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It’s not as easy as you think. But here’s how to end a friend situation with an optimistic benefit. can still be friends

How to end a friend with a benefit situation

Friends with this seemingly simple benefit have no contractual obligations. You can have fun, laugh and talk and, of course, have sex without any drama. But often things lead you to frustration. But if you know how to end a friend with the right benefits You can finish it the right way and keep your friends.

In a friend situation with benefits Not only will the feelings erupt. but when they come from one side It will be more complicated than you apply for. Not to mention if you start to like other people. [Read: How does being friends with benefits really work out?]

How do you end up with a friend in a benefit situation?

You started having complication-free sex. But now it has come to an end. It seems like it’s not worth it at all.

You don’t have to feel that way. This friend signed a contract with the same situation. They know it won’t last forever. One must open the conversation to continue. and that could be you just tell the truth

Why did it end?

Do they catch feelings? if so It won’t be as easy as breaking up. You will have to disappoint them. And if you want to keep friendship minus sex You’ll want to make sure you don’t hurt their feelings too much.

Have you decided to go out into the world and start dating? which should be easier Since you probably mentioned this before you started. Just make sure you give a clear answer as to why you want to end this. [Read: How to stay friends after having sex with them]

How to end a friend in a benefit situation without drama.

The beneficial friend situation is funny. You start both to get something out of it. But how do you stop and go back to the way it was?

You came in here from the beginning So there was no breakup. But when it comes to figuring out how to put an end to a friend’s benefit situation. It might be more complicated than that. How to avoid confusion?

#1 Make sure they know you appreciate them as a friend. Let them know that you care about your friendship. But you think the benefits have proceeded as normal. It was fun while it lasted. But it’s time to move on.

Make sure they know that they are not just regular sex. Because you take care of them but you have to take your dating more seriously. [Read: How to break up with them – An example of a breakup conversation]

#2 Ask if you are angry. You don’t want to hide this person, they are your friends. after break up You share your time and trust your friends. but this is your friend So trust and say goodbye in a healthy way.

Talk to them. Ask if they’ve seen this and communicate. Let them know why you want to end things. And make sure they know you’re still by their side as a friend. [Read: How to let go of someone you love without the bitterness]

#3 prepare them As friends, they may follow you on social media and meet you outside. If you’re jumping into the dating or relationship scene. make sure they know

They deserve your respect and won’t be overlooked when they see who you’re in a relationship with. Even if they don’t develop feelings, they deserve to know what to expect.

#4 free time If they develop feelings, or perhaps you do and want to leave before they get more serious, take a break. Let them know you think things are getting more complicated than you planned. You think you should get some space before going back to being just friends.

This was like a breakup in some way. Spend some time mourning the end of the situation before returning to friendship. Just make sure you’re on the same page about maintaining your friendship.

#5 do not avoid them If you plan to become friends after the benefit ends Ghosting is not an option. This shouldn’t be an option. But especially in this situation By developing friends with more benefits than having meaningless sex with strangers, you agree to be honest.

At least you owe them. If you stop answering them and just hang dry. It shows that you are not only rude and disrespectful. But you’re also a coward and a terrible friend. It doesn’t have to be a big test. Just let them know how you feel. If a good friend will understand [Read: Prepare yourself for these consequences if you ever ghost someone]

#6 let them be upset Like I said, it was a breakup. If you’ve thought about it for a while, it might shock this person. So give them a chance. Leave them shocked and upset. They will eventually understand and your friendship should survive.

If they have difficulty completing difficult They may have feelings that you don’t know. So give them some time. You can reach out to hangout. But give them the space they need.

#7 Stick to your decisions If you’re ending up with a friend in a profitable situation to get on a date but have a bad day. Don’t expect people to This waited with open arms.

If you finish the story and pick it up again. It will not only cause confusion for both of you. But it also complicates this friendship and whoever you are thinking of dating. [Read: 16 major annoyances of long term friends with benefits]

#8 Talk to your friends. If you share a group of friends who know about your friend with a benefit situation. Talk to trusted friends Ask them if they have any suggestions, or if they know your friend helpful and are thinking of putting an end to things too. It’s always good to be prepared. just be respectful

Friends with benefits may not be as serious as relationships. But it still deserves respect, so if you decide to tell someone keep it between the two of you And don’t share anything that’s too personal.

#9 do normal things Ending FWB doesn’t have to feel like a breakup. If you still hang out with friends and do things. Together before they begin, things may return to normal.

That doesn’t mean you don’t have to talk about the ending. But just that if you have a strong foundation. You can quickly return to normal with this truth and routine. [Read: How to properly break up with a friends with benefits]

#10 Let it be. Sometimes friends can’t survive from friends with benefits. Whether it’s because of feelings, betrayals, or inevitable lies. This could be a friendship that sinks in.

Then don’t push. If you intend to be friends, you will be But don’t drain the masses or drag their names through the mud because they can’t get past something. Befriending a situation of benefit is always risky.

[Read: 25 important friends with benefits rules you should never forget]
Hopefully, these tips will help you to know how to end a friend in a benefit situation and remain friends. It may not be as easy as you might expect. But it doesn’t have to be as difficult as you might think.

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