How to Be on Top: 15 Sexy Moves to Master It and Rock his World

If you have no riding experience It is understandable that you want to be perfect first. Here’s your guide on how to stay on top and ride him like a pro.

How can you stay upstairs?

If there is something that all men agree on. The girl above is the girl you want to have. Why? Because it gives the best view and of course they have to do the least amount of work!

not only that But the woman at the top is a powerful woman. And we all know how desirable a powerful woman can be. The point is, if you know how to jump on your man and ride him like no other. He will have to stay by your side for a long time.

confident woman power

If you think of the meaning of the woman above. It will be a testament to how strong and confident you are. A woman who knows how to stay on top and rock his world is the one who knows what she’s doing and feels amazing about herself. which is what is in great demand

Men like confident women because they are sexy. When you can lift yourself up, love yourself, and show him that you’re the best that he has. he will believe it Being on top will show him that. [Read: 18 girl on top tips to make sex a lot sexier]

How can you stay upstairs?

Being on top can be scary just because it puts you in control. You are solely responsible for making him feel good. And it can be a little scary if you don’t know what you’re doing or how you ride him to rock the world.

For anyone new to this, let me explain. Here’s your complete guide on how to stay on top and make this a night he’ll never forget. Just remember that not every man is the same. So be sure to adjust what you do as they seem!

#1 confident. It’s nothing more than a woman going up north and having no confidence at all. If she’s nervous and doesn’t feel good about her body. That feeling will hit the man’s heart and he’ll feel awkward – and that’s obviously bad. [Read: How to look better naked using 15 real-life tips]

#2 start slowly Don’t just touch him and hit him hard and as fast as you can. Yes, you can do this, but later – after you’ve warmed up. Slowly sliding down to him You will let him feel you and all the feelings that go with you on top. Let him handle it all first!

#3 Intense control! If you want to know how to stay upstairs, get rid of him! Now is the time for you to shake his hand, shake his hand, and get to work!

You are now in charge. And you do whatever you want with you above all else. If you really want to drive home Tell him it’s your turn And he just wants to sit down and relax. This is sexy and a relief to him!

#4 Don’t forget about your hands. Don’t just put both of his hands when you can use them to make things so much better. He has a lot for you to see, like your breasts are bouncing. he walked towards you your facial expression, etc.

Use this! Grab your chest and squeeze it. Play with your own clit. Rub it all over your body. You can use it to touch his body – sensations will explode for him. [Read: 10 foolproof sex tips that every girl should know]

#5 use different angles The best part about being on top is the fact that there are different angles. Lots that you can use to make yourself and him more satisfied. Bending his back will pull his organs back in a certain way and make it feel tighter for him.

However, if you keep your back straight and sit more on him. You’ll let him go deeper and give yourself more happiness. Find an angle that you both like. And take turns so that everything is natural!

#6 turn around Going north doesn’t mean you have to face him all the time. You can even turn around and give him your entire rear view – something he will always remember!

All you have to do is switch so you can turn away from him and do what you did before. The view that your thief crushes him will forever be burned in his heart. [Read: Reverse cowgirl – 13 reasons why it’s the best sex position]

#7 stand up Usually when a woman is on top She will straddle the man on her knees. But if you really want to drive him crazy. You should lift your knees and use your feet. This gives you a much wider range of motion, which is impressive for both of you.

#8 make those hips move Don’t just move up and down. You can move your hips around. in a circular motion to make it less concentrated But it also gave him an amazing feeling. He’ll also love to see your hips move like that. and he will ask for more

#9 Pause and recline for a romantic moment. Sometimes the women on top might be doing too much for the men. And he may need to take a break to have sex a little longer. Saying so, stop while he’s inside you and lean forward to give him a long, passionate kiss. [Read: Passionate lovemaking – All the sexy secrets you need to know]

#10 Keep him in control. Now, being above and riding your people isn’t just about doing your job. Sometimes it’s really sexy to get out of control and allow him to work for you. Just tell him it’s his turn to do what he wants and watch him grab your hips and go to town!

#11 Focus on yourself I know this may seem ineffective because it’s all about riding your guy and making him enjoy it. But believe me, if you are determined to remove yourself He will follow immediately.
There’s just something so sexy for them to watch women use them to get off their cars. Knowing that he is responsible for your happiness is a huge opening. and he will like it [Read: How to make out with a guy like a sex goddess]

#12 Change speed! Doing the same rhythm all the time is not only boring. But it will also result in him getting to the finish line faster if you’re not careful. If you want to know how to stay on top and do what he will love. to speed up The thing that can really motivate him is to go fast and take some time and slow down.

#13 Have fun. Don’t forget that riding your guy should be fun! If he sees that you are enjoying riding him. He would be having fun too! Keep it light and fun and avoid taking it too seriously. [Read: How to ride a man and look really sexy doing it]

#14 Ask him what he likes the most. There are many ways to ask this question in a really sexy way. This will make him feel even more excited. When doing something, just lean in and whisper in his ear, “Do you like this? Tell me what you want me to do.” And he will definitely do it! [Read: How to sound sexy in bed and arouse him instantly]

#15 Do what you like and he will absolutely love it. The last thing to remember when learning how to stay on top and rock his world is to do what you like! If you have a good time and feel really good. So is he!

He cares about your happiness as much as with you belonging to him So showing him that you are doing what you enjoy will make him happy.

[Read: 20 kinky things to do with your boyfriend beyond the bed]

If you want to know how to stay on top These tips will save you from trial and error. Jump up and hold on tight!

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