How to Dominate a Woman in Bed and Bring Out the Animal in You

In the end, many women look for a guy who knows what to do in bed. You are him, so you have to manage how to dominate women in bed.

How to dominate a woman in bed

When learning how to stand out in bed You also bring these features to the real world. It helps you to be more assertive and confident. It’s time for you to learn everything you need to know about how to dominate women in bed.

Women like guys who know what they’re doing. And so are men. Of course, if a woman is inexperienced, it’s cute. They also need a woman who knows how to give a blowjob, so the need for this experience goes both ways.

Now, some women don’t necessarily prefer a dominant man in bed. But many women like They want to feel like women and have sex with the men who protect them. Yes, we’re going back to the Tarzan era here. But the truth is, it’s something we all have biologically as animals. [Read: The newbie’s guide to domestic discipline]

How to dominate a woman in bed

Now you might be nervous thinking you have to go all out. Look, you don’t have to become a dictator for her to be sexually aroused in bed. She wasn’t looking for a man who would transform into Hulk the minute he entered the bedroom. But she needed a man who carried himself in and out of the bedroom.

You just have to look inside to learn how.

#1 look inside first Before you try to dominate a woman think of yourself first Why didn’t you do it earlier? Is this tied to the insecurity you have? if so You have to look at them and reflect on your self-esteem. There may be reasons why you feel uncomfortable standing out in front of women. Finding this shows that you can identify the root problem. [Read: 11 power changes to alter your life and build your confidence]

#2 talk to your partner You must have consent Talk to her about how comfortable she is with sexual activity. Dominating sex can be intense sex. But she might not be comfortable with it. If you only want gentle domination Respect her wishes and don’t go beyond your boundaries. [Read: 14 steps to communicating in relationship]

#3 experiment with your partner If this is your first time doing this and your partner is new to this. Test what you both like and don’t like. This is the only way to know where your boundaries are. Getting started with outstanding sex isn’t difficult. Ask her if she can close her eyes or gently tie her to a bed post. From there, you can only increase your possession if she agrees.

#4 have a safe word Sometimes we get really excited when having sex and inadvertently ignore the other person when we feel uncomfortable. Listen, you need to come up with a safe word. it’s that easy and you have to respect it

A safe word can be anything. It should be a word you won’t use during sex. It can be used at any time and both have to stop their sexual activity.

#5 You don’t have to stand out all the time. There’s this assumption that you have to dominate all the time when having sex. Look, you don’t have to be anything you don’t want to be. If you feel dominant and your partner agrees. then have the power to prevail If you want your partner to dominate and she agrees, then surrender. The alternations make the sexual chemistry interesting and hot. [Read: 14 ways to allow your girl to dominate you and unleash the dominatrix goddess in her]

#6 gentle dominion If you want to start it, start it with fire. Gentle dominance allows you and your partner to adjust. This includes pushing your partner against a wall, talking dirty, biting, hair pulling, and hand handling such as throwing your partner on the bed, grabbing your wrist, etc. Be gentle, but don’t overdo it.

#7 moderate dominance This is the time when things start to heat up a bit. When you go through a gentle domination Now you’re comfortable with each other and your predominant idea of ​​sex. Moderate dominance includes slapping, biting, denial of orgasm. handcuffs and hot waxing or hot lubricant As you can tell, it’s up one level from the gentler, slightly rougher dominance. [Read: BDSM 101 and the beginners guide to being a dominatrix]

#8 aggressive rule This is Mr. Gray’s crap. If you don’t know the reference, shame on you. This is a full form of sex dominated, including BDSM, choking, choking, and degradation. Now that’s a big step from slapping or biting. So make sure your partner completely agrees with this idea. And make sure you both know the safe word. [Read: How to set the rules for a master-slave relationship]

#9 it takes time If you’re not used to dominating women. It takes a few times to get used to it. You will focus too much on your actions. And it may feel compelled. However, you will overcome the awkwardness after a few times. But if you don’t feel okay with it, stop.

#10 Including Roleplaying Now you don’t need to include this every time you have outstanding sex. But it’s a fun add-on and can be used at any point in the game. be it gentle or aggressive dominance. Does your partner want to be a nurse? Alright, here we are. Be as creative as you want and choose which character to play.

#11 You can do these things in public. Of course, you won’t show aggression in public. This will injure many children and elderly people. but show authority over others, such as talking dirty in the ear biting lips when kissing It’s a great way to build up sexual tension before you head to the bedroom. In this way it will be even more intense. [Read: 15 dirty ways to have the sexiest rough sex ever]

#12 Remember to get consent. If your partner doesn’t expect the things you plan to do, like shut her mouth, it will be a traumatic experience. Especially if she’s never done it before. Dominating sex is not wrong. But something goes wrong when you don’t ask your partner’s permission. Respect your partner and their feelings. So be sure to talk and get consent.

[Read: How to be dominant in bed and experience ultimate pleasure]

Now you know how to dominate women in bed. It’s time for you to practice. Remember, it’s about letting go and adjusting to yourself and your sexuality.

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