How to Deal with Fake Friends & the Right Way to Cut Ties with Them

Not all friendships are made to last, and many are not true friendships either. Learn how to deal with fake friends and overcome the pain of being deceived.

How to deal with fake friends

Not all friends are genuine. Sometimes we end up teaming up with someone who turns out to be a juggler, a user, someone who goes out only for what they can get. Of course it hurts But learning how to deal with fake friends in a positive way means you can spot the fakes more easily next time.

A fake friend is someone who pretends to be for you. Or someone who pretends to love spending time in your company. But when you’re not around, they’ll never get behind you. They are good weather companions. They will only be around when it suits them.

Maybe they’re just pretending to be your friend because you’re related to the people they want to be close to. nothing is fair Nothing makes you feel good. But it’s important to remember that this doesn’t reflect you.

Fake friends won’t last long. They will use what they earn or use you for the length of time they want you to stay. Then they will leave your life. You will probably understand their fakes in advance. So learning how to deal with fake friends is a useful life skill.

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How to deal with fake friends: what to do and what not to do

First, understand that fake friends are useless in your life. You may mourn their loss in some way. It could be because they made you laugh or they introduced you to a group of people that you missed being around. But do you really want someone like this to come into your life?

Fake friends will never show up when you need them. They will never get behind you when you are not around and protect you from those who fall. If anything, they will join.

It’s much better to build real friendships and learn how to deal with fake friends as they come and go.

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What should I do? And how should they be avoided?

#1 Block all contacts Once you find out that this person is really a fake. Cut them out of your life. You don’t owe them anything. And you certainly don’t owe any explanation or apology. Block them on all your social media platforms. Then block their number on your phone.

#2 Use the experience to identify your true friends. The good news is that having experiences with fake friends will bring you closer to real friends. This kind of experience teaches you what is real and what is not. [Read: What is a true friend? The 12 key marks of a real friend]

#3 brush it off It hurts when you realize that someone isn’t as sincere as you initially thought. But if you’re trying to learn how to deal with fake friends. Ultimately, you have to learn to get rid of it. it’s not your fault it belongs to them You don’t deserve to be treated like this. So please forgive yourself for any offense. that you made a mistake and moved on

#4 Don’t give me a chance to explain You might think that everyone deserves exposure, but in this case, they don’t. You don’t even need to talk about it. They might try to twist it and make it look like you’re imagining things. Let it be and avoid arguments. [Read: The 10 scenarios when ghosting a friend is okay]

#5 Don’t be tempted to keep it in your life. You might think that they will eventually come and be true friends. They won’t. True friendship doesn’t start like this. Just like a relationship never progresses when it starts with a lie. Block them and move on.

#6 avoid revenge It’s easy to want revenge. You’ll feel hurt, embarrassed, and maybe even angry. Remember, revenge won’t change anything. And it won’t make you feel better either.

Don’t post anything obscure in your social media posts. clearly aimed at those things. and not forwarding messages between mutual friends Raise your head and drop it above your head. [Read: When people hurt you – how to respond to them and process the pain]

Learn to accept and love yourself.

Learning how to deal with fake friends is acceptance. If a fake person Why do you want him to come into your life? You might feel like you really lost something. But you didn’t do that. That awareness will come with time. At first it may seem like everything is bleak. The truth is that you have done nothing wrong and cannot be blamed for this situation.

when someone uses someone else It’s all on them. Keeping it in your life for whatever reason will make the suffering last longer. When you learn how to deal with fake friends to cut ties quickly *ruthlessly in some ways* Don’t give them a chance to explain anything to you and don’t listen to their excuses. There really is no point. It’s wasting all your time. [Read: How to end a friendship when they do nothing but hold you back]

Most likely, you have many friends in your life. A true friend who is by your side all the time. This kind of experience lets you know who your true friends are. Consider it a wake-up call and a lesson. Sometimes we treat our friends as normal and allow new people to that come into our lives turn around

If you take one of your true friends in vain during the time this fake person is in your life. Make amends and bring them closer to you.

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friendship is precious Maybe that’s why it hurts just as much. when we realize that we have fake people come into life Learning how to deal with fake friends means you better understand the true meaning of friendship.

You know what your friend should and shouldn’t do. and you understand your own worth Kicking someone out of your life who doesn’t treat you the way you deserve is never at a loss. and is always profitable

Have you ever acted fake With someone? Be honest. You can forgive yourself and move on if you are farsighted to speak the truth. Maybe you have. In that case, what can you learn from that experience? Our friends are our chosen families. This means that we should learn to treat them with love, kindness and respect at all times. [Read: Good friends are like stars – 18 ways to build everlasting friendships]

If someone in your life doesn’t treat you with those things. Let stand and observe They’re just going through difficult times in their lives and don’t know what they’re doing. Or are they really lying?

Consider before making a decision. However, if you are really sure that there are people who are not as sincere as they should be Or if someone doesn’t treat you with the respect you know you deserve. It’s time to wave goodbye

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Many of us don’t know how to properly deal with fake friends. If someone is a fake You don’t have to. It’s that simple. You shouldn’t feel sorry for letting them go or explaining yourself.

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