How to be Better in Bed: 16 Passionate Ways to Blow their Mind

If you and your partner yawn in bed rather than play under the sheets. You’ll need to figure out how to make it better in bed. and blow their minds

how to get better in bed

I understand when you are with someone for a long time The sexual energy between you and your partner will fade slightly. Many of us think it’s normal. Stop wondering how to sleep in bed. And just think that’s what every relationship will become. But it doesn’t have to be. Do you remember Sting? He and his wife still understood. 3-4 times a week And he’s in his sixties!
So what’s your excuse? Trust me, I watched an episode of Oprah about it. So I’m an expert. It’s important to keep the flame alive. You thought having sex would be easy haha ​​! Roll up your sleeves, people. You have to be creative.
How to sleep better and blow their minds
Remove the notepad… You will need to take notes. Even if you think you’re a pretty good couple. But there is always a way to develop. So here’s how to get better in bed and clear your mind.
#1 hygiene up It’s interesting that people like to have sex with clean people. Isn’t that weird? Who would have thought? I’m not saying you’re dirty But perhaps you can light a fire by pruning old bushes. Or use coconut moisture instead of the Vaseline in your five year old jar. Have you ever seen someone come out of the shower? They look fresh and new. [Read: Pretty pussy essentials – How to make it purr with delight]#2 circle of trust There’s nothing worse than not feeling like trying new things. with your lover because you are afraid of being judged Maybe you want to try something new, like bringing whipped cream into the bedroom. But you’re afraid that your lover will judge you.
Having a better sex life starts with trusting your partner and feeling safe with your feelings and thoughts. If you don’t feel this way, find someone new.
#3 communication. Maybe you have a good sex life with your partner. However, you still lack some key points in communication. Maybe your partner hates when you lick your nipples. But you always do
But if they don’t tell you, you don’t know. So you two need to communicate a lot about what’s good and what’s not. [Read: How to talk about sex with your partner without sounding like a pervert]#4 keep it fresh you have to change it If you only enjoy sex in missionary Life is long, so try new sex positions. other than what you are used to You don’t have to go all the Kama Sutra, but you can try new things and see what works for you and your partner. Add another location to the collection.
#5 You don’t need to speed up. People always want it fast and hard. which i don’t complain I’m also a fan But when you go slowly It will disappoint people and make them even more excited, so don’t rush, I mean, unless you have a place to go. but if you have time Take it to the last minute, play slow ’80s music, or Drake… they both do the trick, although Drake might make you miss your ex. so be careful [Read: Slow sex – 13 steamy reasons why it’s the best sex ever]#6 no pressure Don’t feel pressured to try better in bed. Look, I didn’t know how to make cowgirls. until I was in my early twenties I just don’t understand. Do I suck? Maybe, but I’m not putting pressure on myself. I practiced and oh… i’m better
#7 Know the basics. know how to give a blowjob Eat girls out, give head, French kissing method – you know, these basics. When you have a strong foundation You will be able to create it. Then you’ll know what to do to be better in bed. [Read: 9 sexiest foreplay tips you can ever use in bed]#8 get out of your head Anyone can be nervous when having sex with someone. They are worried about the shaping face or the twitching fat on the thighs. which is normal But you have to get yourself out of your head.
The other person doesn’t think about underarm fat or how loud you moan. you make them emotional And they don’t care about anything else.
#9 Make time for courtship. You have to make time for love if you work full time you might be tired But you’re ignoring the fundamentals of the relationship. that is intimacy It’s important, so make sure you find time to devote to yourself and your partner.
#10 Surprise them. Who wouldn’t love if their partner came to work for a quickie? Or if they’re driving and they suddenly get mouth-blown or thumbs-up? You don’t have to surprise them with an expensive vacation. You can have fun doing something in that moment… no matter where you are [Read: Surprise sex – Shock and awe your partner with these naughty moves]#11 Bring out the toys. Use toys. This isn’t 1950s anymore. Missionary isn’t the only position you’re allowed to do. Try vibrators, dildos, anal beads, butt plugs, whatever gets the two of you.
Go to the store or shop online together and pick something you both think is worth trying. Is there a chance you don’t like it? Yes. Would you laugh? definitely.
#12 Role play. Roleplaying is fun, and who knows, maybe you’ll discover hidden talents in your acting. The point is, role-playing is a fun way to bring people into the room without bringing in new people. come in You can be whoever you want and enjoy it. [Read: The sexual role play guide for beginners]#13 Focus on foreplay. People tend to forget foreplay. And I can’t emphasize the importance of it. you need foreplay It’s boring to drill directly. If you want to know how to sleep better Instead, focus on foreplay.
Relax and get to know your partner’s body, explore them! In addition, following other issues will make you discover new things about your partner along the way [Read: How to foreplay – The key to be best sex of your life]#14 Exercise. Take care of yourself. You might not even think about it when you’re wondering how to sleep better. but it’s very important by exercise You are working on your cardiovascular system. And that will give you patience in bed. no one wants to 5-Have sex every night So if you’re out of breath after 2 The minute you hit the gym, your partner will thank you.
#15 Try almost everything once. Don’t shut up. Unless it’s something that makes you feel insecure. You should be open-minded and willing to try new things with your partner. That way, you’ll see what works for you and what doesn’t. Just be sure to communicate with your partner. [Read: 20 new things to try in bed with your lover at least once]#16 Don’t take it seriously. Sex isn’t serious – it’s not a job interview. to sleep better You want to relax and laugh if you accidentally fart or elbow your partner. If you can’t laugh with your lover You won’t be relaxed or comfortable. So sex is bad.
[Read: 20 hot sex ideas to blow your lover’s mind in bed]If you want to know how to sleep better You don’t need to memorize the Kara Sutra book. You just have to be willing to put in the effort and try new things. And can start with this list!

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