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A good wife is someone who cares enough to research how to be a good wife. Use your heart. No one is perfect. All you have to do is love him completely.

How to be a good wife

When I choose to write about being a good wife All I can do is roll my eyes. If you ask my husband if I am a good wife I’m pretty sure he would answer “maybe,” but only out of fear. We all want to be the perfect wives, right?

We want to be the kind-hearted woman we all grew up watching. Laughs when her husband does something wrong. Or it’s okay when he’s out with his friends seven nights a week. The problem is that being a good wife is an illusion that destroys the way we see ourselves and the way men think a wife should be.

How to be a good wife – The 7 what makes everything different

No one is perfect. i mean Maybe Mother Teresa was. Maybe she isn’t anyone to tell All I know is when the kids cry, I’m locked up in the house all day. And my husband came home and pretended I didn’t exist. Being a good wife is really hard.

What does a good wife look like? I always say that when I come back to my next life i want to have a wife When I picture the perfect wife for my next life. You own these things. 7 feature [Read: How to be a good girlfriend – 10 things you have to do]

If asked how to be a good wife There’s a high chance that you don’t think you’re good enough. Make up your mind; The fact that you care makes you amazing. If I had a dollar every time I saw a woman scolding her husband make sweet items that lasts all week or say goodbye to every weekend to go Once again, I’m going to be very rich, ladies.

I mentioned that if I had a lot of money I might be better suited to be the perfect wife. because I can sit still Have someone take care of the kids, do the laundry, clean the house. And also make me look beautiful? The biggest secret to being a good wife is to try to breathe and live as it comes. 7 Tips for being a good wife

#1 take a breath It’s not hard not to panic when the kids run around in the messy house. You’re late for a meeting. And your husband won’t have to worry about what’s going on. The point is that everyone will go crazy for your shoes.

If you want to know how to be a good wife Take a break and take a breath before reacting. Usually when we are in a fierce battle. And the ones most likely to experience violence are the men we say, “I do.” [Read: 21 things men do that’ll turn any woman into a crazy girlfriend]

#2 Don’t think that marriage is a fairy tale.. Most likely, if you ask how to be a good wife. You have subscribed to the idea that there is such a thing. I’ve been living for a long time And all I know is that the concept of perfection…not perfect.

The pair you think is perfect The husband you think is perfect, and yes, even the wife you think is perfect isn’t. She may be more patient than you. But that’s just her personality. Trust me, whatever you think she has for you, she won’t. She might be better off hiding the idiot or moving somewhere else. [Read: 16 common relationship tips that ruin your life]

#3 stop trying to be perfect. When I was young I used to think that a good wife is a woman who comes down in pajamas and no matter how many years pass. She still has a baby face and a perfect body. That caused me to constantly starve or overwork my body.

Translation… I made myself miserable which caused me to misbehave which led to my madness. My point is, the more you try to paint the picture in your head of perfection. The less likely you are to be the perfect person for your partner. no matter how skinny i am or trying to be beautiful. In the end, my husband only wanted a happy woman staring at him.

#4 be happy. Happy wife, happy life If you’re always worried about being the perfect wife. You don’t just enjoy the ride. If you want to know how to be a good wife Stop trying to live the book, become Martha Stewart, or give your husband a single for a strip club on your way out the door.

All the ways we try to find a way to be a good wife end up making us feel less bad. and make us less happy in our own way A man wants to feel accomplished by having someone waiting for him at a happy home. A good wife loves her husband and her life. not either/or [Read: One year itch – 25 tips to avoid marriage problems early on]

#5 do small things It’s not about being everything or doing everything. Being a good wife means spending time and energy doing small things. greatly

If you find something missing in your husband, try to fill it. If he wants to pick me up, pick him up if he’s feeling sick. to be there to comfort him.

if he is not happy Let the woman take him out to drink to get rid of his problems. It is in the little details that you find people who really love you. The best way to find out how to be a good wife is to know how to do the little things that can make a big impact and turn around even the worst of the day. [Read: 16 secrets to a perfectly happy relationship]

#6 take a break as a woman We are anxious creatures. Service providers by nature, we not only have to solve everything, but we have to solve them now. Instead of getting up and passing right away go to bed like crazy simmer a bit and let him not speak for two days. And it’s safe enough to walk away knowing there’s still time in the future to deal with what happened.

men are different from women They need time to process. The best way to find a good wife is to give him space, distance him, and stop pushing and pushing on issues that lead to misery.

#7 just love himIt seems like a no-brainer, right? It’s not. What you say to your husband and what he hears are two very different things. When you give “constructive criticism” there is nothing constructive about it. If you want to know how to be a good wife Stop trying to make him perfect. Men are difficult creatures. [Read: 12 subtle signs of a loveless unhappy marriage]

You can’t change And the more you try The more they heard the rejection. instead of thinking “If he does what I want everything will be perfect.” Let him be perfect in his imperfections.

You marry him for a reason trust your decision And even though he’s not perfect stop trying so hard The truth is that you are not perfect either. And it’s likely that he’ll make a lot of changes to you if he can.

Realizing that nothing is perfect is the first step towards finding perfection. You will never be the perfect wife. He will never be the perfect husband. And I will say that for this record You will never be the perfect couple.

The good news is that there is nothing scary or exciting about being. In fact, perfection is in the book. It’s rules-based, predictable, and doesn’t get lost or out of bounds.

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So if you follow the advice of being a good wife, you will do well Your husband just wants a happy wife. happy life and those who believe that even in his imperfection He was the most perfect.

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