10 Ways to Break Up a Couple Who Shouldn’t Be Together

When the person you care about gets hurt because of the guy you’re with. Do you watch the pain unfold or do you step in and save the world by breaking up?

how to make couples break up

Cheating and simple insults are two things on this long list of reasons why your BFF isn’t right for her. After all, you care about your girlfriend. And with each relationship that ends You are the one who has to bear the brunt of her seemingly endless story of heartbreak and mood swings. *and quite annoying* of her

So when a new man comes in You have to wake up again. and correct You meet your best friend’s guy with someone else in a restaurant near your office. As you try not to interfere with your friend’s affairs and let her know that she is dating a big idiot. This time you just can’t take it. You seriously think about handling things with your own hands and helping heartbreak friends.

You know if you tell a friend She will never believe you and may cause you to lose your trust She might think you don’t like all of her boyfriends—in fact. She has bad choices in men. What do you do?

Of course you destroy them. Covert.

start your engine

We’ve given you everything you need to know to separate couples who shouldn’t be together. Get ready; this will not be easy

#1 make him close do you know that “Keep your friends and enemies closer”? right? Friendly, friendly and empathetic listen to his suffering and give good advice It’s as if you’re an expert on your best friend. You’ll soon be his trusted confidant. From there, you’ll get a deeper understanding of what this guy is all about. This gives you many opportunities to offer advice on how to eventually break up.

#2 incite problems When your girlfriend comes up to you and complains about how her guy took her to this wonderful new restaurant she wants to go. ask for details If she tells you that the guy is late or not picking up. that’s your signal Asked why he was late or was unable to pick her up.

Talk about other times when he’s late or can’t come with her. Tell her that his actions are shady. Although that guy might be really busy. Or something innocent made him late. But that’s not the point. You should make your friend wonder about her man’s activities. [Read: 16 signs your boyfriend’s definitely cheating on you]

#3 use his weakness after a while You probably know a lot about the guy in your BFF from her stories and rants. when she is angry with him Give him a fire and take advantage of his weaknesses. Heal her friend’s mind by feeding her boyfriend’s negative qualities, and eventually she’ll start to believe you and see her man as you want her to see him.

#4 Bringing the past back into the picture You know the other guy that she recently went out with. Which you don’t like? Now is the time to like him or at least his memory. Whenever your friend complains about her current guy. Instead, talk about her past as a nice person: caring, remembering anniversaries, bringing gifts, fancy dates… all of that. and if it still doesn’t work Instead, contact her ex and take him into the real picture. And it makes the present person jealous, suspicious, or at least uncomfortable.

#5 time apart. One way to slowly separate people and is not cocky separate them You can do this by asking as many friends to come with you as possible. Especially on days when you know she should hang out with her man. Introduce your friends to new hobbies. Or invite her to hang out with you if needed. You can also pretend you’re in big trouble. *Like a breakup* So you have to have her by your side.

#6 new person. Even if your friend has bad taste in men. But you, as her best friend, have a good idea of ​​what kind of men she likes. Set her up with a guy you know she’ll like. Heck, you can still pay someone to date her. Then summarize the guy about what your friend likes and how she wants to be treated. Create the meeting of your dreams and the man of your dreams. When your friends comment that the guy looks cute or shows the least interest. you will become stronger Compare the guy with his current boyfriend and criticize his boyfriend. So that she can start thinking about her possibilities with other men.

#7 Seduce him. If you are close to this guy You can hang out and talk or join them on a date. during these times You can make men look at other women. You can point to a woman at a bar, for example, and comment on how good her figure looks. To you it might be a naive observation, but to him, it’s possible that his imagination will work.

Gradually offer him the opportunity to watch other girls, and soon your girlfriend will catch him in action and get angry. Best-case scenario: He’s going to hang out with that girl at the bar behind your friend.

#8 “Don’t let it affect you”?? State a few criticisms of her man and blow it up. Something similar is “He’s too carefree. I wonder what it will be like when you guys get serious. Is he really the married type?” with the right words. You can turn small bugs into serious ones. At least in your friend’s mind and say “don’t let it hit you” ?? This is a magic word because that’s when problems will really affect her. The trick is to let go of the little things that slowly sabotage her trust and safety with her man.

#9 gossip If the situation worsens You can just take the low way and spread the gossip. In this case, you need to be careful. Cover up your traces and make sure what you spread will not be traced back to you. Otherwise your best friend will not only lose her man. She’ll also lose you, spreading a lie *or half the truth—better or convenient* about that guy. and make them feel uncomfortable with each other

#10 Act as if You can also spread rumors that their relationship is on the rocks. even if they are fine When your average friend asks about your best friend and her guy. Just shook his head sadly. and hinted that the pair weren’t doing very well. When this news reaches them, it will certainly make them feel uncomfortable. By doing so, you can make them question their relationship. Why do people think they’re not doing well? and are they fine?

Whether you see your best friend’s best friend with another woman. men look down Or you know that the guy isn’t right for her at all. There are times when you have to catch the horns and break up. However, this can be tricky. And you run the risk of losing a friend who may feel cheated, betrayed, and hurt.

So, before you even think about breaking up with your partner. Find out what your true motivation is. And if your friend really turns out to be better? After you interfere Explore what you and your friends can get out of this. Or if you are selfish and take good care of yourself. If your reason is suspicious stop now breakup with lovers especially couples who are in love It can harm your spouse and yourself.

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Although it is not advisable to be in the midst of the love of two people. Even if you have the best intentions But sometimes someone has to actually do it, and that person is you, especially if you’re the type of person who feels morally compelled to see that something is wrong. Be very careful when doing this, and try our advice carefully to keep troubled couples apart.

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