How to Eat Ass: The Rimming Checklist to Eating Booty Like a Boss

Eat a lot, really? You don’t know what happiness is. until you know how to eat donkeys and the secret of real ass licking this is what you need

How to Eat Ass - eat booty - rimming

Eating thieves is not everyone’s taste. But once you know how to eat ass and start licking your ass like a pro. There’s a high chance you won’t want to go back from there again.

After a crazy one night stand with a sweaty Brazilian guy I met in an after-hours club. I was introduced to the world of rim play. Have I been eaten before? Yes. However, no one approaches the anus. Not because I’m not clean It was because I slept with a guy who was too scared to try anything other than missionaries. They must know how to eat donkeys.

I mean, when I used to think about analingus, this idea made me money. Has anyone ever wanted to know how to eat ass? But only after eating my donkey was I able to appreciate the art of somersault.

Of course, if they didn’t know what they were doing. It might seem awkward But after a few tries They will get used to it. If you want to be one step ahead, it’s time you learn how to eat donkeys.

First of all, let’s go deeper!

What do you eat ass?

Ass-eating is actually when you go down to your partner and stick your tongue to their anal hole. So what is analingus or edging work? all words have the same meaning in one form or another

eat ass

Stick your tongue up and around their ass. Here’s what we’ll go into detail about here.


Use cunnilingus and turn your focus on the ass, and you’ll get analingus when you poke your tongue in someone’s anus. basically It’s like eating ass or eating ass.

Rim or Rim

the specific action of placing your tongue around the edge of the anus Rimming is a technique known as “tongue twisting,” which is performed on the anus. All you do is use your hand to separate the person’s cheeks. Then use your tongue to make circular movements around it. and at the anus This is the basic movement. Try playing with different movements and pressures.

Once you get used to this Everything will be easier from here! It starts with the basics and takes you to that level of proficiency in the next few minutes!

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Why eat donkeys when you can go down with them?

Technically, you still force them to eat donkeys. Like you blow it or eat a pussy. But we know what you mean. Why should you eat donkeys when there is something else to play with?

It’s called eating a trend, or maybe a “new” thing to do there. Go back in time 50 years in history. And people will think you’re crazy if you tell someone you eat pussy for pleasure.

Of course, there are hundreds of thousands of years old textbooks that talk about eating pussy and donkeys. especially in the Kama Sutra But that doesn’t mean pussy eating was foreplay until recently.

Maybe a decade or two later People will say you’re selfish if you don’t eat your donkeys! Why do you know what the future holds?!

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How does butt taste?

Okay, that’s a very valid question, and to be honest, this idea goes through the minds of everyone who eats donkeys. At least for the first time

if you do it right and you are eating a clean donkey It still tastes like nothing! or more precisely The flavor should taste the same as the rest. of your partner’s body as well as their thighs or their backs or faces.

If you really have other dislikes, then maybe you should take a few minutes longer in the shower during foreplay!

Do you really have to eat ass?

If you want to know about rims You should explore its concept and give it a try. But if you’re not really good at it, don’t do it. You won’t have a fun experience if you’re not interested. Like who wants to put their head on someone’s butt? Absolutely. Do if you want. And if your partner puts pressure on you, find someone new.

If the thought of eating donkeys excites you. Why not give it a try? Maybe you enjoyed it a lot or maybe not.

Most people like to eat donkeys. It’s not because they have something magical underneath that makes the “eaters” particularly happy. They enjoy eating donkeys because it stimulates their partner and gives them new sexual orientations that they may not have experienced before.

If you sleep with someone And they tell you that you’re the best they’ve ever had because you ate his ass. Will it feel good? If eating thieves is what is known as a sex god Isn’t an ego boost worth eating donkeys?

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Is your partner ready to experiment with their ass?

If you like to eat donkeys that’s great But you need to make sure your partner doesn’t give up. It doesn’t matter if they are the giver or the receiver. Not everyone wants a tongue in their ass. Consent is key Just talk to your partner and see if they don’t want to try.

Of course, you can always go down and find them. And as you keep working, you can bend down and wiggle your tongue up on their ass. Maybe they will like it. Or maybe they accidentally jumped up and landed on your neck. Maybe you know that consent isn’t that bad.

Emphasis on hygiene when it comes to eating thieves.

If you are just starting to consider this You will definitely pay attention to this. Make sure you’re really clean before you allow anyone to hurt you. and likewise If you’re going to eat someone’s ass Keep their heads up so they can wash themselves much better. then go back there

You need to remember that your gut contains too many harmful bacteria that will do more harm to you if they enter your body again by mouth. So how do you clean it? Just wash your butt until it feels clean. It’s that easy. [Read: Sex 101 – How to prepare for sex the right way]

Want to go one step further? Put your finger in your butt and move it around under running water, and when you feel clean enough. Once again, wash the bottom with soap and water.

You really don’t need to do this extra step. But what if it makes you feel cleaner and less uncomfortable when someone eats your butt? This did not hurt.

How can you tell if you’re not ready? The only way to know for sure is by smell. If you get the fragrance on your finger You have to clean it again. [Read: How to get rid of vaginal odor – 16 ways to beat the sniff test]

Many people who have had a bad experience with analingus complain about hygiene. No one wants to eat a dirty donkey. Before having sex, take a shower. and with your finger inserted into the anus Make sure it’s clean.

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Drinking for the first time? The best posture for beginners

If you’re warming up to eat butt for the first time and are uncomfortable with the whole experience. Try it as a foreplay while having sex in the bathroom.

To start with squealing clean, ask your partner to lie down in the tub *best option* or stand under the shower with your legs spread out *second best option*.Now all you have to do is Eat their ass as you would with their pussy.

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