Play It Cool: How to Confirm a Date without Sounding Desperate

Ever wondered how to confirm a date without despair? It’s in words and time! We have all the secrets you need for success.

How to Confirm Dates Without Sounding Desperate

Well, first date, stomach flutters, confusion, excitement, and “I should” or “shouldn’t,” but it all started. before The real date! So, if you’re wondering how to verify dating without looking hopeless, read on.

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Most people fall into one of two categories—a lovers of the mystery and adventure of a first date. and those who hate the awkwardness I’m somewhere in the middle But of course it’s more of the second type. personally I would like to skip ahead a few weeks and go through the confusing parts.

However, if you are someone who loves a first date. There might be one point where you might agree with me – how to verify dating without despair.

We all have to confirm the details, right? We have to insist that we are both going to the same place at the same time, with the right idea. This is just basic etiquette. But when the dating situation is thrown in especially first date Nobody seems to want to confirm, resulting in a “did this happen?” situation.

I hate that situation [Read: Double texting and second texts – The guidebook to play it cool]

over the years I’ve done my best to find a way to verify dates without sounding hopeless and often failing. But then I found an incomprehensible method that worked time after time.

It all depends on the words you use, when, and how to “take a break once and leave”.

let me explain [Read: How to ask someone if they like you without embarrassing yourself]

How to confirm dates without despair – why confirm in the first place?

First, let’s talk about why confirming dates can be awkward.

You have agreed to go on a date. But it may be that there are no plans. That means the idea is still floating in the air without confirmation. The problem is that we all agree on things while we have no intention of doing it. So when you try to confirm the date details You even ask them if they still want to go on a date with you. You are subtly reminding them that they have agreed to meet with you.

What if they change their mind? What if they agreed only because they were uncomfortable at the time but never really had the intention of taking action on it?

Oh the awkwardness!

This flattering value might leave you nervous even trying to confirm the date at first. But what if you missed it? What if they felt the same way? Worried that you want to back off and too scared to take the first step and try to get your date moving?

Do you know what my advice is? Just do it.

Seriously, life is too short for garbage. “Do or don’t do” all of this.

Even so, I don’t want you to jump with both feet. because I’m a little too enthusiastic That’s where my three elements of despair-free date confirmation come into play. [Read: How long should a first date last? A guide to perfect timing]

element 1 – the words you use

The words you use tell you if you’re going to be desperate or just wondering. Obviously, just wondering is the feeling that we’re going here. no doubt I always try to confirm the date by text or text. never called to ask It would be too embarrassing if they refused. And they may feel the need to agree when they really don’t want to. I don’t mean to speak in a negative light. But I think the text is the best.

The problem is that you have to hit the perfect middle ground. Too many words and you’ve wandered into the realm of essay writing. And there are too few words and you don’t seem to be disturbed. for beginners No one has time to read an essay. and secondly You should at least look like you want to meet this person!

Keep it simple and uncomplicated. And avoid negative phrases like “I get it, if you don’t want it, I get it.” It seems as hopeless on many levels as “please come” does!

There’s something like, “Hey, I wonder if you’re still up for a meeting?” and wait for their response. Do not confirm the date, time and place of meeting. Until you know that date is really going on. You’re letting them ‘get out’ here looking like you’re trying too hard. If they don’t, then no, move on. If they reply with something that seems obvious they’re trying to disappoint you. Take the hint and move on.

However, if they respond with a positive response, say, “Great, how does Sunday sound? I’m free all the time after 6 o’clock.” Sounds like you’re alive because you were busy early. 6 o’clock, but did not determine where and what time they wanted to It’s almost as if they’re going to a job interview. Avoid anything else. Save “Nice to meet you” for a real date! [Read: How to avoid getting stood up on a date]

element 2 – time

The next element is time. Words are nothing without the right timing.

First of all, remember that people lead busy lives. And that means you can’t suggest a date for that evening or even the next day and expect them to be free. Send your message at least three or four days in advance. Give them enough time to figure out what other plans they have. It also makes it look like you’re busy and can’t put everything down either.

Are you smart?

Second, don’t send your texts too early in the morning or late at night. Too early seems enthusiastic because it basically implies that they’re the first person you think of when you wake up. Cute, but keep it up when the relationship is strong if it goes that far.

Texting too late at night means you’re missing them for the wrong reason. Or are you too busy to think about it during the day? by any means Have your message delivered in the middle of the day. Maybe in the late afternoon [Read: A complete guide to texting before the first date]

element 3 – One strike and you’re out.

Finally, when learning how to confirm dating without sounding hopeless, stick to the ‘one strike and you’re out’ rule. You will only text them about the date once. If they reply, great. If not, then great. Go to hell and don’t send any other messages under any circumstances!

Don’t send uneasy messages about anything else entirely. Try to remind them about the date you should have. Yes, I know how your mind works! You’re in despair if you keep texting them. Ask them once and leave it like that.

In the end, if he doesn’t answer you Do you really want to date this person? It’s rude to fool someone, and a “no thanks” response is better than ignoring them altogether! Manners. Always rate your manners high and you can’t go wrong!

Okay, I get it. It’s hard to do. ‘One strike’ when you want to meet people. this and really dating It’s important that you don’t intentionally respond or respond with insecure feedback. Basically, it’s about not actually saying the word, surrendering, moving on, and finding someone you don’t have to work hard for.

[Read: How to know if someone actually likes you back]

Understanding how to confirm dating without looking hopeless is not difficult. If you follow the three rules I mentioned.

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