How to Ask a Guy Out Like a Classy Girl & Leave Him Wanting More

Approaching a guy and trying to start a conversation is a headache! Learn how to get a guy on a date the right way and everything will be easier.

How to invite a guy on a date

when you like a guy You want to be as close to him as possible. You still want to pursue and find out if he likes you too. That can be difficult when mixed signals run riot! Of course, it’s not easy to approach him and try to have a conversation. But if you want to date this guy You must talk to him! lucky for you There are ways you can learn how to ask a guy in a way that will give you a greater chance of success. You can reduce the cringe factor too!

Of course, you want him to invite you on a date. You don’t have to

but sometimes Life can be a little more complicated than we’d like it to be. in a time like this The girls had no choice but to start the process.

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How to get a guy out and look forward to a big ‘yes’

Right now, we can’t tell you for sure that he will agree to your dating offer. but by doing the basics first You will have a much better idea of ​​what he will say.

You can also impress him with your feminine tricks and have him hang on your every word! That will definitely give you a greater chance of getting a ‘yes’. [Read: Womanly wiles – How to exude femininity and use it in your favor]

1. Show him how amazing you are first.

Before you learn how to get a guy on a date You have to warm him first. You have to show him that you’re awesome. *Because you are!* So he can’t help but agree to your dating request. He might end up inviting you out first!

Laugh, make eye contact, be yourself. tell a joke Don’t take life too seriously. And show him that you’re a fun girl that he’ll love spending time with. [Read: 20 easy conversation starters you can use to talk to any guy you like]

2. Don’t play hard to get it.

You’ll hear millions and one advice about playing hard. but from our experience It always comes back Instead of trying to make him want you by pretending you don’t like him. Just smile and be yourself and make it clear that you like him back ;:

That doesn’t mean it has to come out right away. but by dropping some helpful hints instead. [Read: How to let a guy know you’re interested without being overeager]

3. Find out his relationship status

Before you try to ask him out on a date. You have to find out if he is single or not first. It would be a little embarrassing if you went for it and he told you he was already in a relationship.

Easy to find information – check their social media or ask. You can also hint something like “I bet your boyfriend likes that shirt” or something like that. It shows that you are interested in flirting, but also provides answers to your questions. [Read: 15 obvious signs he has a girlfriend and is already taken]

4. Invite friends to stay by your side

Your friends can be your secret weapon here. Let them know you like this guy and let them hint when he’s around. This will let him know you like him and will help you figure out if he would agree to go on a date if you asked.

You can also get one of your friends to give you big hints, like “You two should go on a date!” with a cheeky smile, of course! [Read: 15 super-sneaky ways to get a guy to ask you out and make the first move]

5. Find his interests

by finding out if you have common interests You can try asking him casually.

This makes you less anxious and also reduces pressure.

For example, if you both like live music. You can talk casually. The local bars have new bands. That’s wonderful and you would love to go see them.

You can then pretend to take your brainwaves – “Hey, would you like to come and see them? I heard they were really good.”

is dating but sounds comfortable So you don’t mess with it too much. [Read: Why isn’t he asking me out yet? 17 very real reasons why]

6. Invite him to hang out with your friends.

The next time you bump into him or are having a monosyllabic conversation. Ask him if he’s interested in bowling with your friends this weekend or something. Tell him you’re a short player and it would be nice if he could join you guys.

Friendly, cute and won’t make you look hopeless. Then you can touch your friend and show him how awesome you are. Hopefully next time he will invite you on a date with the two of you.

7. Scroll to his DM

If you really can’t stand it to invite him on a date Why not do it through social media? It’s not a cowardly solution because you’ll have to face him sometimes.

Just send him a rude message with a casual request like, “There’s a great movie in theaters this weekend. I wonder if you’ll join me.”

Don’t make it too heavy Let everything be light and airy. He’s more likely to say ‘yes’ like that. [Read: How to get a guy’s attention on Instagram without using your body]

8. Make him think he’s nice to you.

This is sneaky But it works great when learning how to get a guy out! You can pretend that you are embarrassed and agree to go out with you.

For example, let’s say you have tickets for this weekend’s big race. But your friend has left. leaving a spare ticket for you And you have to go alone if he doesn’t agree to take the reserve ticket out of your hands. Of course, you’ll want to make sure that the game you’re offering tickets for is what he really likes. Sneaky, right?

9. Ask him for help and turn it into a date.

Learning how to get a guy out doesn’t really have to involve asking. may be an accident But it’s not a coincidence from you.

You can ask him or her to help you with something, for example, you have a flat tire or you need help moving things in your home. Then when you’re done with your good deeds, you can say “thank you” to lunch or coffee. Boom! Dating without asking! [Read: Damsel in distress: Why men find them so irresistible]

10. Just Come Out and Ask

The last option might not be the one you want. But if all else fails What do you have to lose? Sometimes it’s better to risk an awkward moment for the answers you need.

Find a good time, like being alone, and then come out and say, “Hey, I love spending time with you. I wonder if you’d like something to drink?” That’s all. You’re very straightforward and straightforward. But you’re doing it casually and not threatening. [Read: Can a girl ask a guy out before he makes a move? Here’s what you should know]

What should you do when you’re dating?

You’ve learned how to get a guy on a date. And you’ve got the answer you want. What now?

You really have to come up with a plan. If you ask him to play games or watch a live band with you because you both like them. That part has been taken care of. All you have to do is make sure you strike a balance between flirting and being yourself. [Read: How to act on a first date: The little details that play a big part]

Touch him when you talk to him. But don’t be too harsh. A woman who touches a man often It might make him too comfortable or extremely desperate. you are not both You are a classy woman who knows when to touch and when to stand.

And don’t be too flirtatious – be gentle and as if what you said might have been taken off in some way. After all The most flirtatious women can be boring and annoying. instead of making him want more Record a few lines of your flirtation in all conversations. Don’t make it clear that you are in love with him. [Read: How to flirt by touching subtle, in all the right ways]

time to talk to him Don’t touch him, and suddenly, when no one is around Lean forward and whisper something in his ear. It could be a gossip or a slightly flirtatious comment, like ‘I like your shirt’.

while you do that Take his hand and lock your fingers loosely with his hand. When you keep your distance from him throughout the conversation and suddenly also came close in conversation a few times. You’re hot and cold and that will confuse him. It will make him blush. confuse him And want you closer! [Read: How to get any guy to kiss you whenever you want him to kiss you!]

Of course, in the end you have to be yourself. Don’t try to deceive him to impress him. You really don’t have to.

You are a wonderful and interesting person. And he agrees to go on a date with you. That’s enough to make you feel comfortable that he wants to be there. Relax and enjoy this moment!

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Next time you like a guy Use this guide on how to get a guy on a date without actually asking him out. There’s no more classic and easier way to get a guy on a date. And you have a great time along the way!

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