How to End a Casual Relationship the Right Way Without the Drama

Informal relationships can be difficult to end because we treat them honestly. But there is a right way to know how to end a relationship casually.

Easy way to end a relationship

because of the casual relationship often has no starting point So it’s weird when it comes time to end a relationship, but there’s actually a legitimate way to end a relationship casually.

When I’m in a casual relationship, it’s a little weird. I’m not sure what to do So… we don’t have a real relationship. But are we? I finally felt connected. and when the man finished the story He just haunts me.

What do you do? You were never together in the first place. Many people are not sure how to deal with it. Did you break up with someone you’ve never been in a relationship with? The short answer is yes. [Read: How to have a casual relationship without getting hurt or betrayed]

Easy way to end a relationship

When it comes to casual relationships beauty is friendliness You don’t have to talk about the future or go out of your way for your partner. It’s cool.

This is why when people want to end a relationship. They don’t see it as a big deal. It’s definitely not a big deal. But your partner deserves to be told you’re not interested in a casual relationship anymore. You don’t need to have serious discussions with tears and tissues. But you should communicate with them about your feelings.

Finish the story the right way [Read: 15 signs the two of you are slowly starting to get more attached]

#1 be honest with yourself Whether you’re in a serious or casual relationship. You should always check yourself and see how you feel. Are you enjoying your relationship? Is that something you want to continue? How you feel around someone is very important. Don’t waste your time if you don’t enjoy yourself. [Read: 25 tips to end a relationship without making it messy]

#2 be honest with your partner I know it’s easy to lie and make silly excuses. Why don’t you want to meet anyone now? But why lie? This is an informal relationship. You should feel comfortable ending things if necessary. Don’t use the old phrase, “It’s not you, it’s me.” You can do better than that. Tell them the truth *in a good way*

#3 talk to them in person Come on, I know everyone likes to avoid face-to-face meetings and would like to message their partner about ending the relationship. But you’re not twelve anymore. That’s not a good look for you. Meet them, drink coffee, and have an honest conversation. If this is someone you respect at least you can

#4 don’t ghost them I know, this is the easiest way to “hint” them that you’re no longer interested. But they are still underage and disrespectful as well. Being ghosted is the worst because you can’t turn it off. I want to say that people are not interested in seeing me anymore. rather than thinking they disappeared. only to meet them at Starbucks six months later. [Read: What is ghosting really and how does it work?]

#5 No more sexy time I know that intimacy is great. But if you want to know how to end a relationship comfortably. in the right way You will not be able to have sex with other people. this can be longer you have to decide If you want to continue sleeping with them Don’t end the relationship or talk to them about redefining the relationship. But if some story has to end let’s stop sleeping with it Seriously. Don’t play games with people’s feelings.

#6 It’s okay to feel bad about it. Before talking to them about any matter, you may feel nervous or even feel guilty about getting it over with. go down. That’s completely understandable and completely normal. If anything shows that you care. Don’t try to push these feelings to the side. embrace and process It’s a breakup and you’re human. [Read: The signs your ex is confused about your breakup]

#7 No mixed signals on social media After you give them the news stop using social media You can post pictures and status. But don’t like or comment on their posts. This gives a wide range of signals. And that’s the last thing you want to do. Take a break from liking their stuff on social media.

#8 don’t ask to be friends We all know it can’t happen. at least for now You have to give yourself space and time to heal and move on. If you offer friendship This will slow the healing process and make it obscure. Be clear with what you want and how you feel. Don’t make the water cloudy with friendship. [Read: 12 reasons why the no contact rule is the best way forward]

#9 You may get a negative response. Not everyone likes being dumped. And not everyone copes well with the news. They may be angry or upset. And you have to prepare yourself. If you get negative feedback do not respond with anger Instead of being supportive and kind They are in pain and have a right to feel.

#10 Do it as quickly as possible. There is no right time to tell anyone. that you sincerely do not want to continue to see him So do it as soon as possible. if not then You may start to resent them. And that’s not a good feeling for either of you. Plus, it’s not fun to be moaned by someone who doesn’t suit you anymore.

#11 When you feel horny, don’t contact them. casual relationship Comes with built-in special privileges But when you end the relationship Privileges will be lost. If there is one night you feel horny do not contact them

First of all, it’s very selfish. Second, you don’t give a clear signal. If you don’t want to be with them, it’s over. Don’t call them when you’re feeling horny. [Read: These 14 casual dating rules make or break your casual relationship]

#12 Talk to them about the relationship. You don’t know what they’re thinking. Maybe they want to change the relationship. make it less binding If you don’t talk to them about it. You’ll never know what they want. If you’re only interested in sex, tell them. see what they say Maybe they want the same or maybe not.

[Read: How to know for sure if you can handle casual relationships]

Informal relationships have their pros and cons. But when it came time to figure out how to end a friendly relationship. Do it the right way, end things good.

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