How to Eat a Girl Out: 16 Secrets to Make Her Scream

If you’re not sure how to eat women the right way. This guide is all you need to make her scream every time.

how to eat girls out

When it comes to knowing how to eat women outside the home Most men have no clue. At least until some women tell them what to do there!

for most men Eating women outdoors is a waste of time. Why do you like her tongue when you can use your dick, right? And for others, going down to a woman for a minute is another way to get a woman wet enough to penetrate her. but seriously Insulting women doesn’t have to be seen as an extension of foreplay.

I think that dating a girl is one of the most effective ways to make a woman orgasm and have a much better sexual experience with you. You want to please her and please her, right?

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How to eat girls outside the house to make them want to scream

You might think that knowing how to eat a woman outdoors doesn’t require any skill. You just go down there, stick your tongue out and watch her enjoy herself. The truth is that by doing so you will hardly get a response. In fact, she might make you stop.

There’s more to eating women out than you might think, it takes time, skill, and practice to get it right and make her want you like you’ve never experienced before. If you don’t do it you will satisfy her [Read: Cunnilingus techniques – All the secrets to make a girl orgasm just by using your tongue]

The benefits of eating girls outside the home

Some of you may roll your eyes because you don’t see the importance of eating a woman when you can have sex and please her. But you may not satisfy her as much as you would if you were just starting out.

women want foreplay They took longer than men to get out of the car. And always enjoy foreplay to make things happen. Roll around and make the big O even better.

That most men miss the time to eat girls outside the house.

There is a long-standing idea that If you don’t know how to eat women outdoors You just have to memorize the letters from A to Z in your mind and roll your tongue the way you say the letters when you eat girls.

It’s not that this high school’s advice doesn’t work. Most men take it too seriously. Instead of having fun insulting her Many men view this part of sex as a serious household chore that requires total concentration. Am I saying ‘D’? Am I rolling my tongue wrongly while saying ‘F’?!

And what it should be is true openness. Turned out to be a total mood killer for both of them! [Read: 18 sex secrets and tips to make any girl crave for more]

Fun way to eat a girl outside and curse her.

Before we get to the steps you need to keep in mind. Let’s get rid of this first. If you want to make sure your daughter enjoys using your tongue. You have to enjoy satisfying your girl there.

Don’t just dip your tongue in and slide your torso back up to her face with a successful smile. Go down there, get comfortable with your face between her thighs. Wrap your arms around her legs or buttocks. and use your magic think oral sex It’s not something you have to do to motivate her. But it’s part of sex that should be meant for fun. like undressing a woman caressing her breasts or slide her panties down

When you learn to relax your mind And see oral sex as a way to motivate girls and have fun performing on their own. You will see that every time you have sex with your girl. Or just any girl, you will be guaranteed to please her beyond words. All. Single. Time. [Read: How to pleasure a woman – 16 moves that’ll work every time]

How long should you eat women out?

All men want to know about it, and in fact, there is no real answer. But there is a time limit that most men and women agree on – 15 minutes. Now 15 minutes may seem like a lot. And chances are your tongue will hurt too!

If you can survive dating a girl longer, you’re a star, and if a woman lowers your head for more than 15 minutes, she’s greedy.

How long have you had sex? That is subjective, and likewise oral sex is subjective as well. Some girls really like it when men curse them. and for some women In-depth sex will feel much better. So get down on her and get up in the air and look at her face. If you are distorted with ecstasy go with the flow If she stared at the ceiling with an empty expression Use the instructions below!

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How to eat a girl outdoors and make her scream – secrets every man must follow

as i said Eating women outdoors is a unique skill that some people don’t have. Fortunately, this skill can be taught. and with practice You’ll make her scream in no time.

If you want to please your woman like never before. These tips on how to eat a woman outdoors will give you all the information you need to make her scream.

1. Set the foundation right

build expectations There’s nothing hotter than getting a text message from a guy who says he’ll satisfy you like you’ve never satisfied before. Whether you’re at work or at the gym. when you get that message you will be in the mood

Build Expectations First Prepare her mind and body for what you have to offer. And you will be amazed that she will receive what you have given her. [Read: 20 dirty questions to ask a girl and make her wet]

2. Enjoy her body

heat up in other regions first Don’t just jump on her girl and go to work. You want to make sure you exhaust her body before ending your journey there. kiss her passionately kiss on her neck make her feel better and let her know you’re going to work.

3. It’s coming, but it’s not.

Step back slowly and don’t rush. This is very important because it helps build that expectation. You want her to be as open-minded as possible because it will be easier for her to please her in that way, so move slowly, kiss and lick her body until you’re finally there.

4. Do you know the magic button?

And by “magic button” I mean her clit, if you don’t know where this is. We have a bigger problem than your inability to speak. Find a woman’s diagram and find the clit, then FOCUS. Knowing how to eat a woman properly is quite a matter of her clitoris. [Read: Clitoris stimulation: 10 sexy ways to please the clit]

5. Flick right

Now how much do we all like the women who rocked that region? And that’s because the repetitive movement of the clit is what drives women to break up. So try to recreate that movement by swiping around with your tongue. She will go crazy for this!

6. force

Women also need pressure to get out of the car, so don’t flick your tongue around. Instead, press her tongue with your powerful tongue while moving her tongue back and forth as fast as you can. This creates powerful vibrations that are best enjoyed by girls. [Read: 8 tips and tricks to give her oral like a pro]

7. Use your lips

Your tongue isn’t the only thing you can use to make a woman break up. If you want to make her scream You will need everything you have in your mouth. including your lips

kiss the area Use your lips to pull her clit, use your mouth creatively. Your lips are a big part of getting it done. So don’t think it’s all about your tongue.

8. Create the right suction

When it comes to your lips You can use it to apply pressure that girls aren’t used to feeling—suck! Suck and pull her clit and watch her go crazy for you.

9. Multitasking . Then she will love it even more!

Just because you’re out eating her doesn’t mean you can’t use other tools to kick her out while you’re there. You can also use your hands and fingers to stimulate her G-spot. Just at your fingertips while you’re in town. And watch her back arch and her moan escape! [Read: Magic fingers: The sexual art of using your fingers]

10. Take a break for a moment to talk about small and dirty things!

Don’t be afraid to isolate yourself and ask her how much she likes what you do. If you’re doing everything we’ve told you so far. She was probably suffocating and unable to answer.

Not only will this give you a chance to take a breather. But it also allows you to adjust your methods to please her the way she wants.

11. You have a hand.

Don’t just leave your attention below. You have your hands and access wherever you want! Reach for her butt or reach her breasts and play with it a bit.

By stimulating multiple regions, you can satisfy her in many different ways. Way more than just her little thing You will have her full of happiness and feelings. [Read: 11 sexiest hot spots to kiss on a woman and arouse her]

12. Have you tried something new today?

There are many positions where you can try to eat her. Don’t limit yourself to just one spot. Because different positions can make her feel very different. Try them all and choose the one that gets the best feedback.

13. Go Fast, Go Slow

Don’t just work so hard to spend all your time eating her. Change your tempo by doing it slowly. then speed up You can apply a little pressure. Then squeeze again before softening again. Variety is the key to getting her out.

14. Better than dessert, right?

This is something that many men do not think of. But it makes a huge difference. Women are insecure about men eating them. And if they don’t think you like it They also don’t like it.

Let her know how much you like to please her and how fun you are. This will help her relax and allow her to let go and truly enjoy the experience. instead of feeling insecure about it. [Read: How to talk dirty in bed: Dirty talk examples]

15. 20 questions about her pussy

If you’re not sure what she likes and doesn’t like, ask her. Don’t be shy! This can be done in a really sexy way. If you lean in and whisper, “Tell me what you want me to do.” This kept the ball on her court. And you’ll learn what she likes and wants. It will really help you focus on those things. so that you can eat her like a pro [Read: 15 things women wish men knew about the female body]

16. Stay still for a while

If your boyfriend is a good person There’s a chance she might grab your head and nudge you back at some point. *Because she knows you might be tired and she’s uncomfortable* but instead of getting straight up, stay still for longer! Let her know that you enjoyed it so much that you didn’t want to talk about it. it will make you feel good And she can enjoy your tongue without a doubt if you don’t like to eat her.

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Learning to eat women outdoors is not something that should be easy and simple. Requires little practice But as long as you follow these tips on eating women out of the house. She would scream with joy in no time.

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