How To Become An Alpha Male Review

In the animal kingdom, the top male or alpha male always gets the girls. When it comes to the human species it is no different. This often makes it difficult for guys that may not have the physical attributes that often attract the opposite sex.

So what about all the guys that do not possess such physical attributes to do when it comes to attracting the ladies? You could spend countless hours at your local gym killing yourself trying to build your body. Unfortunately, that still won’t guarantee you will get the girls.

What you say if I could tell you that you are only a mouse click away for a system that guarantees you that if you follow it, you will never have to worry about losing out on the ladies. The system I speak of is called How to become an Alpha Male System and you really need to grab the system for yourself.

So what exactly is John Alexander’s How To Become An Alpha Male all about?

Well, it’s a very comprehensive guide (165 pages) that is different from a lot of so-called “How to Attract” guides. By focusing on you instead of the woman, that way you become the guy that women think is hot and by merely being yourself you will attract women.

Now there is a lot more to it than that and I will be explaining some of the techniques later and of course, there are also parts about the psychology of women, but that is it in a nutshell.

How To Become An Alpha Male PDFThe guide starts off by explaining some of the psychology of women and let me tell you it was a bit of an eye-opener. For instance, you shouldn’t verbalize anything to a woman during the mating ritual as this kills off any emotions, it is crucial for a woman to have emotions in order to be sexually receptive to you.

Also if you are the guy who thinks that one day if I wait long enough a woman will come up to me and initiate something, then think again. Women usually assume the passive role when it comes to sex for fear of being labeled a “slut”. So it is up to the man to make the first move, now if this sounds scary and it did for me, John gives some very good techniques for helping us men attract women.

He starts off by listing a few mistakes men make and then listing the 3 types of men: Alpha Males, Beta Males or “Nice Guys” and Jerks. You should easily be able to identify which one you are (I apparently am a nice guy) and then find out why nice guys always finish last and why jerks don’t finish that much above them.

What you really want to become is an Alpha Male. These are the sort of confident men we’ve all seen, whether they are successful businessmen, sportsmen or men that always seem to have a woman on their arm. The number one thing that will help you to become an alpha male is confidence. In order to achieve said confidence, we must have the correct body language.

Now I know this is nothing new, but what I liked about this guide is the practical steps and psychology behind the techniques in this guide to get the confidence and also importantly what not to do.

Starting off with appearance. Although appearance only counts as 20% – 30% of what a woman looks for, it’s important to look presentable, fairly trendy and be in good shape. This won’t only help you attract women, but will give you self-esteem and confidence if you know you are in good shape.

Probably the most important thing I learned from this guide was how to project your ideal self. Now there are lots of ways of doing this such as adopting the right mindset, positive affirmations, nonverbal cues such as having a relaxed and spread out posture, leaning forward, making your voice sound pleasant and expressive. Some things will take practice, but a lot of changes you can make straight away.

Now I have only really scratched the surface in this review as I didn’t want to make it too long, but there are lots more techniques and tips on how to become an alpha male and why women go for alpha males. There’s also information on where to pick up women, how to approach women, how to make conversation plus lots of exercises.

GOOD points about How To Become An Alpha Male

  • How To Become An Alpha Male ScamI found it really easy to read and most importantly a very enjoyable read. The language was really straight forward and it was explained very well with some good examples.
  • When explaining why you should do a particular thing it also explained the psychology behind it so you knew the methods would work.
  • It’s very in-depth. As I mentioned earlier it is 165 pages long and includes lots of useful methods and exercises.
  • It will help anyone. I’ve already started to put a lot of it into action already and have seen some good results.
  • The methods are very practical.

BAD points about How To Become An Alpha Male

  • For some reason, there wasn’t an index with the guide. This made trying to find certain parts a little more tricky than it needed to be.
  • Some of the methods do require a bit of work on your behalf. Some may also cause a little fear on your part especially if you are quite introverted. But as the guide says you do need to face your fear sometimes and overcome it if you are going to make the change. This is actually a good life lesson full stop.

My Overall Verdict

How To Become An Alpha Male is one of the best guides I have read on attracting or dating women. Although it is on the long side for a pdf guide, it wasn’t at all full of fluff or padding.

The part where it explained the psychology of women really did open my eyes and in fact, there were a lot of “aha moments”. It’s quite enlightening when you recognize things you used to do in the past that clearly didn’t work and now I know why.

Although some of the things in the guide you may have read before, a lot of things you won’t have and it is presented in a very clear and ordered way. Like anything in life, some of the techniques will require practice, but like I said these methods do work and the confidence you get after reading this guide will also help in other areas as well as in the romance area.





How To Become an Alpha Male discusses the tips, tricks, and terms to attract women naturally; this makes it easier to appreciate and understand it than scattering different points all over the pages of the book. It gave me a higher success rate in being with the woman of my life than ending up along the gutters of the “Friend Zone.”

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