How to Ask a Girl if She Likes You *Without Really Asking*

Perhaps the best way to ask a girl if she’s digging for you is to never ask her. Why not try these tips for asking a girl if she likes you?

How to ask a girl if she likes you

No matter how many women you’ve dated. Still, no one knows what woman’s mind *yes, they are complicated*. It’s hard to figure out if the woman you’re feeling for is interested in you. Sometimes you need to deal with this yourself. So here’s how to ask a girl if she likes you.

for some men The way to find this can be an uphill battle. And they can make embarrassing and irreversible mistakes that make them regret it. So knowing what the right approach is will help you get the answer—and possibly the one you expect. even

How to ask a girl if she likes you *without really asking*

Sometimes you just have to go in and find out if the girl you have a crush on really likes you. Don’t be shy! Try these tips

#1 try to beat up convo Find an excuse to talk to her. Whether it’s the weather or your next project. The best time to do this is when she’s very busy or obsessed with something.

If she stops what she’s doing to talk to you, tell her, “Oh, you look busy, I’ll come back later.” If she tells you no. then you guys talk That’s a good sign. A woman likes you if she’s willing to stop doing what she does to give her full, undivided attention. [Read: How to keep a conversation going with a girl you really like]

#2 remember eye contact The cliché is truly true: the eyes are the windows of the heart. The eyes tell a lot about the thoughts and feelings of a person Like whether they are lying or not.

So remember that when you talk to her, make eye contact if you find her staring at you often. stare back and smile If she frowns and looks away as if she is irritated or confused. It was unfortunate. However, if she was embarrassed or slow to hide You have reason to hope. [Read: 10 subtle eye contact moves that always work]

#3 check her body It’s her body language. You can tell a lot about a woman by the way she moves. Although sometimes she might say something *like she doesn’t really like you, for example* her body language may tell a different story.

If she turns to you when you’re in the room or when you talk, even though she does something else and you don’t even talk to her. That’s a free giveaway. and if you talk to her Did she touch her own hair or straighten the dress? [Read: 15 body language cues a girl gives away if she likes you]

#4 tell your friends about her And let her know everything about it. For example, tell her how you tell your work colleagues that you think she doesn’t play Pokemon Go. It’s weird but cool because everyone is interested in it these days. This gives you the opportunity to see if she will retaliate against her own affairs. This will help you see if she tells your friends about you as well.

#5 make it about you If she tells you about a bad date in her past, tell her something like: “That won’t happen if you’re hanging out with me,” and then wait and see how she reacts. The trick of this trick is to link what she tells you how you will handle the situation. This is a good gauge of how she reacts after you give her and you a mental picture together. [Read: 13 naughty ways to get out of the friend zone in no time]

#6 Ask what she likes in a man. A tried-and-tested way to ask a girl if she asks you without actually asking. Or is it to ask her what she likes in men? A relatively advanced woman will certainly go as far as to describe you.

Someone might tell you what they like about a man. And you can go ahead and be that man for her. Her way of answering this question is your signs that she likes you to make her like you.

#7 Play favorites There’s also a game to try and find out if she likes you without explicitly asking her. During lunch or while the two of you are together, for example, sharing a taxi or something like that. Try to spend time with the old people’s favorite games.

Ask her what she likes. And if she’s eager to tell you more about herself while asking back what you like. It also shows that she’s interested in getting to know you better. [Read: Instant chemistry: 25 flirty questions to ask a girl you like]

#8 put some advice Go ahead and show her that you thoroughly like her. Compliment her new hairstyle. Buy a coffee she likes “just because” or just tell her you like the way she handles her presentation. Those little tips you put here and there are like crumbs. If she responds or expresses her gratitude enthusiastically. You’ll know she’s digging into what you’re doing—and possibly even digging for you.

#9 go joker There’s just something about a funny guy that always drives girls crazy, so if your looks aren’t the right fit for her, you’re welcome. You might even change her mind with your humor.

Say it and make her laugh Joking about how she dresses for you because she likes you. At least you can have an idea of ​​what she thinks of you as a friend or something.

If she vehemently refuses or blushes There is a chance that she will like you. If you start to shake your sarcastic words That’s a completely different story. [Read: Chick magnet alert: What makes a guy the total package?]

#10 Get a group in it. If you have the same friends This will make it much easier to know that she likes you. Plan a group trip or watch a movie together. If group dating is your thing, she agrees. She might also be interested in getting to know you better. It also paves the way for you to get to know each other better. and if it’s time You can even have your friends ask the girl of your dreams.

#11 See if she blushes. Find answers to any questions. That you ask women even if they don’t open their mouths. You can see how they react to the messages you or your friends say. And even if you don’t have to ask You’ll easily find out if a girl likes you by getting close to her or not. And if your face is red and embarrassed So that’s your signal.

#12 Try to go physical. no that Physically *unless you want her to think you’re a bad person*, for example, while in line, try to brush her hand with your arm. or even dared to hold her arm If she doesn’t move Take it one step further and fry from her tray.

or next time you see her playfully scolded her And if she scolds you back until you get into a fun game. That’s a good sign, who knows, you might end up hugging—or kissing! [Read: 12 obvious signs she’s just waiting for you to ask her out]

#13 Ask her out. There’s no better way to find out if she really likes you and then decide to ask her out. First, wait for the right moment. take her to the right place Make sure she’s in the right mindset *not busy, angry, or yelling at her ex* and asking questions.

Ask her if she would like to go to the newly opened museum with you. Or go eat steak and fries at your favorite restaurant. If she likes you, or at least assumes you’re dating the media. Chances are, she’ll say “yes.” [Read: Cute ways to ask a girl out that are sure to get a “Yes”]

#14 Go big or… The best way to ask a girl if she likes you is to directly ask, “Do you like me?” *And kudos to you if you can sum up the courage*, but this question manages it all in one go. Quick and straightforward questions like these tend to get quicker and more direct answers. So be prepared!

[Read: How to tell if a shy girl likes you: All their secrets revealed]

Use these tips to ask a girl if she likes you to move. and remember that while saying “You’ll never know unless you ask” might be true. You have to remember what to prepare for. The answer will be

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