How to Ask a Guy to Be Friends with Benefits: 15 Ways to Do It Right

When it comes to figuring out how to ask a guy to be friends with benefits. not as hard as you think In fact, most men would be flattered.

How to invite a guy to be friends with benefits

The real act of knowing how to ask a guy to be your friend is not the part you should be concerned about. Texting is the way to go these days. and most of the men are on the boat

But all you have to do is make sure you make the right decisions and open up about the situation. Friends with benefits can quickly go south if both parties are not on the same page.

Don’t expect a definite answer.

Although many men are satisfied with this type of offer. But it’s not for everyone. Before getting into the main points Remember, he can deny it or he may want to think about it.

Just because friends with benefits are not tied down. That doesn’t mean it’s an easy situation to get involved in. There are many things to consider. [Read: 25 friends with benefits rules you should never ever ignore]

Helpful ways to ask a guy to be your friend

Asking a guy to be your friend is not as scary as asking a guy out. Rejection will burn less and hopefully your feelings won’t hurt. Maybe it’s just your ego.

So go in with confidence, openness and make sure you have a game plan.

#1 Think why you need this? before getting into this situation too much Think about why you prefer friends with interests over relationships. Of course you want sex. So you don’t want to be single. If you are not happy with yourself This situation will not fix anything.

It is important to be aware of yourself. If you’re too busy with work to commit to a relationship or just want something more comfortable. Because you just got out of a relationship, that’s great, but this isn’t the cure for all relationship problems. And it’s definitely not a replacement for a relationship. [Read: 13 rebound sex questions to know if you’re actually ready for it]

#2 Choose someone you trust The whole idea of ​​useful friends is that you choose who you are friends with. It doesn’t have to be a close friend or close friend. But people you know you don’t have real feelings and vice versa.

That way, you’ll know that you’re comfortable with the person. and trust them enough when you sign this deal. You know they will keep their word. [Read: 12 signs to know if meaningless sex is for you or not]

#3 know compatible Being friends with benefits with someone you don’t get along with isn’t the best idea. Yes, furious sex can be emotional. But friends with benefits are made to get rid of the drama and chaos of relationships. not add to

Pick someone you know that you don’t lock your head with, just the head of the bed LOL.

#4 Avoid people you have a past with. Your ex, or someone you’ve had feelings for, shouldn’t associate with beneficial friends. You should make sure that this person never has feelings for you.

Of course, attraction is important. But what if the real feeling was on the table earlier? They are bound to return.

#5 frankly From the moment you ask this guy if he’s interested in casual sex or not. You should be honest. If you’re wondering how to ask a guy to be a friend with benefits? Don’t make fun of him or compliment him with compliments, as that might feel like a date.

For reference, see useful friend or no obligation For some examples of how to do this section [Read: How to start a friends with benefits relationship with someone]

#6 Let things be drama-free It’s a common movie saying. N.S.The past complicates things. but it doesn’t have to You can keep the drama free as long as you tell each other what’s going on.

If you’re meeting someone else Tell your friends the benefit as the drama will run into your FWB with their dating and will be caught off guard.

#7 Give reasons. You should be able to give him a reason why you want to participate in this matter. and why you chose him to be part of being on the same page

Tell him that you like him and are interested in him, but are not in the right space for a relationship. It looks like the perfect arrangement. This will let both of you know where the other person is coming from.

#8 set basic rules This is probably the most important part to keep in mind when you’re trying to figure out how to ask a guy to be friends with benefits. If there are no rules It’s always a mess

Have you both seen the other person? Are you letting people know if you have sex with someone else? Will you share food or sleep with each other? What birth control method do you rely on? This is something you have to decide before you start doing things.

This could be what makes a relationship less scary or romantic. But luckily this is not a relationship. [Read: 14 things you have to teach your new FWB partner]

#9 Maintain friendships. Your friendship should last as before. If you go out in a group once a month, keep doing it. If you only meet a few times a year Stick to those social gatherings.

If there are too many changes outside the benefit part of the situation Can be difficult to navigate

#10 Agree that everything will end eventually.. A friend with benefits is not a marriage. This means that it will eventually end. So before starting things Make sure you both know verbally that this won’t last forever.

agree with the terms Will you pick something up next time you’re both single? It’s been six months already? How will you end it when the time comes? [Read: How to remain friends after you end a FWB relationship]

#11 Talk about what happened after. The ending of the story is weird. No matter how much you’ve prepared So try to sort things out ahead of time. Ask him if after things are over, you can maintain your friendship normally or set aside time.

If you end up because you have a new boyfriend. Will you tell that person? Would that make things weird for your friendship? This is what you should talk about.

#12 Would you tell people? This is another big deal among friends with benefits agreements. If you share a group of friends Will they be able to tell what’s going on? Do you keep things low?

do you have roommates You will sneak around Or just tell two people who need to know?

#13 What happens if someone captures feelings? It is always possible whether you or he refuses to believe it. So let’s talk about the possibilities.

Are you both open to dating too? Or should either of you end if feelings appear? [Read: How to properly break up with a friend with benefits]

#14 Set a routine? may sound boring But setting up a routine will make it work more smoothly. Will you stick to his place or yours?

Are you avoiding weekends and just meeting up during the week? This will help in planning and dealing with the details later.

#15 What do you like? You are a friend with benefits So sex is always on the table. And since you may not be afraid to hurt his feelings like the person you might be dating. So you can share what you like and what you don’t like right from the start.

Let him know what’s on and off the table from the start. would not be surprised

[Read: Sleeping with a friend – The no-regrets guide to doing it right]

Are you still wondering how to ask a guy to be friends with benefits? I hope not with these instructions You should probably go with a no-compromise agreement about your sex buddies.

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