How to Deal With Your Girlfriend’s Ex Boyfriend

Is your new boyfriend’s ex still relentlessly chasing her? Understand how to deal with your ex. especially when he faces you.

boyfriend's ex

Dating someone new after a hiatus Single life for a while seems to be a lot of fun.

There is a lot of love in the air The many confusions and joys of an insanely passionate day.

You might be having the time of your life playing sneaky feet. Under candlelight tables and cuddling in a dark cinema

But what do you do when all of a sudden? You also have to deal with embarrassing ex-girlfriend situations.

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How to deal with your ex-boyfriend, new girlfriend

Have you ever had to deal with the ex-girlfriend of the girl you’re dating?

It feels great to watch a miserable guy plead for the girl you hit like crazy.

And it’s good for your ego too.

But what do you do when things are all over, or if her ex tries to talk to your boyfriend when you’re around?

Have you ever given that thought?

Why is he chasing her?

This is the first thing you need to ask yourself. Why is your ex chasing the girl you’re dating? You still need to understand that his attempts to contact your girlfriend mean something.

It might be something that hasn’t been done yet. Maybe he wants to end the relationship for the better. Or he wants a second chance. Or maybe your sweet girlfriend still connects with him behind your back and still draws the guy’s attention.

as you know She might be flirting with him when you’re not around. Or she might still hold him back. It sounds rude, but you need to think from all angles to get a fair understanding of the situation. [Read: 25 reasons behind why women cheat so easily]

past and new relationship

Exes also crumbled over time. If you don’t steal another guy’s boyfriend. He should have learned to move on.

If you’ve only been dating a girl for a few weeks or have just started dating her. And her boyfriend breaks into your beautiful date. Don’t stand up and push him away or try to control the situation. You are not an important part of her life to control it for her.

Just sit back in peace and let her speak all your mind. Think of yourself as a classy club connoisseur. Don’t intervene unless you have to, or unless she’s looking at you for help. And even if you interfere Instead, step in wisely and speak calmly. Your only job in this new relationship is to protect your date when things go bad. [Read: What do girls look for in a guy to fall for him?]

6 Things to remember when your ex gets busy

If you’re sitting at an upscale restaurant with your new boyfriend. and saw her ex walking over to your table to talk to his ex. keep these things 6 The secret in mind, you will come out looking like a better man. And you will still be in complete control of the situation.

#1 outside first Stay away from the conversation unless you are involved or need your attention. After all, it was her ex and the two had a special relationship. His heart was broken and he was sad and in pain. Giving him a few minutes to vent his thoughts won’t hurt you. *And it will be fun too*

If your boyfriend asks him to go You have every right to enter the conversation and step between them. His conversation with her was over.

#2 don’t provoke him It’s easy to be provoked when an ex comes into your territory. As a man with manly instincts You should punch him straight in the face. but hold that thought and do not disturb him because it’s worthless

Your ex is selfish and they obviously envy you. Don’t give an excuse in the first fight. Even if you win the battle She may still feel sorry for her ex who broke her nose and left in his arms.

#3 never walk away If her ex walks up to you both. don’t walk away That’s stupid Because it makes it look like you’re tucking your tail between your legs and running away because you’re a scared fool. [Read: 15 reasons why nice guys finish last all the time]

If you want to talk to your ex alone She could leave the table and walk to the corner of the restaurant for a few minutes to deal with the issues she had with him.

#4 don’t choose a fight Don’t be aggressive with him when he talks to your boyfriend, yes, she’s your boyfriend. And he has no right to waltz and spoil your night. But do you know what will happen? get more than that. Your boyfriend has been dating him for a while. And she knows best how to deal with him quickly and send him away. If you try to kick him out Shows that you have done nothing but beg.

#5 get ready for battle Even if your boyfriend is talking to her ex. From the outside, she seemed calm and unobtrusive. Instead, curl your fists under the table and prepare for an imminent fight.

Of course, if your girlfriend can’t kick him out in a minute. Show that something isn’t right And if something isn’t right It’s time for you to intervene. And if you stand up and intervene You know he will try to punch because he has nothing to lose!

don’t throw the first punch Instead, focus on his hand from the corner of your eye. Or get so close to a guy’s face that you can’t do anything but push you back. It is possible that he will back away. Otherwise someone else will intervene. But if that doesn’t happen Don’t leave enough room between the both of you so he can move his arms and punch you. Stand nearby so it’s just an intense or verbal fight. Unless you know your street fighter is moving and ready to KO him with timed caps. [Read: 25 things that turn a girl on sexually and otherwise about a guy]

#6 be a better person No matter what happened when her ex-boyfriend walked in Try to be a better person and don’t do anything stupid. unless you have no choice If you act like a bully or walk away when he asks for a minute. You’ll look like a yellow person and your girlfriend will never respect you because she knows you can’t protect her when she needs you around. [Read: 10 biggest dating turn offs for women]

If he keeps calling her on their cell phone when you’re dating. Offer to talk to him even if she refuses. You don’t have to be aggressive. But you have to be ready to stand up for the woman you’re with. And let her know that you’re the man she can count on. It will make you look like someone who has control over your surroundings even if the situation is dire. [Read: The code of modern chivalry for men]

have something to think about

First of all, this with her boyfriend shouldn’t be trite. If her ex has been dating you all the time or is constantly stalking her. You just need to finish talking.

Unless the guy is a creepy psychopath. It is your girlfriend’s job to cut ties with her ex if she is seriously interested in dating you.

If she doesn’t end her relationship with her ex, or if she keeps reaching out to him for occasional romantic conversations, it’s a backup plan. Her ex will always follow her and love her. So who is at fault for all these events? find that answer first [Read: Why are girls always so fickle in love?]

And if you’re not a man enough to resist her ex. Or if you’re not serious about dating that girl. Sometimes it’s easy to avoid a woman who is still confused about her feelings and more confused about whether she needs you or her ex.

But if she tells you that she loves you want to be with you And can’t get rid of the freaky ex. and you love her too It’s time to be a better man and grow into a bigger couple. Because your new love story is bigger than ever!

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If you have to deal with your girlfriend’s ex. Keep these tips in mind. It makes the difference between a push and a real man.

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