How to Date Multiple Guys Without Being Shady or Called a Cheater

You might also be interested in knowing how to date multiple men. But you don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings. Good News—Just Follow These Tips

dating many men  How do people not be bummed?

Learning how to date multiple guys without being shady isn’t as difficult as you might think, isn’t it? Sex in the city? Samantha is all about dating multiple men unconditionally.

Me too when I’m on a date, that’s fine. N.S. Same, but I don’t commit myself to anyone. Sometimes I’ll date two men at once. I can feel them and see which ones I connect well.

Now, many men are afraid of people who like to continue dating. And of course, there are women who take this seriously. But you don’t have to be extreme when dating multiple men. You can do this and find out who you are in contact with. [Read: Why dating multiple people is actually really healthy]

How to date many men so that you don’t get bored

Many people think that you have to lock yourself to the person you’re dating. But that’s not true. It’s called casual dating for a reason. It’s casual. You don’t commit to yourself. Why should you abandon other possible connections?

Of course, if you’ve seen this person for months while dating someone else too. show that you have a problem But there is one way you can date multiple people without being seen as a cheater, a liar, or a coward. And I’ll tell you what to do. It can be done!

#1 It starts with honesty. If you don’t tell the person you see that you’re seeing someone else too. show that you are a liar

Sure, it can be awkward to tell someone they’re not the only ones you see. But at least they have the right to choose whether they agree or not. Dating multiple men at once isn’t all about hiding from each other. Honest and open from the start [Read: You should be following these make or break casual dating rules for the the best casual romance]

#2 decide what you want Before you start dating multiple guys, sit down with yourself and see what you want in a relationship. Are you looking for something casual? Are you there? What’s serious? if the latter Instead, create strict boundaries and focus on your needs.

#3 date for the right reason If you want to date multiple guys because you want to increase your ego, don’t do it. Listen to your gut instincts. If you feel like you’re dating a guy show that you are doing it It feels good to have many men in demand. but also take into account their feelings. [Read: Learn how to set boundaries in dating]

#4 Don’t make it a game If you’re dating a lot of guys, get it. why you are doing it Most likely, you are trying to find the best match for you. or You don’t care to settle down For whatever reason, it doesn’t matter. But you shouldn’t look at it as a game because it isn’t.

#5 Make sure they are on the same page. If you want to date multiple men, each of the guys you date has to be on the same page as you. Of course, being honest and open is a good place to start. But make sure they understand your needs. You probably don’t want to hear the phrase “So… what are we?”

#6 No need to feel guilty If you’re honest and open with the guy you’re dating. should not feel guilty, you know, and They know where you stand. If they don’t want you to date someone else. They have to make a choice. But the good thing is that you don’t hide anything from them. [Read: Casual or serious? What is your current dating speed?]

#7 Practice safe sex. When you date many men, be smart. and Safe. Yes, you can have sex as much as you want with all of them, but please Safe. You know the risks of unprotected sex. And the risk increases when you date more than one person at a time.

#8 You may develop feelings for any of them. If you develop feelings for the guy you’re dating. Lets assess your situation. Is this the person you want to be with? if so You will have to decide whether to follow your feelings and leave the other guy.

#9 If you don’t like it, let it go. Not all men will be disappointed by the thought of you dating another guy. Some guys will tell you that they don’t care about sharing their partner, and that’s something you have to respect. If they feel like this then let them go

#10 Don’t overbook. Look, you are very popular! You’ll need to schedule well because you’re a busy woman. Respect the guy you’re dating. Stay on top of everything and don’t overbook. It’s not a good feeling when you’re left with someone else.

#11 Are they dating someone else? Although you may not be interested But it’s important to know if they’re in a relationship with someone else. You need to know if they are having a protected sex or not. And whether the person they are sleeping with is healthy or not. and free from sexually transmitted diseases it’s your body and you only have one of them so be careful

#12 Again, don’t lie. Don’t do that! you must Be honest with the person you’re dating. Yes, it’s uncomfortable talking about dating someone else. But honor yourself and them with honesty. It’s hard, but they’ll appreciate and respect your honesty. [Read: 10 things you must always remember when you’re in a casual relationship]

#13 If you can’t be honest, don’t do it. I’m really pushing this. because it’s important You can’t play with other people’s feelings. If you can’t tell the truth to the person you’re dating. You shouldn’t date anyone. You’re not ready. If you can’t be honest, don’t do it.

[Read: Are you sure you can handle casual dating?]

Now you know how to date multiple guys without being shy. It’s time for you to step into the world of casual dating!

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