How to Dominate a Man in Bed: 14 Ways to Be a Dominatrix Goddess

We are in a progressive era. So upgrade and bring out your dominant side. Learn how to dominate a man and let him beg for more.

How to dominate a guy in bed

We’ve all probably seen that movie with a hot chick in a leather suit with a whip hanging in her hand. Yes, she’s the parent. and if not open man They wouldn’t make a movie about it, would they? That doesn’t mean Mr. Dildo and give it to him. But we all have sides that dominate us that you should not hide. Rather than learn to dominate a man and let him be hot and disturbed.

How to dominate a man properly

Men are used to being in control and being the dominant person in a relationship. which is neither bad nor good It’s just a dynamic that sometimes happens in relationships.

Now, if you’re a superior You may not need additional help in that area. Instead, you should let him take the reins from time to time. But if you are a submissive and curious about letting go of the power You will need help.

I mean, you can wear leather if you want.

#1 don’t force it If your boyfriend is telling you that he wants you to be superior. But you are hesitant to give it a try. just relax You don’t have to If you feel compelled to do this And you really have no desire to do it. don’t do that if you just scared That’s another story. [Read: How to turn your man on: 20 ways to get him seriously hot]

#2 know it’s in the heart If this is your first time dominating That’s new, of course, you’re going to be scared. But you should know that it’s all on your mind. The absolute dominion is the body. but more mentally You develop confidence when you feel comfortable and relaxed in your position.

#3 Make sure you create boundaries. Before you talk about it You and your partner will have to sit down and discuss boundaries. What does he want to do with him and what he doesn’t? what you want to do and what you don’t want to do The two of you must be on an equal playing field. You should also come up with a safe word. [Read: The big list of all the top male fantasies guys love]

#4 stand out in bed You can try to dominate in other areas of your life. However, it’s the easiest way to control a guy without making him feel disguised in bed. Plus, this could be an area where he opens up to you. control

#5 bossy If you want to possess You have to be bossy. Don’t ask him how you feel or if you like him, he’ll tell you. Your job is not to support him. but to meet your own needs You must always remember that it is all about you.

#6 How does he want to dominate? There are a few different ways you dominate a man: bondage, discipline, sadism. What is your job? Find out how he likes it. It will take you a few times to find out what you both like. So don’t stress if you try sadism but it doesn’t work. [Read: 8 “facts” you think you know about BDSM debunked]

#7 don’t be afraid to be rude If you guys have already discussed what boundaries are and agreed on a safe word. You are considered good. Don’t be afraid to get rough and dirty until he screams, bites him, licks him, pulls his hair—control and do what you want to be.

#8 make him request He deserves you when you say he does. make him ask for your pussy What does it mean? No, it’s part of the play that stands out. because he surrendered So you’re in full control. So make him sweat and work for your pussy. [Read: Master-slave relationships – How to set the rules and follow them]

#9 Dressing section. Now you don’t have to. But it seamlessly connects all of the “dominatrix” scenes. If you’re wearing tights, sexy, and black, oh and don’t forget your heels. or to put whatever is up to you But if you dress in a part that makes him look even more seductive.

#10 Let him worship you. If you truly want to possess him Let him worship you. You are the queen, and this time, He does as you say. You make him do non-sexual activities, like cooking you dinner or giving you a back massage. You pay him whatever you want. [Read: How to be dominant: 15 calm and firm ways to be the real alpha]

#11 Touch yourself in front of him. But don’t let him touch you. he only watches you You can also stop him from touching himself. He just had to sit and take it. If he does not do as told You will hit or tie him up.

#12 Know his fantasies. What is his greatest imagination? He wants to hit? Whipping? Fucked in the ass? What was his last turn on? You can use his imagination and fetish to stimulate him. You can also make him do things. with you if he wants his dreams to come true. See how it works? [Read: What is pegging? All the backdoor facts to get you started]

#13 Tie him up. The best way to lose control and put it in someone else’s hands is to be tied up. Where is he going? What will he do? Of course, nothing. He is truly at your mercy. You can ride it and he won’t be able to touch or grab you—it will drive him crazy. [Read: Eyes-closed sex to eyes wide open: 16 sexy ways to open them up]

#14 Do this with people you trust. You want to feel relaxed and at ease while doing this. So make sure you do this with people you trust. Because it’s a new show and you’re learning the ropes. So there will be those awkward moments where you want to laugh at your partner.

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Now you know how to dominate a man. The best way to bring out your unique side is to give it a try! Make sure to try this with someone you trust and can laugh at.

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