Sexy Cuddling: How to Cuddle with a Girl So it Leads to Sex

girls love to hug And men love to hug sexy! Want to know how to hug a girl and make her feel loved while you’re naughty? use this guide

Sexy hugs, how to flirt with girls

If you’ve been dating a girl for a while and you’re ready to move on to the level of sexy cuddling. You’ll need to know how to hug a girl.

Of course, hugging each other feels good. But your little guy downstairs can’t help but want to do something every time you hug him!

we understand But there are ways to make sure she’s happy with your hug. And you too! Want to know how cuddling with girls leads to sex every time?

Sexy hugs and loving hugs – and the right balance.

as a man It’s possible that you have a united mind when you hug. And as much as you might enjoy cuddling. Your mind can’t help but look for a sexy hug after you’re comfortable. Let’s get started!

women love to hug Most of the women already I’m a woman who really likes to hug anyone. It made me feel at ease and happy. And it’s really warm and realistic.

We don’t just enjoy cuddling. But if you make us hug you That means you’re one step closer to closing a deal with us and having sex. If you increase the chance that we will hug you. Show that you are increasing your chances of sleeping.

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Why do women like to hug so much?

Most of the girls are just like me. In fact, my old roommate – who’s the girl – and I hang out and watch movies just because we’re both single. But I want to hug There is something about human contact that makes us so happy to be in the arms of other people.

It’s also related to feeling safe. That’s why, even though I love cuddling with my female roommate, But I enjoy being in a man’s arms more. When a woman feels safe and feels she can trust the person she is with. The more likely you are to feel safe having sex with that person. [Read: The best cuddling positions for being a cuddling lover]

Sexy cuddling: How to hug a woman to have more husbands

Girls are not the type of creature you can just take your guilt out and expect them to want to sit on it. How serious does it sound? it is true we need more we need contact need love and most importantly We have to warm up your body first.

And hugging is the perfect way to do that. This guide on cuddling with a girl and making it more is what you need if you want to go the extra mile with that special woman and turn it from a sexy hug to a really sexy night out!

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1Make sure she’s comfortable around you first.

You can’t expect a woman to accidentally want to hug before sex. You need to get to know this girl first and make sure your feelings match up in advance.

Make sure she’s comfortable being alone with you. I suggest you take her out on a date for a few days before you move in.

2. Let her come alone

Girls like to travel in flocks to avoid being alone with people they might not be comfortable with. As I said, invite her over for fun games and movie nights. and see if she comes alone Make sure she knows it’s going to be an extremely chill night so she doesn’t have to book too much about it.

if you come alone It is possible that she is comfortable with you. And if you’ve already flirted with her and she’s flirting back. More chances are She’ll be fine with cuddling and a bit of sexy foreplay! [Read: 20 strong signs of sexual tension to know if you both make each other horny]

3. really sit close to her

Of course, if you want to know how to hug a woman You have to start the evening by sitting next to her. in doing this Make sure she sits down first so you can place yourself next to her.

This can be done by drinking a drink first. Put a movie in, grab a game, or whatever makes sure she sits on the couch first. It was much harder to get close to her when she was on the sofa across the street. [Read: How to get a girl horny and make her wet just by casually sitting next to her]

4.Show a thriller or even a scary one.

This might seem out of context, but it can actually mean the difference between a close hug and you spending a few hours laying your arm across her shoulder.

If you choose scary and questionable movies She’ll look to you for safety when she’s too scared. So it will make you hold her and hold her close. It’s easier when you’re scared

5. Lower the temperature

This is a trick my ex used to use to me. And he definitely knows how to hug women. after this time I still don’t understand how smart it is. when a woman has a cold She’ll have more opportunities to hug you to stay warm. So turn the thermostat down and make sure it’s very cold in there!

6. Give her a cold drink.

It’s like lowering your temperature will cool you down. So give her something cool if you do both for you. She’ll be cold and want you to hug her to keep her warm. [Read: How to flirt with touch without making it obvious]

7. Choose the right time to embrace her shoulder.

If you have successfully followed the above two tips. and know that the room is cold This opportunity should come when she tells you how cold she is. When you say it’s cold Get close to her and give her a few minutes to respond before you say anything. If she’s comfortable hugging you She also came close.

Another great time to put her arms around her is when there’s a scary part in the movie that makes her jump.

8. Draw her towards you

Now you put your arms around her Sit on the couch and pull her closer to you so that she leans on you. This will not only make both of you feel more comfortable. But you’re initiating a lot of physical contact, which ultimately leads to sexier hugs and aids in your quest for comfort. [Read: How to touch a girl’s breasts for the first time and feel her up the right way]

9. At this point, measure her reaction.

Does she hug you easily or does she stiffen and sit up straight? Her comfort was the only thing that would make her want to take the next step. And if you feel a little stiff It’s possible that she was uncomfortable with the situation. And she will be less likely to break up with you.

If you look a little nervous Relax and give her space to fall back on. When she’s comfortable, she’ll hug you, then you can continue the sexy hug.

10. Compliment her

Don’t just say you’re beautiful. Although this is always something women like to listen to. But it doesn’t make much sense after pulling her into you.

Say something consistent with how wonderful she smells. or how soft your arms are This will put her in the idea that you really like her. And it will instill more trust in her for you. [Read: 28 turn ons for girls that’ll make them melt in your arms]

11. Lean to the side and switch to lying down.

Of all the steps involved in cuddling with women. This step is very important if you want to sleep. When she’s leaning towards you and putting her full weight on you. Lean in a more flat position.

If you are on the sofa You can lean on the arm of the sofa. or if you’re in bed or on the carpet Just lean back to the point where you almost lie down. by placing the back or head against the pillow If you do this casually and smoothly. The movement should leave her mostly above you while you are under her. if you get it right You can almost guarantee you’ll have a sexy hug in the next few minutes!

12. Hold both of her hands and use magic.

By now, you should be able to rub her body with both hands. Gently massaging her and touching her arm is a great way to relax and feel good. If she likes to touch your skin You will begin to think about what will happen. [Read: How to make out with a girl for the first time and make her love it]

13. kiss her

If all goes well now You’re ready to plant it with her. If you’ve dated her a few times before and kissed her, This part will be easy.

But if you haven’t kissed her yet It might be a bit more difficult. If you look at her to talk to her and she stares at you for a moment – ​​and even glances at your lips – she wants you to kiss her. So get moving! [Read: When to kiss a girl – 15 subtle signs to predict the magic moment]

14. Move so you can lie on her.

Now that you know how to hug a woman up to this point The next step in a sexy hug is lying on top of her. And if you feel clear to kiss her Keep doing that for a while until the two of you are completely in a relationship. This will give you the opportunity to turn her around and control how things go. how will it be tonight

15. Sexy hugs and more!

If you are flirting with her It’s possible that she really likes it – and you, now you can do different movements. that indicates your intentions And if she doesn’t stop you You will be laid to rest in no time. [Read: A clueless guy’s guide to cuddling after sex] [Read: How to seduce a woman and make her really eager to get into bed with you]

If you’re looking for a sexy hug and want to know how to hug a girl, just use these steps. It can lead to sex quickly if you’re with the right person. But do not be discouraged along the way. If you continue to follow these tips many times. You’ll be pampered in no time!

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