How to be Good on Top and Ride Him Like the Sex Goddess You Are –

If there’s one thing every woman should learn, it’s how to get better. Impressing a guy and grabbing his attention in the bedroom can be a lot of things.

How to stay at the top

Of course, sex isn’t everything. You want to make sure you have connections outside the bedroom too. But what makes him have eyes for you and only you is how you can please him outside and in the bedroom. That’s why learning how to excel is so important.

It’s not just about using your body to make him want to be with you. But men are very sexual beings. If you can get to the top and rock his world. He will want again and again.

Sex is very important to build a deeper connection in a relationship.

You probably know how important sex is in a relationship. Yes, being emotionally connected is just as important. But if neither of them Your relationship is doomed.

but different from emotional connection Sex is not something that clicks without effort. you have to work for it And that means devoting yourself to every bedroom to impress each other so you can be together. [Read: The truth about how important sex is in a relationship revealed]

How to outperform and blow his mind

If you want your man to see you in bright light. Learn how to control the position of the woman on it. It might take a long time but with proper effort You will be able to stun him with your skills.

#1 prepare for exercise It’s not easy. One of the biggest complaints, and one of the big reasons women tend to dislike exercise, is because it’s exercise. You have to work really hard and your legs will definitely be tired.

So get ready Get fit and exercise your legs and build endurance. Men work hard all the time during sex. Why can’t you? Hit the gym and get in shape Not only will you feel better. But the sex on top will get better too. [Read: The fitness guru’s guide to sex]

#2 take control One of the sexiest things you can do in this position is to make a claim. have some control Get your man to turn him over so you can be on top. Hold his hand so he can do nothing but sit down and enjoy the ride.

This is the sexiest dance move. that will make you look much better Even if you’re not that skilled. Your attitude and the way you control him will feel incredible no matter what.

#3 Choose how you want to ride. There are many different locations that you can enter while at the top. Basically, you can do whatever you want.

The only thing that will keep you on top is when you really enjoy it. That means you might prefer facing him in reverse cowgirl than you like riding a standard ride.

You can also turn away from him while leaning your back against your hands so that you are in a paving position. It really depends on you. Find out what makes you feel the best and what you like the most. But be sure to change it up every now and then as well. [Read: 19 ways to own the cowgirl position and make it hotter]

#4 change your speed Just like you should change your location from time to time. You should also work at speed. Not all guys like it really fast, and most people don’t like it so slow.

The key is diversity. If you think he might get close Or if he says he’s there, slow down, switch to hip thrusts instead of going up and down to avoid too much friction. When you change things up, it gets exciting.

#5 lean forward and backward You can get creative here. Learning to excel also means learning how to adapt in a way that makes things easy for you and exciting for him.

therefore leaned forward towards him. You can ride him while your body is pressed together. You can kiss his neck and gnaw his ears while he’s inside you and you’re moving up and down. giving rise to new feelings and perspectives [Read: How to spice up your sex life in 30 naughty ways]

#6 don’t forget to use your hand They are there for a reason. If you don’t use it to feed yourself. to take it to work elsewhere Your man has a baby he can caress about if you lean back far enough.

You can also use it on yourself, let him perform, since he has great visibility when you’re on top. A lot of his stimulation and arousal may come from watching you touch yourself. It’s really a win-win.

#7 Kegels are your friend. The best thing about being on top is that you have complete control. You can adjust speed, depth and even angle. You can also change the pressure he feels by doing Kegels while he is inside you.

I know it sounds weird, but it works, and he’ll be able to tell. As long as you practice these things outside the bedroom. and you should be This should be easy. Just be patient with him while you sit down and he’ll feel that feeling. [Read: Real pussy power and how to strengthen your vaginal muscles]

#8 rotate your hips You don’t just have to go up and down. As long as you don’t rotate your hips too much. It was fun for him. It also boosts your G-spot, and we all know that when you’re having a lot of fun. he did too [Read: 14 sex moves that feel oh so amazing]

#9 Ask for the best feeling You need a definite answer here. The best way to get better is to ask him what he likes best. a simple question but will have a huge impact

You might think he likes one of the positions best. When he likes the opposite position, just ask. You can do this sexy with dirty talk. He won’t even know what you’re doing.

#10 Keep doing it even when you are tired. if you think about it Men regularly work hard in the bedroom. You’re up on top for a few minutes, nothing compares to him going into town with you for half an hour.

So even if you’re a little tired, keep going. Switching positions can help relieve tension and help you go on for longer.

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Learning to get better is mostly about getting in shape and finding the position that works best for you and your guy. As long as you try, he will appreciate it.

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