How to be the “Hot Guy” – 20 Rules to Instant Hotness

just like men A girl needs a man to blow her breath. But to be a real hot man you have to be yourself


Love is in the eye of the beholder There are some people that we are just attracted to and others that do not inspire us at all. Although everyone has their own preferences. which makes love a mystery But certain traits make you “hot” and more attractive to girls.

The problem is, most guys turn to other guys to find out what’s cool or hot. Instead of asking the real judge You will be surprised to find out what makes you hot with us. make you look cool to others

There’s a reason you see women who are hot with “geek” because he’s just a coward for other people, because he’s a maverick. That’s what women find most attractive. An extraordinary guy who doesn’t think you have to be all “sport” to be a man and understands that taking care of your appearance is really good. make us feel bad

The Hot Guy Manual: 20 Rules To Follow To Find The Hot Guys

If you want to be hot in the eyes of girls You have to follow some “hot” rules to get the girl of your dreams. You don’t have to daydream. You just need to do the following to make yourself interesting to us.

#1 Wear khaki. It’s not that we don’t like your pale jeans. But sometimes we prefer something more formal. Wearing khaki pants with side pockets and flared pants is something every girl knows.

#2 Play a musical instrument. The good news is that it’s never too late to learn to play the guitar or touch the ivory keys with your fingers. Playing an instrument will heat you up. Even if you’re not real

#3 be a gentleman There is nothing more attractive than a man who respects a woman. The hot guy is the one who opens the door for us. pull a chair for us and commands us when we do not know what to choose. No, courage is not dead. It’s a delightful “hot” factor. [Read: The man code – The 10 most important rules of a gentleman]

#4 let sports relax It doesn’t make you cool to know all the latest women’s sports statistics. You get a lot hotter when you remember her middle name or favorite color.

#5 Add cologne. You don’t have to smell like Abercrombie. Just a dab will do you. The key is to find something that is not monotonous or that other people wear. Go for old school Gray Flannel or even Old Spice, there’s a reason they’ve been built from generation to generation.

#6 beard not hot beard may enter Thank you, Commander Duck. But we don’t think they’re hot. You might consider yourself rebellious by letting your beard grow longer. But you are hiding the restlessness you have. [Read: To grow a beard or not – 10 tips to make up your mind]

#7 humor. There is nothing hotter than a funny guy who will pull his arm or to make any situation more fun and lighthearted. If you are someone who can bring out the humor. Take every opportunity you can. Just make sure you’re a really funny person. Failed attempts aren’t all that hot. [Read: How to make a girl smile, laugh, and like you instantly]

#8 Trend is ok, too trendy. try too hard If there’s something stylish It’s okay to follow trends. But if you are always dressed in the latest fashion We know you tried too hard. If you want to be hot Pick something that looks good on you and leave the rest on the catwalk.

#9 Sweats well…sometimes. Nature makes men smell good after exercising. I know when you finish the gym You might think it was a big breakup. But that’s not the case. However, if you don’t shower for two hours. The smell will be sour. We need pheromones immediately after exercise. But we don’t want a bad smell after sweating.

#10 Metrosexual is not hot, cleanliness is We don’t want men who spend more time on themselves and their affairs than we do. But it’s hot when you’re neat and able to clean yourself. [Read: 15 things all women always look for in a man before falling for him]

#11 Smart, not smart. Intelligence is very open. Girls are not like boys We need something other than a pretty face to find attractive people. If a man is hot but every time he opens his mouth What we heard was “Hug.” He quickly lost his attractiveness. Satire has both time and place. if you do too much You run the risk of being seen as rude or arrogant. [Read: 9 subtle differences between a confident and arrogant man]

#12 A good haircut is essential. If you think the roll-out-of-bed look is what we need. think again We don’t want “Mr… simple look. But having to do more than Supercuts to get the “bowl” required us to open up. A man who knows his style is the key to fervor.

#13 Fitness is essential. The truth is that we examine your body as much as with which you are examining our body That doesn’t mean we all need beef heads. It means that we want you to maximize your God-given body. The fit is essential for sultry appeal.

#14 Happiness smile. Grimace is not a magnet for us. We need a man who is happy for who he is and can go on. There’s nothing hotter and more attractive than a guy who can cut the bullshit and stop acting cool enough to put on a smile. [Read: 50 cute and sexy things guys do that girls find irresistible]

#15 Be confident in yourself. If you want to be hot, you have to stop following the crowd. Not an outstanding guy if you know what I mean. whatever you are embrace it Being yourself and having the confidence to resist the grain are the hottest qualities you can have.

#16 Strength comes in many forms. Strength means something different than you might think. Not every man can lift three hundred pounds. but must be strong enough to protect us Strength means you make us feel safe.

These signs can be done by simply touching our backs with our hands when walking or watching to make sure you are there to help hold the package from the car. Being strong requires you to be ready to protect us when we need it. both emotionally and physically [Read: 23 things girls wish guys knew about a girl’s mind]

#17 Having shit together. Having your shit together means you show up in unison. We like men who seem to take care of themselves from their watches to their shoes. The big picture is taking the time before you leave to make sure your opportunities and ends are taken care of. Luke “I just showed up” yesterday. We need someone who is dedicated and cares about their appearance. a little

#18 Eyes. There is something about the look in the eyes of men that is very attractive to women. If you look into her eyes And she can see deeply who you are. And that’s the hottest feature a woman will find. Instead of trying to avoid her gaze Look straight at her. Brown, green, or blue make no difference, because there is no color. It is in the intensity and honesty that the forward and middle look can show us. [Read: How to behave like a real man, the way he really should be]

#19 Your back. If you have a sagging butt, that won’t be on the hot list. while you are fit Do a few more squats. It’s important to be hot, you look as good as you go.

#20 Balance between talking and listening. There is a perfect balance between speaking and listening abilities. Your girl wants you to speak, but only if she wants to hear from you. Openness and communication require a balance between listening and showing interest in her. Heat can make us hot too. Don’t get me wrong!

Heat isn’t just what you’re born with. Women are slightly different from men, but not all.
At first we were attracted to body, hair and good looks. but in the end We found all packages hot. That means people who have our backs. Strong enough to carry heavy loads and interested enough in us to make us feel worthy and good in ourselves.

[Read: 25 traits in a man that make a man really attractive to women]

Now you know the qualities of a hot man. How many of these qualities do you see in yourself?

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