How to be a Badass in 25 Awesomely Bad Ways

The bad guys are not the ones who are angry or who try to adjust to it. They just exist and carve their own path to glory. Want to know how to be a bad person?


Every guy wants to know how to be a bad guy. There’s something so cool and awesome about him that you don’t want to mess with him.

But before we go any further You have to remember that bad people are not people who get into arguments for no reason. or someone who wants to be the center of attention

He just exists, he lives on his own terms. And he doesn’t care less about what’s going on around him. The vague indifference he showed to this world made him desirable. But still difficult to imitate.

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How to be a bad girl

The villain is not alpha. He didn’t want to dominate other men to prove his manhood.

Bad boys aren’t bad boys either. He didn’t want to draw attention to himself with childish antics.

He was just a formidable man who looked extremely formidable. But it’s awesome! Every man wants to be a villain. Because the villain makes everything look cool.

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Real Men in Badass

Bad guys are not people who want attention. He was the one who gained a reputation for behaving like that. if you have no one You have no right to be a bad person. If you are still at the end of your life You can’t become a bad person even if you try. It’s just an unfortunate reality of the world we live in. You become the bad guy when you give him respect without asking.

The real man in the villain is really a wonderful man. who does what he does wonderfully He could ignore everyone in the world. but still People crawled up to him because he was the only one suitable for the job. Get what I mean?

Although we can talk about the nature of the bad guy and how to be the bad guy. But you still have to excel at something and be good at it. People have no choice but to respect you for that.

villain vs villain

the villain has 2 Type is a real villain and a villain villain. Well, let’s do that – real bastards and those who try hard to make themselves the bad guys.

The real bad guys are the ones that society needs. He avoids society and doesn’t care about matters. less “appropriate”. Still, people still come to him.

And then we have a lunatic. This is an annoying stab throwing weight around. call for attention Try to grimace and be cocky. and everyone walked away from him. he thinks he is important but in all possibilities He’s just an arrogant man and no one gives a donkey about his existence. [Read: 10 biggest dating turn offs for women ever]

So before you try to be the bad guy. Let’s understand the key differences between the two villains. and choose who you want to be

The concept of being a bad person

You don’t have to turn yourself into a bad person. You just have to stop pretending and work hard to fit in and be liked.

We live in a world where we have to please a few people. And do things even when we don’t want to. All because we want to enter or like. But if you really want to know how to be a bad person Stay on top of it and live on your terms. but most importantly Don’t do it for attention. Do it because you focus on your goals and larger goals in life. where all the little details become trivial to you.

How to Become a Badass – 25 Steps to Find and Reveal Your Badass

The villain is not a villain. He doesn’t attack people for no reason. He was just a wonderful man who knew that he was beyond normal. he doesn’t care about people he doesn’t want them and most importantly He was as unpredictable as hell.

The most important trait of a bad guy is his unpredictable nature. No one could tell how he would react to something. He keeps his secrets close and his emotions are closed unless he releases them with revenge.

Want to be a real bad ass? Use these 25 tips for being the bad guy. And you’ll be there in no time.

#1 don’t be a person who likes Stop worrying about everyone’s opinions. you know who you are and the people you love love in you So stop trying to please everyone you meet in your life.

#2 don’t be nervous Bad guys are never nervous. restless, restless The villain moves with calculated accuracy. and never breaks his knuckles or flicks his feet when he is stationary. [Read: How to get a great girl to notice you without even talking to her]

#3 Look deeply. Badasses stare when they are having a conversation with someone. if they are happy The corners of their mouths would roll into small smiles. if they are not satisfied Their expressions would turn into a smirk that made everyone I felt like I was about to be punched in the face.

#4 don’t nod The bad guy didn’t nod or shake his head to accept every sentence he heard. when you are chatting with someone Just staring at them or answering with ‘yes’ or ‘no’ will intimidate whoever you speak to.

#5 relax. Be comfortable all the time, like you don’t care about the world. but at the same time very flexible When you need to get up or walk away don’t be a lazy person You have to make people run after you and follow your pace all the time. [Read: Why shy guys use the hover hand around a girl all the time]

#6 compact. Don’t use six words when you can use them. Bad guys don’t indulge in gibberish. Always try to keep your sentences short. It will allow the other person to talk more to fill in the gaps. and that frightened them.

#7 don’t be shy Bad guys are never shy about making a scene or getting attention. Always ready to raise your voice if needed. Whether it’s yelling at someone or talking on the phone.

#8 Bad people are perfectionists. This is very important. Be perfect in what you do Otherwise no one will pay attention to you. Only when you are indispensable to others. So you can be worthy of being the bad guy. [Read: 12 steps to be perfect in everything you do]

#9 don’t smile all the time A womanizer’s smile is like a rare animal. It can only be seen on rare occasions. Your smile should feel like a compliment. So don’t smile unless you laugh like crazy and you’re the bad guy.

#10 Be gentle from time to time. Show your gentle side now and even let others know that you are human. This also makes you unpredictable, which is a nice trait about villains.

#11 Always lean back in your seat. Don’t sit at the end of your seat waiting to jump up like you’ve got a spring loaded under your ass. Sit back and calmly express your thoughts. It makes you look more modest.

#12 Don’t lose your cool in front of other people. loss of coolness Especially when you are hit at something or when someone says rude words as a sign of weakness. Because it shows people that you are negatively impacted by what they say to you. Bad guys don’t care about people’s opinions.

But if you can’t keep your anger Occasional eruptions are also acceptable. As long as you don’t expose your weaknesses to others.

#13 Slow and steady posture Bad guys don’t move their hands too often or too quickly. He was a calm and peaceful person. and only used a slow and calculated gesture. [Read: 25 character traits about a guy that turn a girl on sexually]

#14 Emotionless. Don’t be too emotional. whether it’s positive or negative The bad guys show no real emotions to anyone except the closest people in their lives.

#15 Have a serious move. Every badass has a move or two to keep himself busy when he’s just sitting around. You can use one hand to touch the knuckle of the other. or stroking his chin slowly as if contemplating

#16 Dress really well. dress modestly intimidate others Bad guys only look bad when they look and dress sexy. If you dress like a normal man you will be ignored [Read: 15 things girls look for in a guy to fall for him]

#17 Control others Always control the other person in the conversation. Don’t just nod and listen to what they suggest. Use your hands to guide them around the place or have them follow your lead in a small way. before you know it Their ego will be reduced. and you will feel more powerful As long as you can control the direction and end of the conversation.

#18 Never lose your cool. The bad guy didn’t lose his concentration or his coolness. He tends to stay calm and make decisions with a calm and calculated mind.

#19 Don’t scream. Speak in a soft, firm tone that does not tremble all the time. A man with a high pitched voice is never crazy. He’s an attention-seeking person. [Read: How to get a girl’s attention wherever you are like a real man]

#20 Be brave. but never thank you open the door for a woman But walked away before she turned around and thanked. It makes everyone you knight want to know you! [Read: The code of modern chivalry for men]

#21 Learn your manners. Don’t be rude or arrogant. Badasses are very charming, but very restrained. treat everyone with respect But do not tolerate their annoyance.

#22 Don’t talk fast. People who are confident and full of themselves tend to speak slowly. Because they are not interested in wasting other people’s time. but vice versa If you are a fast speaker Must be strong and command a lot. It has the same negative effect because it shows that you don’t have time to waste with other people. But don’t let anyone get in your way when you’re talking.

#23 Drink like a man If you are not a drinker Avoid colorful cocktails and drinks with fancy umbrellas when you act like a madman. easy drink It makes you look more serious and sophisticated.

#24 Don’t hide your displeasure. Let people see the frustration on your face when you’re annoyed by them for something. Bad guys are perfectionists and are intolerant of the incompetent.

#25 Be a really bad person. Be confident in who you are and don’t pretend to be your personality just to get attention. it never works If you want to be a bad person You need to build these properties over time. Bad people are not born in one day. He will become one over time with maturity and confidence. [Read: How your self respect affects your relationship with others]

said and done Bad guys are ruthless and emotionless only to those they deal with professionally. when talking about his personal life He was a very loving, respectful and virtuous man. who takes care of his family and loves them to death

The bad guy is the wall he built to protect himself from humans and people who are not important to him. for the person he loves He is warm and caring. and never had an ego

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The villain is great everyone wants to be him But few could be him even if they had tried all their lives. Do you want to be one? Use These 25 Steps to Be a Bad Guy And if you have it in you You will be one someday.

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