How to Dirty Text a Guy: 30 Tips & Examples to Tease Him All Day

If you want to add color to your man. Sending dirty messages can be just the ticket. Here’s how to text a dirty guy!

how dirty text men

Whether you’re just starting out with a new guy or meeting someone for years. Starting a conversation with a sexy text message can be hot. Not only will he think you’re sexy and cool. If he responds emotionally It might be the best foreplay ever. If you’re a little embarrassed about texting a guy. Let us help you with these 30 inspiring ideas.

Sexy messages are sassy, ​​naughty, and very dirty. They create sexual tension and make you hot until when you meet. You just want to tear each other’s clothes as soon as your eyes meet!

How to text a guy dirty – deep and deep information that makes it really sexy

Of course, there’s a talent for sending a message to dirty men. It is important to get it right. If you go in too hard, too quickly, it might startle him. or if he doesn’t respond You will feel like a fool. You are the best judge of how your guy gets dirty messages. if you are not sure The best advice is to start slowly. and build things Go up to make sure you both understand each other and don’t leave you feeling dry.

Finding the best time to send your message is also important. If he goes on a night out with a child Do you trust that he won’t show it to his friends? if he is busy Can he look at the phone and answer? Do you risk making yourself a paranoid victim because he doesn’t answer? In fact, they just had a meeting. 3 hours with the phone off [Read: Flirty fingers – How to turn a guy on over text in no time]

Creativity in sending dirty messages

When it comes to sending dirty messages It’s all about being creative, flirting, being open to both of you. and enjoy it You don’t have to make things too complicated. And you don’t have to put pressure on yourself. most important You don’t have to do anything that makes you uncomfortable.

If you can do the above Dirty texting will liven up your love life and bring you closer together. But how do you get your message dirty? What should I say? Should you relate to the picture? How rude should you go?

Here are some great ways to text a guy for inspiration! [Read: 30 hot texts that will turn him on and leave him obscenely horny]


If you’ve never conversed with vulgar messages before. Let’s start comfortably. and build from there Send the initial message and see how he reacts before getting it dirty. Some opening lines might be:

#1 Lying in bed thinking of you…

#2 if you are with me now what do we do

#3 Thinking of the great night we had last night It made me feel warm and burning all over my body.

#4 Today, the work proceeds slowly. ‘Cause I can’t stop thinking about all the fun we had last night Can’t wait for repeat session

#5 Thinking of all the things I want to do with you later…

#6 What are you thinking right now? Want to know what I’m thinking? [Read: 90 dirty questions to ask a guy and get him hot and horny]

#7 Want to call the sick today and spend the day in bed together?

#8 Can’t stop thinking how hot you are

#9 Stop thinking about me! Stop! You can’t help yourself, can you?!

The best way to see if a guy is on board and ready to play the little text game is to make it clear that you want to change the conversation this way. But it’s not so dirty that you startle him until he doesn’t know what to say. [Read: 20 sexy questions to text a guy and seduce him slowly]

For any one of the above If he is not in the mood or in a hurry He could easily respond to things that showed interest. But can’t get into the dirty convo at all! If you get a response like, “Haha, so cute—can’t wait to see you later,” try to keep it light. try not to blow you away but at the same time not pushing it further Maybe it’s time to leave the dirty message behind now.

However, if he replies something like “I can’t stop thinking about you either. I want to touch your body under my fingertips.” You know he’s a game.

Time takes dirty conversations to the next level.

#10 I’m fantasizing about you now. Want to make my fantasies come true?

#11 Suck on the lollipop now and hope it’s you?

#12 I know something is missing today … know what it is? you are between my thighs

#13 I just got out of the shower, I’m hot, wet, naked and missing you.

#14 I’m touching myself now

#15 Tell me what will you do with me later? I want every detail

#16 I’m a terrible woman today. So bad. I think it’s best if you come and punish me as soon as possible. Solid. [Read: How to dirty talk to a guy and sound really, really sexy]

#17 This is the filth that I will do to you as soon as you walk through the front door…

#18 Go straight to the bedroom when you get home.

#19 Stop thinking about your mouth and hands where they shouldn’t be.

#20 you finished dinner let me eat dessert

#21 What is your dirtiest fantasy? I’ll make it come true tonight

#22 I’m so wet right now I miss you

#23 Go to the bathroom now and play with yourself while thinking of me. Go ahead, I dare.

#24 Can’t stop thinking about your body, it’s great.

#25 Want to know what I will do for you later? So bad! You’ll have to come here as soon as possible to find out! [Read: Learn to dirty talk and turn your love on like no one else]

More general tips on how to text a guy

#26 Tell him he’s sexy. Men love compliments as much as with what women like Tell him how hot you think he is. He is sure to respond in a good manner.

#27 Tell him you are missing him. Let him know you’re thinking about him. But implied that it’s not a romantic and boring way. More in hot and naked styles.

#28 Make it up. It’s good to start slowly. Be flirtatious and cute And then build it up until you say exactly what you want to do next. It made me feel almost unbearable. But it will be worth it if we meet later.

#29 Let him want more. One of the most important sex rules is to let each other want more. Don’t let the conversation end. until you really ask Whether you want a salad or pasta for dinner! Let it be hot and frustrating. And you’ll think about it every day. [Read: Your complete guide to safe and sexy texting]

#30 Think of time. Timing is everything when you learn how to text dirty men.

If you start a dirty conversation after breakfast But won’t meet with him until 8 p.m. Keeping the momentum going can be difficult. Do it an hour before he leaves work or while he’s on his way to meet you. Trust me, the results will be much better.

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You have all the tips and examples on how to text dirty men. What are you waiting for now?

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