How to Be a Wingman: A Full Guide to Become the Best Wingman Ever

Knowing how to be a pilot is not just a skill. but about being a good friend Do you have something to bring to your friends?

How to be a good pilot

Understanding how to be a pilot isn’t just about standing next to a friend as they hit a girl. Being a pilot is a supportive friend. It’s about making your friends look their best. It was to shine a light on him and make him feel comfortable.

What’s great is that you can pilot each other at the same time. He can help you while you are helping him. If you want to know how to be a pilot means you want to be a good friend. And that tells me you’re partially there.

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What is a pilot?

The word pilot comes from real aviation. It is the name given to the pilot to fly beside or behind the leader in style. It’s basically a support pilot. That’s the same idea when it comes to dating pilots. You’re taking on a supporting role and helping your friend make a good impression without being in the middle.

The pilot may boast of how good his friend is. They may make friends with people they know. They may encourage their friends to be better so they have a better chance with the person they like.

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What not to do as a pilot

The pilot plays a supportive role for a friend who needs help when it comes to flirting or dating. We often see this role in movies and on TV. But what we saw was not the point. in those situations You see a guy acting like a fool to keep their friends humble as a good man. You see the pilot bring the girl’s unfortunate looking friend to ask for a friend. These things can make fraternal comedy funny. But it’s not realistic, accurate, or appropriate to be a real-life pilot.

There was no pilot to help his friend. If that’s your goal You can click to close this article. Because that’s not how I helped you and it’s not how everyone should. It’s not good or bad to help your friend take advantage of a woman by manipulating her. The real pilot is not there to help a friend pick up a girl by tricking her. The pilot’s responsibility is to help a woman see the best qualities of his friend without resorting to tricks and games in bed with women.

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How to be a good pilot

If you really want to be a good pilot You want your friends to be nice and treat women with dignity and dignity. In fact, helping him be a good person doesn’t just make him seem like one of the best things you can do for him. So what else makes a good pilot?

#1 help him relax Being a good pilot isn’t just about making women like him. but also to make him like himself Before going to a girl or introducing him to help him feel good and calm.

If he sweats and is nervous What you say to her won’t replace that. Let him know he can handle this, it’s just talking.

Even giving him a shot to help him calm down. Just make sure there is a drinking limit. It’s one thing to give him a little courage to talk to beautiful girls. But the other thing was to pick him up from the background after he puke in her shoes. make it level [Read: 15 tips every guy must absolutely know before approaching a woman]

#2 let him speak to encourage The worst that happened was that she didn’t care. and you go to sleep well Let him know that you will be lucky to talk to him or go out with him. Remind him that he’s funny and can approach her alone too. But you’re just there to make things less awkward.

Take inspiration from the locker room quotes of your favorite sports movies and put him in the right space. if he is not sure You will see that And you’ll seem overly aggressive, like he’s really cool even though that he didn’t think so [Read: How to motivate yourself to do pretty much anything you want]

#3 call him out You have to be a good friend above all else. If he said something exaggerated playing inappropriate jokes or whatever call him out Don’t make excuses or nod along. That not only pleases you, but doesn’t help him at all. Teach him why what he says or does is wrong.

You are not responsible for him But part of being a friend and knowing how to be a good pilot is making him better. It’s not just looking better, so don’t just say what he wants to hear or what he wants her to hear. say what needs to be said [Read: The 22 unspoken guy code rules all men must know]

#4 be sensible enough Going out for drinks and meeting girls It’s very good But if you want to be a good pilot Be sensible enough to stay in your game. You should be able to speak clearly. hear clearly and interact You must be able to stand Drinking a few drinks is good and good. But what if you really want your buddy to be able to connect with someone? You both need to be conscious. You both need to be sensible enough to know that the woman you’re talking to is a sane person. [Read: What to talk about when you’re drunk with your date]

#5 introduce yourself. If your friend wants or needs a pilot, makes sense, he might be a little nervous. You can, of course, offer encouragement and help him relax. But you were there for a different reason. You want to relieve the tension and awkwardness between everyone. Whether you’re talking to one woman, two women, or a whole group. to take on the role of an organic speaker You want to get everyone’s name.

You’re opening the door for your friend so he can walk through. Without a knock, the door won’t open. The difficulty here is balancing being charming enough to make everyone comfortable without the attention of your friends. [Read: How to talk to a group of girls and impress all of them at the same time]

#6 know who likes who There can be a lot of confusion here. I’ve seen it happen spontaneously. When you’re heading to a group of girls with your partner. Know who he wants to click with so you don’t accidentally flirt with her. introduce them first Pay attention to her friends or the whole group. Try to find common ground between them and focus there.

If she says she’s a football fan and you know he’s a fan. Lets go back to that topic. Help rekindle their connection so they can possess. [Read: How to keep a conversation going with girls so you always have something to say]

#7 Know when to back off. Know when to stop and walk away I don’t mean if things are going well, but if they don’t. This is another place where movies are misunderstood. Persistence isn’t attractive or lovable, and it doesn’t work.

If the girl or woman you’re talking to isn’t interested, don’t put pressure on it. Either they reject you or just seem uninterested. I can almost guarantee they don’t play hard. Know when to say “pleased to meet Good night.” Having that skill will not only make you a better man. but also helping other women realize that too

#8 is their own person. Even though the pilot was there to make his friends look good. But don’t go overboard. Friends teasing each other. You also have your own personality. Don’t forget to be yourself It wasn’t just a puppet that spat at him.

Moreover You want to show everyone that you are a good and normal person. If you act weird to make your friends look better. It will make them wonder why he is your friend. Be yourself and show them that they are good through you. He will only be friends with other good people. If he has a close friend like you He must be a good person. [Read: 18 qualities of a good man that sets him apart from lesser men]

#9 link. connect with girl friend talk in groups really get to know them This calms and makes everyone feel comfortable. If you flirt with her friends so they can talk to girls. it will be clear Instead of parting ways and making everyone feel pressured to flirt, just talk.

Make a group plan. Have a conversation. Play darts or trivia together. You don’t have to push your friends and women together in the corner. This wasn’t seven heavenly minutes at a seventh grade party. You can all get to know each other and see what’s going on. [Read: How to start a conversation with a stranger and say all the right things]

#10 Read the room. If things seem to be going well and she likes him. Know when to go for a walk Have a drink or call your mom. You have to be able to tell if they’re hitting it off or not. If you can’t, just ask. Sure, it may seem awkward, but it can actually break the ice. Saying, “Can I leave you two alone without a nanny?” can make your face blush. But if you want to be alone with him She will make it known If not, then she has to walk away as well.

Also, don’t leave without a plan. Did he go home with her? Who drove? Did he get her number? figure it out so no one is left behind. Learning to be a pilot isn’t all about making jokes and making your son look cool. It’s about being authentic. You want to help him move forward by doing the same.

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Learning to be a pilot is about being a good friend and doing what’s best for both of you. don’t have to be complicated if you are a good friend it will come out fine.

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