it lazily This is a great way to approach the guy you’re interested in without trying too hard. All you have to do is keep it neat and make it look like you don’t even care about him.
in doing this Just walk up and ask him now. *Pretend your phone is dead* or even ask for directions somewhere if you’re not familiar with the area. This calms your mind because it’s a simple question. But he will replace the conversation from there. [Read: 10 teeny-tiny changes that will improve your love life]

#8 Don’t even get close to him. You might think that this is against the full purpose of this article. but please listen to me Your ultimate goal is to connect with hot girls all over the bar, right? So… why not give him a drink?
That way, he’ll get hints that you’re interested in him. And if he thinks you could have fun talking to him, he’ll come to you, of course, if he drinks but doesn’t get close to you. You’ll have to move, but usually they’ll be happy to go straight to the end of the bar and talk to you. Push it off.

#9 Ask your male friends what to do. If you have two male friends or a brother Ask them how to approach a guy with confidence! ask them directly how they like women to walk towards them

Knowing what guys like and how to approach them in a way that interests them. It will give you a lot of confidence to move a guy you find attractive. Once you know what you’re doing is pleasing. It will be much easier for you. [Read: How to let a guy know you like him without approaching him]

#10 Just remember that you are great and everyone needs you. The biggest reason we tend to talk and get nervous around the guys we’re interested in is because we’re afraid they won’t like us. the heart of that our insecurity wins And we can’t let that happen.

Instead of thinking about rejection Just go to him knowing you’re awesome and everyone else. It’s good to talk to you and get to know you better. If you approach him like you’re special. He will feel that atmosphere and treat you like that.

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Sometimes you may not want to wait until a guy notices you before getting to know him. But that also means putting yourself at risk. If you want to approach the guy you’re interested in while staying calm and gathering your senses, do this.

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