How to Ask a Girl Out Over Text: 7 Steps to an Instant “Yes”

Modern technology is awesome! Flirt without being embarrassed! Learn how to get girls over text and increase your chances of dating.

How to invite a girl on a date with text messages

this is a new era People are texting nude pictures. dinner photo shoot And catch pokemon. I mean, why not ask someone to come out via text message? it makes sense Maybe you will meet them in a short time. Or get nervous while trying to call them? Listen, in the end. You have to do what makes you feel comfortable. If you don’t know how to get a girl to talk via text message. Follow these simple steps and it’s almost impossible for you to make mistakes!

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3 Things to consider before pressing ‘Submit’

Before we delve into how to ask women through text messages. There are three things you need to take seriously. Keeping these points in mind before you hit ‘send’ will help keep your blushes from disappearing for long.

First of all, are you sure she’s single? It’s best to do a little digging before sending that message. Sure, you might be able to answer. “Sorry I have a boyfriend” on the chin, but it’s going to hurt right? It’s best to find out if she’s available before you go looking for it. and save yourself to shame [Read: How to ask a girl if she has a boyfriend without being too brazen]

Second, do you have the correct number? If you use the old SMS method, make sure you don’t accidentally add the wrong number. The shame of accidentally texting your neighbor is real! If you’re using a messaging app like WhatsApp, Instagram or Messenger, make sure you get the right ones!

and third Keep that in mind when you send that message. If you send late at night She’ll think it’s a call to you. And you might get a decisive answer. If you send it first thing in the morning She might be too busy getting ready for her day and forget to answer. Afternoon or early evening is your best time to text a girl to increase your chances of a reply. [Read: 10 Booty call moves that may look like true love]

How to invite a girl on a date with text messages

If texting is your thing You should invite a girl on a date. Less shy and quick answers (hopefully). Let’s see how to ask a girl via text message and get a ‘yes’. [Read: How to text flirt with a friend and get naughty]

1. Start with a strong opening

Don’t just send her a text that says “hey” or worse, “hey.” Come on, you’re better than me. I know deep down that you’re full of topics and conversation starters. If you send a one-word message You will only get one word answer if you are lucky. [Read: How to keep a text conversation going when you have nothing to say]

If a guy just texts me “hey,” it’s possible I won’t reply until we’re friends. and even then I know this conversation won’t be interesting. Where do you go from there? Alright. Here’s what happened:



“How is it going?”

“Are you watching a movie?”

“Just chill lol”


and the ending scene

I think your eyes gradually Shuts down while reading that message because I’m typing. It’s dull and lame. Start with a good opening Ask her if you’ve seen the new movie released yet. or talking about something funny or weird that happened to you Whatever it is, please don’t make it a one-word message. [Read: 50 flirty text messages that are sure to make any girl smile]

2. get emotional

If you’re texting her and feel like she doesn’t really feel the conversation. to cancel the mission Repeat – cancel the mission. Perhaps she was offended or quarreled with her mother. and believe me that If you invite her to hang out during that time You may not get the answer you want.

Women make various decisions based on our emotional state at the moment. If a guy invites me on a date and I’m already in a bad mood I didn’t think, “Yes, because tomorrow you’ll be in a better mood.” No, never.

Actually, I would like everyone to disappear, so time is everything. Don’t stop texting her right away. but let the conversation end and text her later or the next day. That’s one of those things you really need to keep in mind. It’s about inviting women to talk through text messages. [Read: 11 realistic reasons why she isn’t responding to your texts]

3. Keep the conversation going

Okay, she replied, and you can finally talk to her. Now you have to keep the conversation going. If you’re a natural speaker You won’t have any problems with the conversation.

However, if she is more shy and introverted Instead, ask questions or find topics that interest her. If you do a little research in advance Lets find out what she likes. You’ll have an idea of ​​what to say if the conversation goes dry. [Read: Make her yours – How to flirt with a girl over text]

But remember if this is your first conversation with her. *But still pretty strict* It’s not wrong to save your question for the next conversation. If you are in a hurry, you may feel too forced. It’s not a bad thing to know when to stop talking!

4. Move towards your goals

You’ve been texting her for a while. And wondering when to ask this question? Listen, let the conversation go naturally. Don’t try to rush the topic like you’re ticking off the list.

but before hanging up Don’t forget to invite her over. I mean, that’s why you’re talking to her, right? So don’t get nervous right away – you’ve got the conversation going. End it! [Read: Creative and cute ways to ask a girl out]

5. Let’s go – invite her out!

If you’ve ever wondered how to get a girl over a text message, you need to, um, actually invite her on a date. If you’re texting her and suddenly there’s an elephant in the room. Maybe it’s time for you to ask that question. not married dating one Don’t go that far.

It doesn’t have to be a one-on-one date if you think she’s a little nervous. Ask her to go to the movies with a group of people. That way, you can meet up comfortably. without feeling like a date

In fact, she’ll be more willing to come out if she’s with her friends – it’s like a security blanket for her. When she’s more comfortable with you Ask her out on a solo date so the two of you can get to know each other more closely. [Read: What to text a girl – Dos, don’ts and all the secrets you need to know]

6. have a plan

There are plans ready for the date, whether it’s one-on-one or a group. There’s nothing worse than when a guy asks you out on a date, you say yes, and he asks you what you want to do.

You invited me out! I think you have a plan! This puts us in an awkward position all of a sudden and come up with interesting dating ideas. Girls like us need time to prepare. And so are you, so do a quick search on the internet and see what kind of activity is happening around your city.

There might be a blog party or food festival going on. Get your options ready and let her see which ones she’s interested in trying. This is a much better dating idea than going to the movies. You can do better than that, so if you really want to get this girl out. You should at least be prepared. [Read: Top 50 first date ideas to completely wow your date]

7. Figure out the logistics side

Don’t let her pick a date and time, get ready. “Tomorrow we have a meeting at 600.” That would be too authoritative for us, but say, “Tomorrow I will pick you up at 600 if that suits you.”

This shows her that you can take responsibility and get the girl on the right date. Women like men who can control the situation. it made us go [Read: 15 Places to go on a first date to ace the date and land the second]

10 fun, unconventional textbooks to invite girls on a date

You have followed the steps above and you have reached the point where you are requesting. You will ask her out on a date. Scary, right? Yes, but remember if she says ‘no’ or she isn’t that active. don’t care If this girl doesn’t want to date you. There are many other people who will go on a date with you, however, hopefully she will say ‘yes’ and you can start making plans.

If you’re not sure how to ask, here are 10 simple text messages you can send that get to the heart of a question in a fun and innovative way. Everyone likes fun and whimsical, right? [Read: How to entertain a girl over text: Excite her mind with words]

1. “A new Thai restaurant opened in this city. Would you like to try it out with me?” – It might be an idea to figure out what kind of food she likes the most and suggest a place instead.

2. “The sun shines Let’s go to lunch and have a serious conversation.”

3. “I’m so glad your interview went well. Let me take you out to dinner to celebrate.” – Of course, it doesn’t have to be an interview. But everything she talked to you about that went well.

4. “You, me, coffee, what do you say?”

5. “I’m not good at dancing. Do you want to come and laugh at me at the club this weekend?” [Read: What’s on her mind when you approach a girl in a club?]

6. “Stop talking about it by texting. What time will I pick you up on Friday?”

7. “So when are you going to take me out?” – cheeky, but get a reaction!

8. “I tried to take the courage to invite you out. Fancy making it easier for me?”

9. “I challenge you to a contest – two dates, two restaurants, let’s see who chooses the best.”

10. “There’s a carnival this weekend. I’m afraid of driving fast Would you like to hold my hand?” [Read: 20 Flirty texting facts to help you have a good love life]

Tailor your message to the situation and what happened to the girl. But here’s some fun advice. A few things you should probably try. If your thoughts decide to leave you temporarily

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Now you stop wondering how to get a girl to talk via text message. It’s really not as difficult as you think! If you follow these steps You won’t have a problem getting her to say ‘yes’.

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